Season of Light — Christmas 2005


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Experimenting here with instancing and global illumination. Merry Christmas!!

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3 reviews for Season of Light — Christmas 2005

  1. Kelton

    About perfect.need it for Samsung GS4/5

  2. Yanc

    This is the very first DB wallpaper I ever seen. Hit me deep, and stayed there … Friend sent me this by email, resolution was wrong, but a little resizing and croping helped 🙂 After some time the same friend sent me some other wallpapers – mostly planetscpaes – which i loved even more if thats at all possible :). After even some time I found out about the site – bought a membership on the same day and downloaded all wallpapers then in existence :D. Since that moment, the only time DB wallpaper was not on my desktop was the first 10 minutes after new system install. Ryan’s artwork is on all my computers and phones, only changing with the season, or when new wallpapers come out. Keep up the great work Ryan.

  3. Dan

    Truly amazing. The xmas wallpapers are definitely my fav, especially this one. Hoping for another great one (or 2) for ’06

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