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One of my favorite renders from my early 2000s collection. This is of the few landscapes in my collection rendered using Lightwave 3D. I preferred Lightwave for my ocean scenes back then because I could simulate actual waves (instead of VUE’s flat plane). “Arctica”, “Eventide”, and “Gazebo (2002)” are other examples in my gallery.

The “Trinity” here is formed by the twin suns and the viewer on the shore.

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9 reviews for Trinity

  1. Zenith

    Ryan, Can we please have a 1600 x 900 version and an Iphone version. I see the iPad version has been added.

    Many Thanks.

  2. Anton

    This piece is very good as the remake and the original and showcases your ability to see the cosmos in all its shapes and forms as art and abstractness. Keep doing what you do, and the world will benefit from it 😀

  3. Kris

    This deserves to be a widescreen render.

  4. Jenanne

    I’d love to see a remake, too. I particularly like the color scheme, and I’d love to see what your ever-blossoming talent and skill would make of it now. I bet it would be even more sensational!

  5. Icewielder

    Great image, would love to see a remake!

  6. Caleb

    This is one of my all time favorites, too. Would be awesome to see this redone!

  7. Amrit

    Also one of my favourites. Would love a 1900×1200 version or remake too!

    Great job all round.

  8. Labanimal

    This image is definately one of my favourites! its very similar to “majesty”

    This is definately one i’d love to see redone!

  9. Giulia

    This is a wonderful image. It reminds fairy tales worlds. Great work!!

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