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It’s hard for me to play around in Gaea without wanting to take the mesh into VUE for a full landscape render. For this scene I used VUE’s “spherical landscape” model to (hopefully) more accurately model predawn sunlight on a mountain top. I used some tricks to fake it in “Oasia (Dawn)” 🙂
This might be another good candidate for the dynamic wallpaper treatment, but I will admit that I haven’t seen what it looks like during the day yet…

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8 reviews for Taiga

  1. Adam [lifer]

    These are the kinds of renders that lured be to DB! More series and settings along these lines would be welcomed!

  2. Ozaawaagos [plusmember]

    All the versions of Taiga are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL, the detail, colour and lighting is awesome. Thanks Ryan

  3. Corwin Amber [donormember]

    I really love this image. My new background 🙂

  4. JT [lifer]

    I would love to see the Aurora beginning at sunset in person one day, until then your stunning work continues to impress again and again over the past 20 years since I found Fluorescence. Thank you Ryan.

  5. Todd [basicmember]

    Already have DisplayFusion setup for the dynamics. I hope this doesn’t make your job more difficult. Will this scene make it easier to render?

  6. BobC [lifer]

    I encourage the dynamic wallpaper treatment. (I think you might have to have an night image without the aurora as a transition before the aurora appears.) Incidentally, a number of years ago I was driving home along I-90 in Montana and saw the aurora looking just like it’s depicted here – green curtains to the north and red in the corner of the sky!

  7. Ryan

    Thank you! I played around with it a lot and decided that I didn’t want it outshine the mountaintop.

  8. Xetal [liferplus]

    …the aurora needs to be brighter, IMHO

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