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73 reviews for Planitia

  1. David

    I was just clicking the random button, and this one came up and it instantly reminded me of it because of the conversation I had about the books the other night.

  2. Eirik

    Ha, I’d never thought about it, but once David mentioned it, now all I can picture is the Garden of Eden being re-enacted on this planet! Interesting stuff.

  3. David

    Have you read the Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis?

    This wallpaper reminds me of the way he describes other worlds. Very good.

  4. kody

    ryan, this is probably the most mesmerizing piece you have, this picture is absolutely captivating with the depth of it. every time i look at this, i simply get lost in it. its such a wonderful piece and it continues to be my absolute favorite you have. and i agree with nickaix way back in 2009. a night version would be cool, but just an update would be awesome, even if its just the clouds and textures being updated and more detailed, it would be amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks ryan for all the amazing art!!!

  5. nickaix

    This one is really fascinating and creative. I’m especially intrigued by the funny shroom-plant thingies in the foreground. Kind of reminds me of Fluorescence, in fact. How about a night version, with the shrooms carpeting the ground and the margins of the lakes with that trademark blue glow?

  6. Mike

    I really love what you did with the sky and planet in this one but I always wished you had a “pickle jar” version without the plants and stuff in the forground.

    You’ve been doing some really awesome-looking skies in your scenery lately.

    There was one wallpaper in your “pickle jar” called “lw_watertest1600.jpg” that had a really cool-looking sky. I always wished you had finished that one and added a ship or something on the water. I use it as a wallpaper anyway just because I really like the sky there.

  7. Sassy

    I love this picture of all that I have seen so far this is my favorite. I really dislike green and still like this one. Maybe it could be done with reds blues purples and emerald greens,

  8. kodama

    a sight so familiar, but one never captured like this before. Wicked stuff, one of your best!

  9. SlyVoltaire

    You never fail to bring my imagination to life. A perfect 10. Great job and please keep up the great work.

  10. Cajmoh ( simon )

    This picture captures the imagination excellently. Its exactly what a far off planet in the middle of the universe would look like. Great work

  11. Konstantin

    what is night version and how it should look like? i think this image cannot be rendered better it is now)

  12. Shaman

    What about the night scenery render of Planitia?

  13. sweetcorrosion

    This one is my FAVORITE ever! Over all of the years of seeing your work I just love this one to death. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Fritzy

    Makes me want to go out and buy three monitors just to see the triple screen render in the full size!

  15. Liz


    It’s *beautiful*!! I love the ethereal, otherworld feeling the colors bring. The icy foreground is especially stunning.

    Thanks =)

  16. bart

    in response to Konstantin:

    what you say isn’t true. that won’t work with all images — if you see the same thing with both eyes it remains a 2D image. you need the two images to be from slightly different perspectives (mimicing the separation of your eyes and how they therefore see from different perspectives) to give the illusion of a 3D space. see and google stereoscopy or stereoscopic for more examples.

    i wonder if Ryan would consider doing some stereoscopic renders of some scenes actually — just for fun.

  17. Tim Atkins

    I’ve been looking at DB for about a year, using the free d/loads for my screens. This pic made me realise how much had gone into the artwork, so I popped my card out in support….

    A work colleague said to me, after I set this as the background to my screen, “Wow, I’m sure if you went to Heaven, that is what it will look like”. Quite. I look forward to more in ’07. These are amazing images.

  18. Heather

    I must say that your work is just amazing and from the female standpoint so is this piece of artwork. It seems like your skills just keep on improving over the years and that 2007 is going to be even better than 2006 and I didn’t think it could possibly get any better. Keep up the good work.

  19. Skrit

    I’m not commenting to tell you how much I like your most recent work. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful and the conflicting sense of hot and gold is perfectly balanced.

    Instead I’m writing to express my great appreciation for your dedication to the multi-monitor renderings that you go to great pains to provide. I always loved your work, but when I realized that you provided multi-monitor art, I was downright gleeful. I’m running three screens, and there is no better work out there for such a work environment.

    So thank you, you’ve made my desk a brighter place with all of your panoramas. I anxiously await further additions to your collection.

  20. Konstantin

    Hi, everyone!

    I’ve got this one discovery for you.

    Images of Ryan Bliss are REAL 3D! In case you never seen REAL 3D images i can tell you a technology, so everyone can start right now!

    If you place two identical images(width sould be less than 100-200px for starters, height doesn’t matter) next to each other, separate them with 1-2 px and try to make a single image from two using your eyes, you will get a REAL 3D image.

    Look, you try to make a SINGLE image from TWO identical images. Guess, what will you see, when it will happen? Right, you will see 3D image, like if your monitor is a portal to parallel world) Try to create a crop from this one image, copy it and place them both next to each other and then watch! You will SEE.

    Try this trick with everything on your PC, photos, images, windows XP icons even)

  21. Wolfie

    Not only is this immensely imaginative it also has an invigorating clarity that really “takes you there”.

    I look forward to your next.

  22. tyler

    on the dual screen of this, i have noticed what seems to be a planet on the top left side and it sort of looks disproportioned, idk take a look and then maybe an update. either way it looks alright, that just stuck out to me

  23. Alucard

    Yo Ryan,

    This is the platinum material that clearly is your forte. I would be remiss to expect another Conjunction; my absolute favorite work of yours. This however is breathtaking for me. I honestly cannot get enough of your planetscapes. You have to realize this is your knack dog, just keep it real! In my most humble opinion you could capitalize on this alone and gain global recognition. There is much props though on your diversity with abstracts and fractals for example. You are always pushing the envelope man, that is why I will be a lifetime member. What is there to say about this? Not enough good actually, I feel this work is perfect in every way. The sci-fi shrubbery is crucial to the extra-terrestial element here. If you cannot see that, than perhaps your imagination is confined by reality. Keep it up big pimpin, you are inspiring many hearts and minds brother.


  24. Overdrive

    Looking at your beautiful recent images I come to the conclusion that Vue Infinite definitely improves the realism of the sky, clouds and water reflections.

    Planitia is simply astonishing and I hope you’ll create a lot of similar alien landscapes in the future.

    Many thanx (again) for this new amazing wallpaper!

    Rated 9

  25. Jules Kain

    YES ……YES !!!!!

    More Planetscapes !!!!

    Awsome image i hope to see more planetscapes, last year there was only 3, but i see it was worth the wait

    keep it up…

  26. Danny

    First I want to join Jules and say “yes yes, more planetscapes!” ๐Ÿ™‚

    So nicely put.

    The Triple and Dual versions just show how much of an artist you are.

    The thing I like most about (most of-) your Duals and Triples, is the fact that you add subtle content.

    In this version, it is a the additional pyramid-like rock. At first, it looked like a structure to me (which is great) but when I zoomed in, I saw it is a rock. Nonetheless, nice addition.

    Of course, there is also the extra moon that adds to the perspective and adds some familiarity to the image since the moon resembles our own moon.

    One of the greatest images, although I prefer wallpapers that are dark (moonlight version!)

  27. Serrax


    well done, I like it. I’d also like a blue one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Did You ever think about “cristal” plants insteat of these round shaped plants?


  28. Troy P

    This reminds me of Thetis yet it has a different feel to it in that they way the clouds come up from the horizon and seeing how large the ringed planet is looming ahead, it’s as if you’re there. At the same time how you have the rippled water in front, you can picture podracers from Star Wars to come screaming by at a billion miles per hour! Otherwise the majestic green hues from top to bottom have made this an awe image. I can definitely see this in a background of a movie someday.

    Careful that one doesn’t stub their toe on the plants that win the sperm look a like contest.

  29. branson

    I like it tho. As a long time member .. keep up the coolness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. bart

    fantastic image, i love it.

    but i’ve been noticing in some of the tri-screen renders that the perspective is distorted at the edges and it appears that things are leaning towards the middle of the image. surely there’s a way around this? the moons on the left and right screens look distorted too.

    (while i’m here, i need to put in another request for tendrils tri-screen — haven’t been able to use my favourite wallpaper since getting the third flat panel!)

  31. Lisa

    This is a wonderful step away from Earth type. As one person said, it really feels like you’re there.

    THank you!

  32. Mab

    The contrast with the white and mint greens is almost a little too harsh, especially with my old CRT monitor at work.

    The landscape is fantastic, the desolation is a welcome change.

  33. Danny

    I am here exactly for these (and the Nanocyte type).

    The clouds, rings and sky are perfect.

    Love the rocks and alien vegetation.

    Love the extra white contrast – makes it feel like an unknown atmosphere – looks both hot and cold at the same time.

    Night version and triple screen PLEASE! (not yelling – begging… ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Gianfranco

    Mi fa venire in mente i freddi riflessi di un lago di mercurio, con il vento caldo dei sogni che scompiglia i capelli.

    E’ un paesaggio alieno, totalmente fuori da ogni schema e preconcetto…รจ dentro di me

    I really love your work and love also this alien, friendly lake.

  35. Zep

    This really is an amazing piece. I have never commented before, but I felt compelled. The sky might be just a little too busy for the desolate feel of the landscape, but I still love it; this landscape is quite possibly my new favorite of all your work. I’ve been checking the site constantly for the dual screen version, I’m sure it will be even better. I really love the plants in the background, and the feeling of the entire piece is nearly epic. The vastness implied and desolation felt is powerful. Truly, truly great work.

  36. Mark

    From “Scape” and “Treasure” in 1997 to “Planitia” ten years later in 2007. I’ve been following Digital Blasphemy from the beginning and this is by far the most amazing planetscape I’ve seen anywhere. As others have said my first reaction was of comparisons to Salvador Dali’s work. As I looked closer I started to see all the incredible details in the image from the alien “plants” around the lake, the monolithic outcrops, the familiar but somehow very otherworldly clouds and the nearby planet. It stretches the imagination as to what is really “out there” for us to discover.

    I certainly hope that a dual and perhaps triple screen render is on it’s way.

    Bravo Ryan. Bravo.

  37. Toby

    As you just said, the last ones were quite normal ones – but this one is extraordinary, in a positive sense. ๐Ÿ™‚ Really, really great work.

    Now all you have to do is add dual screen version, and I’m totally satisfied. =)

  38. Irim

    I’ve been waiting for one of these to come back for a long time (though I love your earthly images too!) – my favourites tend to be the ones like “Vigil”, “Vespers”, “Tropical moon”, arrgggh, the stunning one with the woman and cat from Jan 2005…


    Now, of course, the question/request is…

    how about a nighttime render, pretty please?


  39. Rich

    A new planet! Most sweet.

  40. Tim Morris

    This image is awesome Ryan- I always love your space/fantasy images.

    I’d really like this image in a blue tint, I think it would look better (and fit in with the colour scheme of my Mac :P)

    Cheers, your skill in this never ceases to amaze!

  41. Sean B.

    The first thing out of my mouth was, “Whoh!” Then I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

    Dual screen please, pretty please?

  42. Patrick

    I can only agree with most of the other comments. WOW! I don’t have the words for it. I love this image. I’m curious to see how it would look like in other colors in the pickle jar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Mirage

    I’m still a relatively new member to your site, but I absolutely love you’re work, and this one is just as stunning as your other pieces.

    I do agree with whoever expressed desire in seeing it in a blue tint, I think that would look amazing. Another suggestion, is a ‘Dual Monitor’ size feasible? I would love to have this sitting as a nice ‘panoramic’ on my two screens at work ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Kataan

    I love this image. Planet scapes have always been my favorite! Your images as always are grate, but they have an even grater brilliance now that I got a new 30″ Dell monitor ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also agree with others that a blue version of this would look fantastic!


  45. Ryan

    Thanks for all the comments everyone!

    Regarding a blue version: I wanted the image to look completely alien and decided that blue would too closely match our own atmosphere.


  46. James

    i like it. the clouds look great. maybe I’m the only one, but i like the plants. they kinda put you in the scene. i immediately got the feeling i was laying in a lounger on the sand. keep it up dude

  47. Mike

    The sky looks really cool in this one – I love it! I don’t like the little stick plants on the ground though. If you will, could you make a render without the plants?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Michelle

    The odd plant like things at the bottom that some people are complaining about are actually one of my favorite parts about this picture! I think they really add to the alieness and without them, the beach would seem to dull and barren. However, a pickle jar version without them would be a way to make everyone happy if that’s something you feel inclined to do.

  49. Topherhead

    This one is just completely awe inspiring!!! The planet scapes were what originally drew me to the site and they’ve only gotten better! And I personally agree with all of your choices the alien plants, alien atmosphere all of it. It does exactly what I want it to do, and that is take me away from the boring and let me imagine the unattainable. GREAT JOB!!!

  50. joel


    what a stunning image. I love it!

  51. D. Powers

    The clouds and planet backdrop really are stunning, however the small plants in the foreground look a little too geometric. The (plants?) in the rear across the water look pretty alien though, I like ’em. All in all, a very lucid and thought-provoking image.

    I always hate criticizing your art, because I know it’s hundreds of times better than anything I could come up with.

  52. Michelle

    I love the otherworldly feel to this. I think this is your best job you’ve done so far in conjuring a world that feels truly alien.

  53. BrooK

    I’m impressed.. very good start for the new year, like the fellows said before.. a really stunning image.

    Especially liked the bigger plants in the background.

    *could* replace my current wallpaper, the “cobald daisy” ๐Ÿ™‚


  54. Victoria W

    Wow…very Dali-esque! Love the twisted forms and the unearthly-ness.

  55. drow

    i love the green sky, it reminds me of the anime series Yukikaze.


  56. Adrian

    I love my 1920×1200 monitor, I can really take advantage of excellent pieces like this one.

  57. Bryan

    Way to go Ryan. This is a nice departure from the Earthly images you have been doing as of late (not that I don’t enjoy those though).

    I just love the little short alien plants in the foreground and one of my favorite things about your images is when you do a “huge planet or sun(s) looming in the distance”. Awesome!

  58. Vincent

    WOW! Thank you very much for this! So different from the recent renders!

    Please, please, PLEASE do more like this!

    Well done!

    Just wish I had a bigger resoution then my 1280×1024 one!

  59. Terry

    I’ll admit I’m more of a fan of your worldly art as it gives me a brilliant way of switching off from whatever is bothering me and can imagine being somewhere else.

    I found myself being absorbed by this image for a long time, theres so much to take it with regards to the plants, clouds and even the strange shinyness of the twisted forms in the background.

    I usually end my comment with a suggestion for a re-render but due to its nature theres nothing to fault – night version perhaps?! hehe.

    Take it easy,


  60. James

    This leaves me speechless. It quite literally took my breath away. AMAZING render!

  61. Dan

    This is the best work I’ve seen here for a long time!!

  62. Konstantin

    I was waiting for a something new since New Year, and this image was something, i did not expected to see. Definitely something new)

    I like this image, hope to see a PJ version of it, for an example, color variations. Light blue, light red… you know, it will look very interesting.

  63. Tril

    Well-rendered but not my thing. I’ll take your “tropical sunsets and snowy forests” anyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Steven

    This render is absolutely awesome. Its one of the best on this page, absolutely. I LOVE IT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. dual

    do you think you could make a dual screen of this, i’m getting 2 19″ and i would really enjoy it, it looks amazing as it is though and i’m glad that i bought a subscription

    keep it up

  66. Randy Bisig

    Drop the flowers, or whatever, from the beach and I’d like it more.

    Interesting use of green. Makes me wish for March.

  67. Anonymous

    Wow, Ryan. Simply…wow.

  68. Labanimal

    I would be banned here if i typed the first word that came from my mouth when i logged in and saw this!…

    But none the less – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do agree, ditch the flowery thiggies on the sand!.

    What makes this pic SO interesting is the Sky, the planet & the rings, and the odd shapes here and there! I think this Image can be any colour really, it wouldn’t take away from imagination you’ve captured!

    Well done!.

    P.S. A suggestion : Please can you start picking once or twice a month one of your older creations, and put it up for debate & re-voting as i feel there are alot of your older work that has gone under-voted and could help with idea’s for future design. This could very well change your top10 as i think there are some real beauties that need more credit!.

  69. Kyle

    Awesome image, can’t wait to buy a print of it from zazzle!

    I have a huge print of Tropical Moon of Thetis, and i absolutely love these kinds of images!

  70. Andar

    Man when I saw this it reminded me so much of something from Salvador Dali. So far out and beautiful… Nice work!

  71. Gabriel

    Wow! I don’t know if it’s the program, but no program does this well without a great artist! You outdid yourself this time, fantastic work!

  72. Andrew

    The clouds look incredible. The planet is stunning. The water is cool. The rocks are kinda strange, but I’ll suspend my disbelief (what kind of formation/erosion could create such structures?? A paintbrush maybe!) The plants look like little martians, cool!

  73. Justin

    i agree with kody and nickaix. i still enjoy this one even though it’s a few years old. it would be cool to see a night version of this one

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