Reservoir (Spring)


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I usually post my renders as I make them, but last week I decided to hold on to this scene and create a winter version first. The winter setting, with the reflective snow, worked better for a night version so I hope you enjoyed those. The original scene was set in the spring time, though, and now I will leave it to you to decide your preference.

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11 reviews for Reservoir (Spring)

  1. Gene [lifer]

    I really like this one. The composition is A+. There is, to my eye, though, a small issue (again, it may just be me…). In the lower right part of the image, the dry river bed appears to slant down to the bottom of the picture, as if water, when there, would flow across the bed and down the picture, instead of following the riverbed toward the basin. I see it as a minor distraction, but still love the overall composition. Thanks again, Ryan!

  2. Michael S [lifer]

    This is missing from the wip.shtml page.

    Also, Cloud Tree (Night) still doesn’t have an iPhone 8 render.

  3. Matt [lifer]

    Love the sereneness of this scene, and love the very subtle mountain reflection! Just one strange thing that is especially visible in the dual/triple screen renders on the left bottom, you can see some of the dry stream beds have some strange purple in them. Artifacts of rendering? Or alien lichen? 🙂

  4. Rick Raborn [liferplus]

    This is a stunning reminder of what the Chicago area is not! I’m sure you’d agree. Have to say Ryan, this is one of my favorites. Very nicely done! It looks fantastic on my new 2k monitor.

  5. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Simply Beautiful, thank you

  6. Ryan

    Thanks for the feedback! The mountain is there but it is out-of-frame. I’ve been experimenting this year with showing things in reflections that aren’t in-frame.

  7. Jase [basicmember]

    This (and the winter version) is a beautiful scene, we routinely visit various reservoirs in Southern and Northern Utah and this captures that really well.

    On observation I have is about the reflection on the far side, you see a mountain in the reflection that doesn’t match what is above the water.

  8. Teri [lifer]

    It is a freezing cold day here, so I put this on my background to remember what warm looks like! Very nice, wish I was there today.

  9. Littlemom [liferplus]

    I think this Spring render is my favorite in this render! Absolutely love it!!!

  10. Drew_M [lifer]

    I love this. It’s so warm, which is welcome on a cold November day. The colours are beautiful, and the perspective leads your eyes to so many interesting places. This one is staying on my screen for a while.

  11. Omar Calderon [basicmember]

    Beautiful but way too early

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