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28 reviews for Summerwood

  1. James Seymour [basicmember]

    dark but visible

  2. Mason [nonmonthly]

    This night scene captures the feeling of twilight perfectly. Gloaming.

  3. Romarch

    My personal sacred grove was just like this at night. 🙂

  4. Katie

    I’ve always loved bluish forest pictures and but this one is my favorite. But there’s no 2048 x 2048 size available for ipad. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Elaine

    This is still my favorite background. It looks fabulous without being distracting. I’d love to get versions with updated screen sizes for my Galaxy S4 and dual 16:9 monitors.

  6. Justin

    Stunning… 5760×1080 please!

  7. nikigunn

    This one is still my all-time favorite.

  8. Kim

    This series alone – and this particular piece within it – are the reason I will be renewing my membership in a few days. The rest of your work is just frosting on top. 🙂

  9. Sebastian

    Yay! The HD version! Thanks Ryan! You’re the best! 🙂

  10. Ryan

    Don’t know why it wasn’t showing up before, but the 1080p link is live now. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Sebastian

    I’m with Chris B. 🙂 I would really like a 1080p version 🙂

    though I suppose I could crop it myself, I don’t want to heavily mutilate your gorgeous image… 🙁

  12. Chris B

    Just switching up my wallpaper & realized that this one didn’t have one for the HD resolution. It’s fine stretched at 1920×1200 or I could crop it down myself, but just thought you might want to know.

    PS Love this one

  13. Kris

    Hello ryan, it has come to my attention that someone has taken this image and used it in a program, it is actually an addon for firefox.

    That above link is the addon in question, once install that go to the bottom left of your screen, click on the fox, click Most Popular and then click “fireflies” from the dropdown menu.

  14. Kris

    Actually there is a link to it again, this way you wont have to install the program to see for yourself.

  15. Dave

    It was always this and Springwood that brought me back again and again to this site, enough to where I couldn’t take it and needed to subscribe by all means. I alternate this piece and Springwood as my desktop all the time and they never seem to get old. I can still stare into them as engrossed as I was the first time I ever saw them. These in my opinion perfectly capture the seasons depicted and more; I just wish I could walk into this picture and leave real life far behind. Another thing, these go great to certain kinds of music! Very trippy.

  16. SLS

    I love all of the designs….it is so hard to choose which one to put on my desktop! I want them all! However, I keep coming back to this one, time and time again. It is so soothing, inspiring and magical…I feel as though I could just walk right into this enchanted forest and leave the real world behind!

    LOVE IT!

  17. Jeremy

    Still one of my favorites.

  18. Patty J

    This is just awesome!! I had been offline for awhile and it’s great to be back and be a member again to see your wonderful work!! Thank you!!

  19. Terry

    Really glad to see this in the top 10 have always liked this image as it sums up summer perfectly.

  20. Falacer

    Is it just me or does anyone else think this would make a great animated wallpaper if the fairies/fireflies glowed or blinked? My wife actually mentioned it when I said there were some animated wallpapers now and we had to sign up again.

    :hint: :hint:

  21. ShadowFeonix

    Wow seen this one and really would love to have it on my desktop it looks amazing its so well done, it got my attention better than the others. Well done!

  22. countrygirl0118

    i wish there was a way to get this as my myspace background

  23. philip

    as I recall, he said it was OK to use his images for personal profiles such as myspace, as long as you become a member. host a compressed version of the picture at tinypic or something.

  24. Archaon

    This picture is great,

    It captures the imagination and for any

    fantasy lover -> it sets a real scene

    Good job A+

  25. Sam

    This reminds me of faieries in the woods… I think if you did an image if a faiery it would be beutiful…. especially the wings all different colors and illuminated. Just a suggestion/request.

  26. Labanimal

    This picture is absolutely enchanting! It reminds me a little of a scene in Lord of the Rings, where the elves are leaving Rivendell – yea yea this one is much draker, but none the less makes you believe Rivendell truly exists!

  27. Michelle

    This one brings back such fond memories of catching fireflies on a summer evening as a child. Such a beautiful image. This is my favorite of the “Seasonwood” pictures.

  28. Kevin

    This is my absolute favorite of all the night scenes, and maybe even of all your images. I love this image not only for its obvious quality, but also for sentimental reasons. It really brings to life some memories of warm summer nights a few years back, and when an image does something like that, it adds something to its value that cannot be measured or assessed.

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