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Wallpaper À La Carte

Wallpaper À La Carte

The a la carte tool is intended for non-Members who which to purchase individual wallpapers. Members can use this tool if they wish to send images as gifts to friends and loved ones.

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8 reviews for Solus

  1. Romarch

    I love this one, particularly for the roundedness of almost every feature–rounded rocks, domelike tree canopies (those are particularly handsome trees!), the hills themselves, all pleasantly echoed in the arch of the little bridge. Who put that pagoda there, indeed, and how? Looks well-maintained; probably still in use… See? I love your work precisely because it hints at stories and backstories. In roleplaying, something like this would be called an ‘adventure seed’. I always feel like I’m the first person to see it besides the ones who made it (if it’s a building) or who are present in it (if the scene has figures).

    9+, and a welcome relief from the world’s angularity!

  2. Chuck J

    I love the serenity in this piece. I agree with Christina, I think a revisit of this would truly inspire the stressed out spirits that are in so many of us these days. Thank you for everything you do to enlighten us.

  3. Christina

    I’m wandering through your archives and found this. I like it a lot (although the little building looks like a toy) – it would be interesting to see a similar type of image revisited. Also I could see this one being done from a slightly different angle.

    Was also thinking – it would be neat to see all the variations of an image over time. It would be fascinating to see how scenes changed with new technology, different angles, artistic styles, etc.

  4. kellzilla

    Other resolutions? This was done in 2003 – you were LUCKY to get a wallpaper in 1280×1024 size! (DB was one of the few places you could get them) There were no “other resolutions”! :p

  5. Dr. nDEPth

    Where are the other resolutions? We want more!!!

  6. Hawk

    I’d love to see this in higher res (such as 1920×1200 widescreen) and multi-screen.

  7. Crag

    I like this piece a lot and would love to see it updated/revisited.

    I’d also like a 1920×1200 version. 🙂

  8. MC

    I really enjoy seeing buildings (especially empty ones) in your scenery wallpapers because they tell such a big story by just being there. What was this used for? Why is it there? Who built it?

    Being an artist myself, I enjoy accepting your artwork just as it is instead of focusing on little “mistakes”. I think the original versions of your art express personality and your intentions when you made it. Don’t let that change 🙂

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