Twilight Sonata (Happy 4th!)


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Not sure I am 100% happy with how this one turned out, but I thought it would be a fun exercise to create fireworks using Plant Factory and I wanted to post it before the 4th of July. There were definitely some challenges but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It will probably go in the Pickle Jar on 7/5 πŸ™‚

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Twilight Sonata (Happy 4th!) Dual

9 reviews for Twilight Sonata (Happy 4th!)

  1. Jason [basicmember]

    Just put this on a black smartphone; it looks awesome!

  2. Dan [basicmember]

    I can tell the fireworks were the toughest part to make probably. They could use some work but the rest looks great as always! I love your tropical themes.

  3. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Happy 4th of July, Ryan! Thank you for all of your seasonal renders; I enjoy decorating my computer and phone with your terrific holiday images.

  4. Hank [liferplus]

    Non-Pickle Jar version might be set further up on the island, with some brush up front to provide the fireflies a place to dwell, with a ‘Finale’ version of fireworks above the island just visible in dusk light on the horizon, with a thunderstorm brewing (lightning opportunity). I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone else, but Ryan, you know you can do it:)

  5. Jeff [lifer]

    My favorite for the 4th is from 2004. Though I when it comes to these holiday ones, I wish they came out a little earlier so that the other render’s like the dual screens can come out before the holiday.

    While the fireworks are not realistic, part of the beauty of much of your artwork is the surrealism that you bring to it. Just waiting for the dual-screen version now. πŸ™‚

  6. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is a very nice render for the 4th of July. I agree with others who think the fireworks might not look as realistic as ones you’ve done in the past but it’s very enjoyable nonetheless, which is why it gets a perfect 10 from me!!!

  7. Mark A. [liferplus]

    it has potential

  8. wildthotz [liferplus]

    I do agree with Richard. The fireworks may not look realistic, but its the way I sometimes wish fireworks look. Variety, fantasy, for me that is much of the joy of art πŸ™‚

    Thanks and have a Happy 4th!

  9. Richard H. [liferplus]


    Not sure how realistic the fireworks look, but the picture is at least very pretty!

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