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Another piece inspired by our recent visit to the Hawaiian islands and by the snowy winter here in the Heartland. I created this one basically for my own sanity but also this one is for the folks who wanted to see “more mountain” in my Mauka render 🙂 I used World Machine and Gaea to create the mountains. I used Lightwave to create the rainbow texture. I then applied it to an alpha plane in Vue for a more “3D” look than the built-in rainbow.

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30 reviews for Pali

  1. Drachengeist [lifer]

    Both are great renderings of hawaii as are the others in the series. But of the two I will take the sunshine over the dramatic overcast. I don’t go to Hawaii for the clouds.

  2. nicolas [basicmember]

    So beautiful !!

    god bless you and your entire family Ryan !!

  3. D. C. Sessions [lifer]

    Can’t wait for the multiscreen.

  4. Glenn [liferplus]

    Hi Ryan: my Mom recently passed and she was from Hawaii. The fact that you just did this recently, and is so beautiful, is for me a sign that this is going to be a tribute to her. I’ve posted it as my FB cover today. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Glenn [liferplus]

    Hi Ryan: my Mom recently passed and she was from Hawaii. The fact that you just did this recently, and is so beautiful, is for me a sign that this is going to be a tribute to her. I’ve posted it as my FB cover today. Thank you and God Bless.

  6. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    really love these’s both this and the pickle jar version, the colours and details are stunning, Great render Ryan

  7. Ryan

    I wasn’t quite satisfied with Pali v.1 so I’ve been tinkering with it on my Bucephalus workstation during Shadowfax renders. This new version has a bit more drama I think in both the background and foreground.What do you think?

  8. cutterman [basicmember]

    Well Lance, that’s what I thought and that’s what I wrote. Ryan is brilliant, but if all he ever gets is, “Beautiful!, “How wonderful!” then he just has an echo chamber.

  9. eyal [lifer]

    Thanks for a great MultiScreen render, Ryan!

  10. Ryan

    Yes it’s rendering right now. Those clouds take forever though!

  11. Joshua [liferplus]

    Ryan, do you have plans for dual screen for this render? I hope so 🙂

  12. bemused1 [basicmember]

    No further comments. Just wanna download.

  13. bemused1 [basicmember]

    I am privileged to work outdoors at a gas station in eastern KS. I am less than thrilled to undergo trial by weather. I have been to Hawaii many moons ago. Peace.

  14. Joshua [liferplus]

    When I first saw this, I thought it was a photograph. Lovely rendering. Do me a favor Ryan and keep making stuff from your travels. They are a nice treat!

  15. Rodewaryer [lifer]

    You did it justice, sweet job. Looks spot on.

  16. Ryan

    Thank you! On the plus side: I did learn a new word!

  17. Lance [basicmember]

    Hey Ryan,

    This is a great render. Thanks for bringing the mountains into view for those of us who requested it.

    I bring exception to “cutterman” who quite harshly not only diminished your efforts here but also those of your other fans who gave their support for this one. I’d like to see one of HIS efforts at this and see the opinions of the results.

    This is ART cutterman. Not science.

    Carry on with your efforts and new ideas Ryan!

  18. Ryan

    Sorry about that. It’s up now!

  19. Manuel [lifer]

    Dear sir:

    3840 x 2160 not linked and or included.



  20. cutterman [basicmember]

    Very sorry Ryan, but this is an uninteresting picture that the rainbow does nothing to redeem. Normally I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your work but not this time. Still, negative results to me as a scientist are often more valuable than the positive, and continuous encomia can lead to complacency.

  21. DaveR [liferplus]

    According to wikipedia, Nuuanu Pali is a cliff location near Honolulu, and the word Pali in Hawaiian means “cliff”.

    I think this image is beautiful, but the all-covering green blanket really should be broken up by some cliffs here and there. I also agree that some foreground details (breaching dolphins or even a few sea-birds) would make the scene more personal. I do love the detail work of the rainbow and the clouds, just the right balance of opacity/transparency.

  22. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    So romantic, very Beautiful, Great Render

  23. NikB [liferplus]

    Looks beautiful, Ryan. Is it possible to add one of the dolphins breaching the surface? It would certainly add some foreground interest!

  24. RJ [lifer]

    Ryan, keep up the great work, this has been an awesome collection about your trip.

  25. lawdog44 [basicmember]

    i don’t want to hear any more about your trip to Hawaii. i was there 50+ years ago, barely long enough to smell the place, then it was off again on another leg of the flight to beautiful, sunny Vietnam. when i came home we took the Great Circle route – Tokyo, Anchorage, and Oakland. Never saw Hawaii again. how’s about a great piece on the Aleutions?

  26. Susan [basicmember]

    Thank you for this version. I think that the mountains and the rainbow gives it a more balanced and complete feeling.

  27. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This one is absolutely beautiful. I love the rainbow. But where is the Facebook cover for this one?

  28. Ryan

    Simple and happy was exactly what I was going for. There are over 2 trillion polys in the scene but it may not be apparent unless you view the 8K version. Sorry you don’t like it though.

  29. Theo [lifer]

    I saw this piece, and my very first thought was “Why did Ryan post something that looks like his original work from the 90s?” It reminds me of Kingdom or Forsaken II – unfortunately that’s not in a good way. With the lack of complexity or depth of view, there’s just not a lot going on here. Simple and happy enough by itself, but it felt like a bit of an artistic regression to me. I love the rest of your work though!

  30. Eric [liferplus]

    Once again Bravo!

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