Valley I


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9 reviews for Valley I

  1. Mario [nonmonthly]

    Great view for a mountain climber!

  2. Mario [basicmember]

    Stunning mountain scenery. There’s even a vortex in formulation. Well done art!

  3. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Clouds, mountains and a surreal landscape.

  4. Mark Pierce [lifer]

    The idea of a mountainous world with a neighboring planet just beyond reach is a great one. This however does not appear to be finished or the software/hardware was not powerful enough at the time to deliver a great end product. Therefor, I give this a 50% vote for the great idea but not a great delivery or end product

  5. Lester

    Hi Ryan, It would be nice if you could include comments on how you created these images. Like what software used at the time and what your limitations were. Love your work

  6. S.S

    Yes i agree with dennis, i commented with a similar idea when viewing one of your earlier works. Makes you wonder huh?

  7. Ryan

    Thanks Dennis. I think this was the project where I discovered that I could do cloud layers above and below the camera ;)Really, they’ve all been learning experiences and I try to improve with each project.

  8. Dennis

    Its amazing to look back at your first works and compare them to the present. To see how far you and the software has come over the decade. Thanks for always surpassing our expectations.

  9. cvb-66

    like the view from up here.

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