Snowy Creek Christmas — Christmas 2006


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It wasn’t easy stringing all of those lights and hiding the cords/generators. This is a holiday version of my original “Snowy Creek” render. There’s also a springtime version!

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35 reviews for Snowy Creek Christmas — Christmas 2006

  1. Unclegumby [lifer]

  2. Rick Mozil (a.k.a. Horseman) [basicmember]

    Ryan _ I will likely repeat myself time and time again_ your work depicts and recreates what our Mother Earth allows us to see _ you have the ability to accept what she offers and do her justice _ thank you again for another amazing creation LR

  3. Jeremy

    I’d love to see a 5760×1200 render of this one. I just recently added a 3rd monitor to my setup and I think this one would look nice in higher resolutions.

  4. Kelton

    one of my favorites, don’t suppose we could hope for a 3360X1050 rendition?

  5. Lisa

    This is absolutely my favorite Christmas wallpaper!! I have it for my desktop, my I-Phone, and my timeline cover.

  6. Helen

    Ryan, after all these years you still rock. Taking me back to times long gone.

  7. Steve

    This too is my favorite. I have dual screens but they are different sizes. I have two different versions set as my wallpaper, and they look just great side by side.

    Very nice !

  8. Steve

    This too is my favorite. I have dual screens but they are different sizes. I have two different versions set as my wallpaper, and they look just great side by side.

    Very nice !

  9. Ron Craig

    I want to live here with a warm fireplace, comfortable bed, and a fast internet connection 🙂

    This is my favorite Christmas image. Thank you.

  10. Laura

    I so want to use this image for my Christmas cards. It’s awesome – trees full of glowing fairies… no cords, no pollution, just pretty.

  11. Michael

    I wish that this beautiful landscape of lighted trees was just outside my window instead of on my computer window. I think it looks incredible, thanks for sharing it – from a new member. Merry Christmas ’08

  12. transconjohn

    I still Love this piece. Just something enchanting about it.

  13. miss andy

    i don’t even know what these people are talking about with triple screens? is that three screens that display one image? like a maxi-pad with wings? *LOL* such a girl- BUT, i must say- the triple images are AWESOME, and the more i see, (now with the triple images) the more i gawk at your work in amazement. i love the winter images- and the night versions of day scenes are most sumptuous- and i was surprised to see the snowy creek at night, but i TOTALLY DIG IT! keep up the work, man…. i just have a hard time picking ONE image for my wallpaper at a time! LOL

    thanks- and Merry Christmas/happy holidays/have a lovely winter solstice/Happy Kwanzaa/Happy Chanukah/and Feliz Navidad/Feliz Ano Buono/Bon Annee/mele kalikimaka/hauoli makahiki hou/vrolijk Kerstfeest/kala christougenna/and happy NEW YEAR!


  14. NikB

    I just looked at the “extended” versions, and wow – have I been missing out. I think they look way better than the single screen images (and that’s saying a lot). There’s just so much more to look at, as Danny says.

    I just might have to invest in a couple more monitors just to take advantage of them!

    Merry Christmas Ryan, Jessie, Ian & Jason!

  15. Christopher Spera

    the right center focal point of this single screen image has a tall christmas tree in it. Have you tried putting colored lights on just the one tree??

  16. Danny

    Love the dual/triple versions.

    Personally, I use both the single monitor version on one computer, and the triple version on another compurter.

    In fact, I must say I did not like the single ones too much – there was nothing to focus on – but the triple versions have something nice about them.

    I noticed someone mentioned a screensaver earlier – why not just use the Windows screensaver that randomizes photos from a folder? Also, I am sure there are many photo-based screensavers that add transition effects and such.

  17. Pat

    I’ve held off on rating or commenting on this one until I’ve had a few days to look it over. In short, it’s a keeper. 🙂

    I was one of the first to mention a Christmas version of this over on the original Snowy Creek comments section. I suspect others may have suggested it via email to Ryan first tho. Regardless, my original thoughts and request had been for a single lit tree, preferably in blue or multi-color. I think with a single lit tree, the colored lights would have worked fine. But, what we got was this … a whole copse of trees lit up! Wow! Definitely not what I was expecting. And hence a couple of days looking it over … And I’ve come to the conclusion that while I prefer the golden glow imparted by the colored lights for my home tree, I have to say that in this setting, with this whole glade … the white lites work for me better than I would have expected. I absolutely love the subtle reflections of the lights off the snow and water.

    Ryan, Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this! I hope you and your family have a VERY Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Years! (and the same to all you other subscribers out there too! 🙂 ).


  18. Terry

    Merry Christmas Ryan!

  19. Terry

    I’ve noticed some differences between your single screen and multiscreen renders. In dual and triple screen the snow seems more “drifted” and there is a lot more reflection going on around the river. Is this something you’ve changed or or is it an effect of the multiscreen rendering. Either way I think you’ve done a brilliant job here. I don’t have a massive monitor or resolution but I love downloading the high res images just to see the amount of detail you can see.

    As a potential side project, have you thought about putting a screensaver together?

  20. Lewis

    I read the Updates section and wondered how “Snowy Creek” might be upgraded. As soon as I saw it my breath escaped me with a loud whisper-like “WOW…..”

    Another wonderful rendition. My suscription expires on the 3rd of January, and images like this are the reason I am extending it. A 10/10.

  21. os2mac

    I realize that you said you are done with this image. But it would be VERY cool to add some red and green Aurora Borealis effects in the sky.

    just a thought.

  22. Randy Bisig

    The white lights are perfect.

  23. TC

    The lights on the trees just makes it even better than the day version. I personally love the white lights and it really captures that glow that can happen at night just after a big snow fall when the moon is out.

    10/10 🙂

  24. Sean W.

    I understand that White Lights may not be the most exciting thing in the world, and I can definitely respect that. I prefer subtlety; and simple beauty, while multi-colored lights may do a better job of representing the festive feel of the season. Fair enough.

    However, I thing that what we are paying for is the right to view Ryan’s exquisite artwork long before the general public, and yes, the opportunity to ask him to do whatever we want. But would you ask Leonardo da Vinci to make Mona Lisa have a huge grin instead of the oh-so subtle smile that was controversial in it’s day?

    My point is that you are right: we can ask him whatever we want. But if he doesn’t fullfill your requests, it might be wise to learn to appreciate what we are given. ‘Tis, the season, you know! 😉

    (BTW, I will not discuss this further via the Comments page. The Comments funtion should not be used for a forum. Feel free to post a response, but if you want a response, post an email, and I’ll happily discuss this with you.)

  25. Eric

    Thanks Ryan for putting in the time to make this image look right! I enjoy the simplicity of the scene and can almost imagine I am strolling through the woods and have come upon some secret illuminated glade.

  26. Jules Kain

    Its Better Then The Last

    Still At First I Didn’t Like It For Some Reason

    But The More I Look At It The More I Like It

    Maybe You Could Make One With Color Lights

  27. Chris

    the snow is more refined in this version, defiantly.. I’m sure your probably just about done with this peice but I think it would be totally awesome to see a little log cabin in that clearing.

  28. Terry

    Love it, almost wish I could go there now. Given you 10/10 for this purely for the emotion it creates, its put me in the christmas mood, might even sort out the christmas shopping now…


  29. Eugenio

    i think it looks great, the graininess is all gone, and the emotion is perfect. i gave it an 8 only cause im not really liking the darkness of the snow on the left, and too many white lights for me personally but i still love the piece.

    maybe for the pickle jar you can put a version with different color lights? maybe each tree a different color like green, red and white. to keep to the xmas theme.

    still a great picture 🙂

  30. Ian

    Hi Ryan! This is a fantastic piece of art!

    Just wondering if it might be possible to render it with the lights on the trees being multiple colors. I like the white lights, but multi-colored Christmas lights have always been my favorite.

    You did a Yuletide image a few years back that had a tree with multi-colored lights and it was really beautiful. Something like that applied here would be truly outstanding, I think.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful wallpaper!

  31. Illy

    “Maybe multi-colored, maybe more than one color for the trees.” He sat and worked on this for days just to get the white lights. Maybe enjoy as is?

  32. Sean W

    Aaahh, much better. The snow looks much less grainy, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve sacrificed much to achieve that effect.

    On the other member’s notes regarding multi-colored lights, I think that a whole forest lit up with multicolored lights would be a little gaudy. Not to mention the extreme amount of work that it has taken to place those lights on the trees in the first place, and the amount of work it would take to change the indiidual lights to different colors. All-white lights = classy!

    Again, well done; I give this one a 9 for effort and overall feel of the peice. Thanks Ryan!

  33. Anonymous

    To Reply To The Last Comment Before Me

    White Lights = Classy … Wrong !!

    White Lights = Boring

    Plus We’ve Paid For The Right To Ask For What Ever We Want, And Its Up To Him If He Wants To Make It, Right Now This Image Is A 7 But With Colors It Would Be A 10

  34. Anonymous

    Snowy Creek Christmas itself was fantastic, yet there was the slight snow issue. Now the image is impeccable!

    Excellent job!

  35. Joseph Murray

    Ryan, there is a slight problem with this image. While the grainy snow issue was fixed, the realism was destroyed. The snow on the left hand side of the river no longer reflects the lights of the trees; the snow is too dark. The snow on the right of the river is light, while the snow on the left (the closer to the trees) is dark. I thought that didn’t make too much sense. Besides that, great job fixing the snow.

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