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This is a bit of a warm-up exercise after a week or so away from rendering. I noticed recently that my son Ian has been using other wallpapers on his machine. He told me my work was “too high-res”, which I took to mean he’s looking for something more minimal. I certainly can caught up sometimes in adding too much detail so consider this render to be a study in restraint 🙂

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14 reviews for Siblings

  1. Romarch [lifer]

    This one has a “Two Ships” (2000) vibe to it, don’t you think? A dark world, a water-world, with only the dimmest of suns to delineate the waves… I liked that one, and I like this one too.

  2. Traxis [plusmember]

    Inspires peace of mind through feeling a sense of solitude. Feels relaxing just looking at this.

  3. NovaLeigh [basicmember]

    This is a great render. I would not call this simple but rather a study in how little effects make such a big impact. Will be one of my favorite wallpapers!

  4. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    I really like the other worldly feel of this one, simple, but say’s so much Great Render.

  5. Ryan

    It’s tough to recreate H20 Weave because it’s actually not a 3D render at all. I know it was one of my first attempts at visual artwork on the computer and I used a set of 2D filters in an early version of Photoshop. This was before I had a copy of Bryce and knew anything about 3D rendering.Your comment led me to explore some 3D techniques for recreating something similar but there may be some detours along the way 😉

  6. Jenanne [liferplus]

    I agree with my fellow DBers; please do continue to re-render your older works! Talking about simplicity, I’d love to see you re-render H20 Weave (1997). It’s one of my all-time favs. Please?

  7. Cody [basicmember]

    Some of my all time favorites are still things like Trinity (2002) & Singularity (2001). This definitely brings back the feels of some of the older ones with the simplicity. Love it!

  8. Nemo1024 [liferplus]

    This one gives a calming vibe. I do love your detailed, photorealistic wallpapers, taking in a details during a break. But at times it is really good to have a minimal background on some monitors. In any case, Siblings as added to the ever-changing rotating of your wallpapers, surprising me with a different masterpiece at regular intervals.

    On a side note, please, continue the UHD re-rendering of you older works!

  9. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    Thanks, Ryan, for getting the multiscreen renders up so promptly! I already have it as my background, and it is GREAT!

  10. BobC [lifer]

    I’m in complete agreement with my fellow DB members

  11. Louise [lifer]

    Your son may have a point. I have been enjoying your recent renders, admiring the way you can work in so much complex detail and keep it so realistic, but this quiet, peaceful image is very appealing. Maybe in part because I should have been on a cruise ship all this week, a trip lost to the pandemic. I’ll stare at my computer and entertain fantasies of open seas.

  12. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Excellent! This looks great on my phone. It reminds me of your 2013 “Smoke on the Water,” except I like the color scheme of this one better.

  13. Nathan Zachary [lifer]

    Well if this is what Ian meant, then I applaud him in his assessment! I love the more “minimal” wallpapers, and use them quite often as my backgrounds at work. For instance, Boreal and Serenade are regulars for me.

    Can’t wait to add the multiscreen render of Siblings to that list!

    Happy New Year, Ryan, and thank you for more than 2 decades of amazing creations!

  14. DarthSync [liferplus]

    Gonna have to agree with your son here, Ryan. Sometimes less is more! 🙂

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