Starburst (Happy Independence Day!)


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I created this piece as a Fourth of July version of my “Starfall” scene. This version is significantly happier 🙂

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38 reviews for Starburst (Happy Independence Day!)

  1. George [liferplus]

    I put this one back on my desktop for the next few days, but I wanted to also point out that it’s not listed in the “Other Holidays” gallery with the other 4th of July wallpapers that you have created.

  2. Marc

    I think it is interesting sometimes to have a human figure in some pictures somewhere, just to give a scale for reference against the subject. And in the back of my mind, I think that in order for something to be beautiful or majestic, there has to be a subjective eye involved… in this case, the figures witnessing.

    Sand storms on Mars mean nothing, without a human eye to view and a human brain to process them. Otherwise, it’s just sand, in the wind, somewhere else. No beauty, no majesty, no scale, no emotion, no value.

    How many people have selfishly bought larger monitors just because of your pictures? I WANT a huge monitor to display these beautiful and sometimes tragic vistas in the highest resolution I can afford. I want to be able to see and witness every pixel.

  3. Garrett

    No 4096 x 2560???

  4. Ryan

    My compromise with the folks who do not like people in my artwork is that I make them tiny.

  5. Paul

    Awesome color bursts. People too tiny. Version without people too plain. Such a critic, I know! 😉

  6. unsunghero

    Truely amazing everytime I check this site.

  7. Ben

    Can I get a 5760×1080?

    Love the fireworks. Gives me a dark background (Less distracting and still easy to see icons) while cheering up the screens with color.

  8. Joe

    One of your better renders recently, but would have really appreciated a bit more detail in the sand and plants. The sky looks great, but the sand and trees look 2003, not 2013.

  9. Chris J

    Missing 5760×1080

  10. Jeremy

    I like this one much better than the last one mainly cause I know where the source of fiery images are coming from.

  11. Jenanne

    Wishing everyone in the DB fellowship a happy Fourth of July. Ryan, I hope you and your family enjoy some great fireworks today, after providing us with all the terrific displays for our monitors!

  12. Gene

    OK, allow me to be the pesky killjoy — I just thought of something for which a 0.1 pt deduction might be applied: REAL fireworks will never look the same again! 😉

  13. Nic

    Love the new use of colour and the way it reflects back off the clouds, I prefer it to the original starfall

  14. Jeff

    I meant 1920, not 1620. 🙂

  15. Jeff

    Can you make this in 1620×1080 (16:9)?

  16. Angelique

    I love that you changed the comets or falling stars to the fireworks but how come there is still all the smoke along the shoreline? Also, unlike some others who commented, I prefer the people there watching the fireworks. Adding people to the scene makes it better, such as the little boy watching the huge moon in “Reverie” and the guy leaning against the tree in “Lone Tree”. It’s that little something extra that makes it special. No matter how beautiful a scene is, you’d hate to think of a barren world with no people or animals. That’s just cold. I like when there’s something living in the scene.

  17. Pete

    This is fantastic! I hate to call it better than the original, because I love the original as well, but this one is absolutely beautiful. Nice work!

  18. sundogvet

    Very classy. I love the way you artfully hid the explosion centres behind clouds and leaves so no one would complain about the blinding contrast on their monitors.

  19. Shelly K.

    I think the foreground is too dark. Its hard to see the beach.

  20. Jenanne

    Great pickle Jar version, Ryan. Hey, no people! 😉

  21. Jenanne

    Sorry for the repeat. Too enthusiastic, I guess. 🙂

  22. Jenanne

    I’d still like a version minus the people. Although I must admit this version has the cuddling couple behaving more realistically, for those who care about realism in Ryan’s renders. Anyway, I love this version and gave it a 10 — perfect for the 4th!

  23. Jenanne

    I’d still like a version minus the people. Although I must admit this version has the cuddling couple behaving more realistically, for those who care about realism in Ryan’s renders. Anyway, I love this version and gave it a 10 — perfect for the 4th!

  24. Eric

    LOVE IT!

  25. Ruth

    Awesome piece for 4th of July!! I love the back-lit clouds! I dare anyone to complain about the people now. Haha! 😉 Thanks for a new favorite holiday piece, Ryan. <3

  26. Gene

    Works for me. Maybe it’s the technical differences betwe en this and the “standard” version (gave that a final 9), maybe it’s that it’s a much “happier” vision, both, or perhaps more. Whatever — really cool. Nicely done!

  27. Mike

    My new vote with the re render. One of, if not my favorite holiday wallpaper now.

  28. Ryan

    That one just finished uploading. Should be ready to go now.

  29. Chris

    Still looks great, but missing the iPad HD render …

  30. Ryan

    Good catch. I neglected to correct the levels as I did was the previous Starfall renders. I am uploading new versions now which should really POP ;-)Thanks for the heads up!

  31. mike

    love it but the contrast is too light. on the entire image. the blacks arent black…at least on my screen

  32. Gary

    Nice, but maybe a little more like the 2004 July 4th wallpaper would look a little better.

  33. Laura

    Love it! I think the smoke at the bottom is still reminiscent of the “detraction” aspect of Starfall, but it’s not distracting. Looks great on my monitor!

  34. cmmnoble

    Neat. Have a happy holiday!

  35. Chris

    Love it. The color totally makes it for me … any chance of an iPadHD render?

  36. D

    Best 4th render by far. Remove most of the clouds and this is a 10.

  37. Scarr

    I have a hard time giving 10’s, as perfection is near impossible… but I must say, this is beautiful. I hope to be experiencing a scene like this very soon!

  38. Randall

    Very cool! Thanks for doing just in time for the 4th!

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