Autumn Shrine


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6 reviews for Autumn Shrine

  1. Eric

    My wife and I liked this one so much we got it as a print on canvas. PLEASE consider this as a remake in more resolutions! Yes, I’m that Eric that posted in 2007

  2. Tristan

    This piece reminds me of home, colorful Autumn leaves on a mountain overpass – not that we have any spot with a dome like that but there is a place with a cool wood gazebo that’s almost oriental but more dwarven looking if anything. Please, remake a higher res version of this, it was my favorite for years back when 1280×1024 was a respectable resolution. I suppose 1600×900 isn’t all that different but imagine it in 1920×1080 splendor.

  3. Bastian

    I love this Pic I would also like a remake!

  4. Greg

    I so love this one… I love stumbling upon an old one that takes your breath away… remake please?

  5. Gail

    I have made this suggestion before, but I thought I’d try again. I really like fall/autumn and I’d love a new picture for my desktop. What I want seems very difficult to get across, but here goes…I would love a picture full of various glass leaves (large enough to be detailed), all in fall colors, thrown on a light table. I want the light to pass up through all the jeweled glass and just shimmer. If done right, it would be gorgeous. Sound possible? In my mind it would be spectacular! (You got something like it very right with your Easter eggs)

  6. Eric

    Can’t help it but I keep coming back to this one every autumn, and sometimes more often. The mountains in the distance suggest a world of possibilities, I’m always wanting to stand in the shrine and then explore the world below. The use of color in the foreground and light in the background make for an overall (in my opinion) great experience! Great work!

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