Pastorale (Night)

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Changed up the moonlight angle to highlight the tree a bit more.

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4 reviews for Pastorale (Night)

  1. James Tullett

    Somehow the daisies on the pasture appear more realistic than the daytime rendering – perhaps this is due to the subdued lighting. It’s been about 40 years since I last saw glow worms myself (rather like fireflies, but resident in Europe) . 5*
    It’s on my desktop right now (although it’s morning here). Well done!

  2. Cathy Warren

    I love the fireflies on the grass it really adds to this render. I love when you give us both day and night versions of the same render!

  3. Cathi Britz

    Nice! Another awesome nightscape. I especially love the rain coming and the fireflys lighting up the prairie.

  4. m_arakawa

    I love ‘dark’ renderings! Keep them coming!

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