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83 reviews for Panoply

  1. Cynctychik [nonmonthly]

    The autumn equinox has arrived! Beautiful rendering Ryan!

  2. Bill Wall [plusmember]

    Love autumn colors but means winter will rear it’s ugly head soon.

  3. Elaine

    I don’t know if you’re reading comments on older stuff. I had this scene up on my monitor and noticed a problem with the tree bark texture on the left monitor in the dual screen versions. It’s very distracting. I really like this scene so I hope maybe you could re-render it with the texture fixed at some point.

  4. Colin

    I am a big fan of your nature renderings. Some just take my breath away. This one falls a bit short for three reasons. 1. Trees generally grow straight up. The trees on the left lean in, like a wide angle lens perspective. 2. The leaf colors are too intense, particularly the green. It is almost neon. 3. The leaves appear to be more like algae growth than individual leaves. You normally do fantastic leaves. I offer these comments only as constructive criticism; I have been a subscriber for many years.

  5. Nathan

    tiple screen 3840*1024 version. Something wonky happened to the background trees in what would be the left monitor. Like their skin messed up.

  6. Jenanne

    Great new multiscreen version! Thanks, Ryan!

  7. Dan

    Needs a facebook version.

  8. Ryan

    I have a new multiscreen version rendering right now, but it is rendering on Asfaloth. I hope to have it ready in a day or two!

  9. nithilher

    The new lighting setup does not awake a autumnal atmosphere in me. The haze and the light rays of the first version have been so beautiful. I really had hoped that it would have been possible to have this as a triple screen render …

  10. Jenanne

    Closer. I like version 2’s colors better but this version is beautiful, too. I particularly like that more of the stream can now be seen. Not a 10 because of the sun ray graininess on the left.

    I must admit I dislike the widescreen version. The graininess problem is gone and that’s great, but much of the original render’s charm is also gone.

  11. KRingg

    I love the single-monitor version… perfect blend of natural and other-wordly. Unfortunately, the multiscreen version is pretty darn awful. My rating is based on the assumption you’ll continue tweaking.

  12. kellzilla

    Oof. Not a fan of the weird multi-screen this time around. 🙁

  13. Ryan

    Yes, that is what I meant by a different lighting setup. I will have a multiscreen of the original setup eventually but it is going to take some more tweaking…

  14. Nate F

    Is there an issue with the multiscreen copies? (I tried 5120 * 1440 and 7680 * 1600) and it was basically an entirely different picture than the singlescreen version. It looked more like a pastel photo rather than actual leaves. Or is this what you meant by new angle.

  15. Genj

    Not for me. The water comes to close to the trunk, fog comes in to quick and too much on a flat plane. Exposed branches look too sharp and the leaves are highly unnatural and colors too clumped. Fall is just starting, I say revisit this one after a bit. *shrug*

  16. Patrick

    The leaves look more like grapes,not natural also due to the colors I Think.

  17. Adam

    I like the composition, but you tend to make the greens too vibrant in your outdoors scenes – that really vibrant green only appears in the spring with new growth, and when the leaves are turning the greens would be much darker, don’t you think?

  18. Adamtrons

    Excellent! I’m very happy with this third version. It seems to strike the right balance of color and light rays. Will be set as my desktop background, as soon as I get home. 🙂

  19. Ryan

    I am rendering a multiscreen version of this right now on Bucephalus and I am hoping it will be ready sometime tomorrow. I am trying something a bit different for the multiscreen though. When I added the new trees on the side it cast the entire scene into shadow so I chose to render with an entirely different lighting angle/setup. If you guys like the new setup I could probably re-render a single-screen version, though it is easy enough to crop the wide versions…Stay tuned!

  20. Scott

    I love this time of year, and I really love your interpretation – especially the balance between normal and all the “unnatural” 🙂 colors – makes it feel like Fall in a completely different place..

    One question – no iPad HD of v3?

  21. Manu

    Absolutely perfect!

  22. Sharon

    v3 is awesome. I absolutely love it! Thanks for the beautiful work!

  23. Bob

    Be nice to have dual screen on both this and the original; both beautiful…

  24. Lynn

    I like the purples! It is a part of the changing of the colors that you see in the fall!

  25. sundogvet

    I’d rather your art didn’t look like my back yard, but still like a place I’d like to visit. I like where you’re going with the little fractal trees like you said, but you’ve colored each cluster of leaves all the same. There are no gradients. It looks like Fruity Pebbles.

  26. Midnight

    I like the adjustments, but I have to agree with Penny, it definitely changes the mood with all the purple.

  27. Penny

    What happened to all the beautiful colors? This rendering looks so dark and distressed, as if the trees are literally dying.

  28. Greg

    I like the purples actually – unnatual perhaps, but that’s what makes this good. It feels dark and surreal. The only nitpick would be the repetition of plants at the bottom, the seem fairly evenly spaced and only a few different types grouped together. This was nearly my new favourite, great job sir!

  29. Littlemom

    This one is a little better as far as the light rays go, but the purple is just aweful and out of place with the fall colors.

  30. kellzilla

    Bleh. Do not like the purple at all. I love your fall colors because they’re so realistic – very few leaves go purple in your average tree copse.

  31. Randy

    The purple and burgundy makes it look more like fruit – raspberries – than tree leaves. Love the colors, just not in this application. Green, yellow, orange, and red are the more natural colors.

  32. Kenny

    Honestly to me this looks, especially in v2, like giant exotic vegetables, or maybe giant rainbow truffles, growing out of the ground. I see colored broccoli, rather than leaves.

    I do like both the light and the grass, otherwise I’d rate it about a 4… Sorry lol.

  33. Dave

    I like the original with more orange and reds in it. I’d like to see one with the same orange and reds and browns but with dusk light (not the bright spot on the top edge)

  34. D

    I really like v2, it took a couple views before it grew on me. As for the bottom of the frame, replace the water with a grassy meadow spotted with fallen leaves.

  35. Slackweed

    Better! I still would like the light beams toned down further, but this is quite exceptional.

  36. Chandler

    I first took a look at V2 and was absolutely disgusted, but then after looking at it and comparing it back to V1 I grew to appreciate it and like it more than V1.

    Awesome work done on both! I expect more versions to keep coming!!!

  37. cmmnoble

    The color mix on V2 works better for me. It seems more balanced. And the trees with everything from green to deep purple remind me of the Bradford Pear trees we have around here.

    Here’s a good example of one:

  38. Randall

    I like this better than the first version. And I love the purple tones, glad you kept them!

  39. Jenanne

    “I like the colors of the first, and the light of the second. Is that allowed?”

    Heck, no! You’re not allowed to have an opinion! 😉

  40. Jenanne

    I LOVE the purple tones. Fantastic. Gorgeous. Magnificent. I don’t really care that real trees don’t look like this; if I wanted photorealism I’d use photographs for wallpaper. You’ve made this one member very happy, Ryan. 🙂

  41. Ryan

    I’ve learned that it is impossible for me to make big changes to a piece that everyone will like 😉 No worries!

  42. Laura

    … 🙁 I like the first version better. I’ll leave my 10 up for the first version, but I’m really tempted to rate this a 5.

    I guess it’s true that you can’t make everyone happy. 😉

  43. Zach

    Though I like the exploration of the new colours, I greatly prefer the original “sneak peek” version. It seemed very smooth, whereas these gallery versions have seemed rough and grainy. I miss the smooth style of and of .

  44. Sharon

    I like the colors of the first, and the light of the second. Is that allowed?

  45. Greg

    I love the new version.

    Are you going to do a dual screen? I thought you always did one, but noticed Gazebo isn’t in there and you’re on the next one.. I’d love a this to be a dual screen, as right now I’m using the older Elegy12

  46. Sarah

    I love autumn, but the colors seem off. Purple and red generally aren’t on the same tree. Some leaves turn purple, but I’ve only seen it on smaller trees. More yellows/oranges. Most trees in the northeast are yellow and orange. September is Green with red tinged edges (my favorite), then October the reds turn brown and the yellow and a little bit of orange come out. Can some of them be brown? LEss ferns and more brown leaves on the ground. Every step crunches this time of the year.

  47. Topher

    I like it much better than the first.

  48. Ryan

    I’ve added v.2 of “Panoply” this morning. I’ve toned down the lightbeams a little and also desaturated things a bit. It was mentioned that I should cut out the purple tones but I wanted to explore those a bit more for this version (sorry!).I still need get the bottom of the frame sorted out. Let mek now what you think of the update!

  49. Gary

    Not sure I really like the look of the longer branches sticking out the top of these trees, OR the different colors on the same tree. Sure there might be some slight change on a tree, but for the most part the entire tree changes to the same color… NOT red, yellow, green on the same tree.

    This is why I really like going down into some valleys in the Fall and see Green pine trees, Red maple tree, some others that are yellow… the aerial views of a lot of different trees (forest area) looks much better.

  50. Will

    Ryan when are you going to update the app? A couple work in progress are not shown, and also, can you please add a new size, Nexus 4 phone, is not matching with HTC one size. Thank you

  51. Ryan

    Actually I am going to double-down on the purples in the next version, sorry. I’m intrigued by how different it looks!

  52. Beth

    Tone down the purples and the sunrays and it’s perfect!

  53. John B

    I REALLLLLLLY REALLLY like this wallpaper. But I do have a slight critique about it. The colors of the leaves and the texture of the leaves are FANTASTIC. But the bottom half, the tree trunks just don’t look as realistic as the leaves. This just could be my personal opinion, I don’t know. But you seem to be updating your wallpapers a few times before the final release lately, so i imagine i will love the final version.

  54. Harry

    Very nice, looks like it took a while. My comments are:

    – The bright greens in the tree foliage are too bright (particularly those two in the top quarter middle), they much more closely resemble the fresh spring leaves a tree like that would have, greens will still look good and be on the tree but more likely duller with a slight brown hue hint.

    – The bare branches (“tentacles”) sticking out of the trees aren’t very natural. A tree with that density of leaves remaining would not have that size branches near the main canopy. To be honest in this situation you would only ever see branches below the leaves, like you have a few visible in the shadow to the right. I therefore believe that the “skeleton” of the tree could do with being shrunk back to match the shape of its canopy.

    Looking forward to the final form of this and any other Autumn images they always have such beautiful colours.

  55. oaf357

    Tone down the purple hues and it’s a 10!

  56. Phil S.

    I have to agree with others, the rays detract from this piece, and also the far right tree trunk looks like the textures messed up.

    I really liked one of the WIP versions that you posted, had great lighting without the rays. It was sharp/crisp and looked wonderful.

    Please at least post the “rayless” versions in the pickle jar.

    Keep up the great work.

  57. TheROUSes


  58. Laura

    Great new work! It’s the inaugural background on my new computer. Looks wonderful! Thanks Ryan!

  59. Adamtrons

    I really like the color of the trees and I disagree with others that say it does not look real, because the trees in my area are currently this color. They still have some bright healthy green from the summer but are changing to gold, orange, brown, reds as the days get shorter and they produce less chlorophyll. I do have two minor complaints: I think it does look “overexposed”, to use a photography term. I like the dramatic sun rays but think that the brightness needs to be toned down just a bit. Also the tree on the far right has a chisel texture in it’s center that looks like maybe it was chewed up by a beaver. Not sure if that was a glitch or if it is meant to be that way. Other then that, awesome work!

  60. Jenanne

    Just in time for the fall colors! I like this piece, and I’ll love it when the nitpicks are taken care of. Like some others I think the left side and the center tree are obscured by the sun rays and/or haze, and is rather grainy. The tree trunks need some polishing. But I love the colors of the foliage, the leaves floating in the stream, and the overall composition — perfect for my favorite season. Can’t wait for the final!

  61. Alex H

    I didn’t notice the sunrays until someone else mentioned them, so I wouldn’t dock a point for that. The Colour pallet used is brilliant. I save my 10/10s for absolute favourites though (or pictures which I think are criminally ignored/underated). If you do another which is as abstractly inventive as The Grid 2005 or Azula 2004 (the quantity, quality and subtle differences of the picklejar versions goes a long way, those aren’t just simple recolourings); I’d be pounding the 10 button immediately.

  62. Jonathan

    I love the scene, but the colours look too fake. I would tone down the saturation just a little bit. Also, the pattern of colours in the trees looks unrealistic for autumn (or any season for that matter). Tone down the deep green and purple.

  63. Slackweed

    Kill the sunrays. You’re killing what would otherwise be incredible artwork. I don’t mind a subtle effect, but you turn it up too high.

  64. Angelique

    Beautiful! I love all the Fall colors 🙂 If you make any adjustments though, could there be less of the sunrays? It kinda looks like fog on my computer screen and is somewhat obscuring the lovely scenery.

  65. Eric

    Great piece, Ryan. And while I do tend to agree with the nit-picky stuff, it is just that. Nit-picky. I love the colors, even though you wouldn’t see such color variation on a singular tree (center & left). However, that’s also what makes it a great piece. Ever so slightly other worldly. Well done.

  66. Scott

    Safari Joe does it again! Looking good.

  67. Midnight

    Love the idea and the mix of colors. I also like the perspective. The level/angle chosen makes me think i could be there looking out into the forest.

    That said, I gave it an 8 because of a few nit-picky items:

    1) The green is almost TOO green for the fall. Making it a little more subtle would help the realism a bit.

    2) The haze just seems to be there to show the sun beams. I ike seeing the beams, but the haze seems unjustified.

    3) I think it would be amazing to see a little fog hovering just above the water and slowly fading as the elevation gets higher. This might be what is showing us the sun beams?

    4) Some of the darker areas are “grainy”

  68. Littlemom

    Autumn is my favourite time of year, but the hazy look to this render takes away from the color of the leaves. Also I think the foliage on the trees is way to full and I just didn’t care for the green in the leaves either. but nice first try.

  69. Pete

    Beautiful, Ryan. Just stunning.

  70. Kelton

    I kept looking at it and the only improvement I can see is double screen….

  71. Kana

    Beautiful piece, Ryan! I love all the colors that you’ve combined, and the nice long wavy grass.

    Nit-picky stuff:

    Your tree bark on the right side of your picture is grainy / digital-ish, and one trunk in particular looks… “unfinished” graphically.

    I also agree with Conrad that some of the branches might not be quite as full, though that’s very, very minor comparatively. I still love the way you’ve done this piece. 🙂

  72. Kaaletram

    I love the colors and the effect of the mist. One might expect to see something magical emerge from the mist. Like the color variations. One thing I would change is loose the water and maybe put in some grasses with a fairy ring…maybe a fairy light or three floating about it. Just a thought. Excellent work as always.

  73. nithilher

    Light, haze, depth are very beautiful. The image truly creates an autumnal atmosphere and mood. I impatiently await the triple screen version!

  74. Toni

    I love the colors! I prefer seasonal screens and this is the most colorful Fall screen yet!

  75. Nicole

    I love the colors in the trees. There is nothing better than a fall scene with a lot of rich color. But the reason I didn’t give it a 10 is because of the fog/haze in the image. I think that it just takes too much away from it. I look forward to seeing what else you might do with this scene. Your work is amazing. 😀

  76. Rachel

    I can’t wait to see this one finished and in multi-screen so I can add it to my autumn collection of backgrounds!

  77. Topher

    I’m a huge fan of the fall and winter stuff, but this one feels a little off. The green is TOO green to be mixed to intricately with the other colors. Frost wouldn’t be selective like that, it would be more likely to have color on the top of the tree, and green underneath where it was protected.

    I’m still putting it on my desktop though. 🙂

  78. Randy

    Very good work, Ryan. I love the mix of green, yellow and red. A bit of a wash out on the left. I’d say cut back on the fog a little bit or raise the sun up a bit.

    Now I’m ready for Autumn’s seasonal color changes.

  79. Ruth

    I love your autumn works!! The color in this one is so gorgeous, and with the sunlight slanting through it, I smell apple cider, burning leaf piles, and pumpkins being carved! I, too, love the definition, and the leaves floating in the water is an added bonus to bring life to the foreground. Fantastic work Ryan! <3

  80. Derek

    Stunning! Awesome job. I hope you are working on a Dual screen soon!

  81. Derek

    The trees are beautiful. I love the sunlight. This is going to look awesome on my dual screen. The only thing that keeps it from being a 10 (right now) is the leaves on the water. I think they kind of distort the depth of the image. Just not quite sold on that aspect at this moment. Love the work Ryan.

  82. Conrad

    Ryan, your work continues to get better every year! This is an excellent image and one of the best for fall by far. My only nit-pick has to do with leaf density. Some branches are bare while others are very full. By the time some branches are bare, the others are more sparse than here. Like I said, a nit-pick.

  83. Chris

    I saw this picture and my jaw hit the floor at how amazed I was. This is EASILY among the BEST fall wallpapers ever! The different leaf colors made all the difference, and the definition of the atmosphere and trees is great. Best desktop this year.

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