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Wallpaper À La Carte

Wallpaper À La Carte

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7 reviews for Omadon

  1. Nemo1024 [liferplus]

    Ancient? Yes. But still Epic. Would love to see it in an UHD rendition for all the extra detail and depth that would add. Not to speak of the added skills that you have acquired, compared to your 1999 self.

  2. Kevin [lifer]

    This is one of my favorites from your older works. Any chance of a modern update?

  3. Seamus

    To think this was created in 1999. Like many of your other works, would like to see this in 2800×1800 for retina.

  4. Sebastian

    This is absolutely stunning. After reading your bio I get a feeling of Greek mythology. I feel as if these are statues of the Gods…

    Anyways, the scale/depth and detail is amazing considering this dates back to ’99. I second Eric, I would love to see an updated version of this work.

  5. John

    I’d love to see this updated, but it still stands out among all your work, even though it’s over ten years old! As a remake with today’s software I wonder what (if anything) could be improved? Again, I’d love to see a poster of this! Amazing work, as always!

  6. Eric

    I would love to see this in an updated version. I think that it would look awesome, especially a dual screen or even night version. Keep up the great work.

  7. Labanimal

    This is one of your older designs that still stands out, its very well done considering how long ago you did it. The whole scale of it all, massive statues towering above everything else! Its nothing like any other design from that time!.

    I for one would love to see this re-rendered with today’s software, especially after you get your cloud problem fixed!

    I’ve scaled this to span 3200×1200 for my dual monitor setup, looks amazing!

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