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I created this one after receiving an email from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. The email and my response can be read here. This is an update to an Oasis image I created in 1999.

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59 reviews for Oasis

  1. Mario [basicmember]

    Sure looks like a desert scene. Those desert dunes look to swallow up this oasis.

  2. Nephelyn

    Thank you ! 🙂

  3. Ryan

    Ask and ye shall receive (1024 x 1024. Not sure why it was missing to begin with!

  4. Nephelyn

    Hi Ryan,

    would you please do a 1024×1024 version of this ? One that exactly fits Moonlight Oasis ? Oasis and Moonlight Oasis are perfect for the iPad : I and anyone else could use the night version for the password screen and the day version for the unlocked iPad … 😉



  5. Will

    Why is there no 1280×800 resolution type of this wallpaper? Was it an oversight?

  6. Bill

    Right before my deployment to iraq, my wife and i bought a lifetime subscription to your website. I downloaded just about every single one of your backgrounds onto my laptop so that i would be able to have them over there.

    On another note, i love your re renderings of older works of art. Our technology has advanced 10 fold since you first started and i think that doing a rehash of some of the favorites from early years would be pretty cool. like what you have done here with oasis, at its time it was amazing and beautiful. Now with its makeover ten years later it turns from a cool barren desert with a nearly lifeless oasis, into a lush green oasis, obviously teeming with life surrounded by a sweltering hot desert.

    I realize i have wandered a bit. Just wanted you to know i appreciate your work 😀

  7. Mike

    Wow! O_O This one’s beautiful! 🙂

  8. Ira

    Would be very cool to see a future render with elements of both of these. I really enjoy the dunes in Oasis, and I think a Desert Temple version of Leaf would be sweet. Keep up the amazing work. Thanks!

  9. alecia


    This is absolutely breathtaking!! This heartfelt dedication was such a surprise that it has me at at a loss for words and a need for several tissues to catch the tears …

    It is very difficult to explain to people back home that have never been here, that in order to survive this awful place mentally, you have to learn to just take it one-day-at-a-time. And the longer you are here, the more distant the world you once knew becomes. The fading reality of the world back home inevitably gives rise to the most painful sadness I have ever felt. It’s not the kind of sadness one would associate with depression, this sadness is better described as a profound numbness. The numbness sets-in as you emotionally progress through the unavoidable thought-provoking realization that eventually materializes into a deeper appreciation of the world you left behind. When the emotional journey finally ends and you have mastered the ability to live one day at a time, all you are left with is hope and a promise to yourself to live in the moment a little more often when you finally do make it back home. The connection to home is almost non-existent after a couple of months when the once steady flow of letters and care packages begins to fade.

    My letters and care packages came to an end within two months of my arrival here and I officially reached what we call the “forgotten” phase several months ago. Needless to say, I’ve been longing for any reminder of home for quite some time now and for the last month or so, have thoroughly enjoyed this little portal in which my mind is able to escape from this sandy hell, complements of your remarkable imagination.

    It is truly an honor to have inspired you to create such a beautiful work of art. Thank you for creating my little “Oasis”; a place that will always remind me that I am not among the forgotten in the middle of this sandy hell.

  10. Timmo

    Firstly please excuse my ignorance…

    I’ve been quite happy in collecting my 1920 x 1200 widescreen wallpapers and looking forward to the next not really giving any thought to the difference that there might be in the larger sizes! Today I went and had a look at the 7680 x 1600 triple screen widescreen. WOW.

    You’ve always impressed me with your work but words cant describe how much this has blown me away. No wonder members ask for the triple widescreen versions. This really is the BIG picture. I cant afford two more monitors, how can I enjoy these without having to reduce them to a mere 3 inch strip across my monitor???????

    Ryan you really are the best

  11. Jason B

    I have been loving your recent works, you just keep getting better and better. Are we gonna get a Halloween image this year? I always look forward to your holiday images, they always put a new spin on some old icons.

  12. Nick

    This is one of your best dual screens!

  13. Ryan

    There was an error in the dual-screen split file so I have uploaded a new zip. Sorry for the hassle!

  14. James

    Are you skipping multi screens of prismatic pool?

    Color me disappointed if you do =)

  15. cam

    Ryan, lovely work. I am so glad to have a lifetime subscription. I use the pics at work and home and people always comment on what lovely wallpaper I have on my computer. THANKS!

  16. JK

    Both remote FTP servers need to support that, and the odds of this happening are not good since it poses security issues. How do I know? I posed this very question 4-5 years ago.

  17. Ryan

    I am rendering the multiscreen right now. I hope to have it up either tonight or tomorrow. Then I will do Prismatic Pool (render it on my other box) and move on to something new.

  18. byteful

    “Dual Screen Renderings”

    Is there any chance that this beautiful ‘db’ picture is gonna be ‘released’ in a multi-screen format, any time soon?

  19. Michelle

    It’s a wonderful addition to the DB collection. I love the contrast of the sand and the cool water along with the lilies. So pretty!

  20. Fandeboris

    Wonderful. Alecia should be proud

  21. Bright

    I’ve been a fan of your work for years now even when I was still in school. I still wonder why it has taken me so long to sign up for membership but seeing artwork of this quality makes realize what a fool I had been all this time. Keep up the fantastic work Ryan.

  22. Joe Kynion

    Another spectacular rendering from the master. The color and contrast between the oasis and the desert are wonderful! Can’t wait until the dual widescreens come out.

  23. Nate F

    i dont know about where everyone else lives; but up in the great white north its starting to get cold; so i think this is a very nicely timed image

    the picture itself is very good, the reflections in the water are just stunning, its always nice to see your work improving as soon as the technology to do so arrives

  24. Nelson

    Ryan, I’m thinking now that you have read my mind. I found your old oasis recently and was astonished at the quality you were able to create already in 99! And exactly now you’re reworking this image, so do you have some telepathic abilities? 🙂

    Although the former work was great, this rework outclasses it! I especially love the sky. (Skies are becoming your speciality, I think?^^)

  25. Doug M


    All of your images are great works of art, but every now and then one comes along that makes my jaw drop…this is one of them, well done.

  26. GeneralB

    …where are the multi-screen versions of Prismatic Pool? I was holding out for them, but now you’ve released a new background when the previous one hasn’t graced my monitor yet. :'(

  27. jmpond

    My Man! As always, one can expect you to come up with an image that is relaxing to look at and easy on the eyes as a desktop theme image. Beautiful work! And my friends wonder why I have a lifetime membership with your site.

  28. Daniel

    Subject says it all. I’ve renewed for another year just because of this, and I didn’t even realize renewals were discounted!

  29. Josh

    This wallpaper is a panacea.

  30. Miguell=26

    uau! AWESoME!

    very tropical looking! amazing Sky and the Desert is very good as well!

    Another success for DB!

    Awesome Work Ryan!


  31. Geoff

    Something about this image made my mouth drop open when I saw the little e-mail image, and the full size made it stay that way. It’s beautiful!

  32. Ragnarök

    Absolutely love this one! Well there is little artwork from you that doesn’t warrant our affection. In any case, how could you not find this incredible? Thanks again Ryan, you are an outstanding gentlemen my friend!

  33. Littlemom

    I was glad to see another render made, I’ve been missing the artwork you’ve come up with. This wallpaper is pretty, but just didn’t give me the “WOW” factor that I’ve had with a lot of the ones you do. I’m not an artist so I don’t know what exactly is missing but to me something is missing. Anyways the picture is still pretty and will be added to my collection.

  34. John C.

    Bewildering. I am awestruck at your abilities. Florescence made me a Fan(on facebook)

    This was the piece, that made me a “Year in Year out” Member! You works have made, not only me happy, but my Tri-screen Monitors and everything in between, including my Netbooks. All of which are basking in the Afterglow!


    Regards in Awesome Talent, and those who assist,

    JC aka Dagra

  35. Matt D.

    for this work, Ryan. As a two-time vet of OIF, I understand where Alecia is coming from. Every day is a new challenge to take your mind on some sort of escape/adventure to unwind from the day’s (or night’s) activity. This picture is a perfect catalyst of that journey. Again, you never cease to amaze, Ryan, and an extra special thanks to all that have and do serve!!

  36. sigmaman

    Nice and peaceful!

  37. Joel

    LOVE it!

  38. Randall

    Ryan, you have done it again! Awesome!

  39. Ryan S.

    I love this. I personally don’t think that your abstracts (such as the recent, fantastic “Prismatic Pool”) get enough credit from the members, but that is probably due to the consistent excellence and beauty of your landscapes.

    This seems like an update of two 1999 pieces – Oasis (obviously) and Dunes. Dunes is one of my favorites from the old days, smooth, simple and peaceful.


  40. Chris

    Ryan, this work is amazing. Easy 10. I wouldn’t change a thing. Awesome tribute to our heroes, and how they long to escape the sandy hell and find an oasis of their own.

  41. Matthew

    What a great picture. This one will have my desktop for a long long time!

  42. Curtis

    I love the new updated rendition of Oasis. Your landscape’s are what made me love your work. Abstract’s aren’t my cup of tea.

    Sadly, I can’t get your PSP link sized image of this Oasis to work. Hopefully it’ll get fixed.

    I like the sky with the setting sun, clouds look very realistic.

  43. Kaliffen

    Beautiful picture as allways. I only wonder if you would find waterlillies in a desertsetting? It seems out of place to me.

  44. Mike

    Excellent, got that classic DB ‘mmmmmmmmm….’ quality. Abstracts are nice (nod Prismatic Pool) but this is what makes Ryan stand out.

  45. Chris

    It’s amazing. The sun on the desert reminds me of a desert fantasy. Staring at the sand is enough to make me thirsty and looking down I feel relaxed at the Oasis. A lot of emotion in one piece. I love this.

  46. scott wray

    gave me some cold shivers reading this story & viewing the image! mad props ryan!

  47. Jenanne

    Two terrific pieces of artwork in so few days — what a treat! I love this update, and it’s such a tremendous tribute to our brave women and men serving overseas. Thank you, Ryan!

  48. celmendo

    makes me want to get that Oasis out of the way and stare out into the dunes though. 🙂

  49. Jason

    I realy like this its a real nice contrast definetly one to go on my desktop keep up the good work and btw on the new mosaic Ts you have got just wondering if you could make them into a desktop background just an idear?

  50. Jonathan L

    I can’t believe this…

    I’m spoiled… so spoiled… the frequency of updates, and two backgrounds within days of each other that are absolutely fantastic…

    This background is a 10. It’s AMAZING!

  51. Brian B

    Very nice… I was surprised to see it.

  52. getwired

    …are AMAZING! Good job — can’t wait to see the dual widescreen version with other oases on the periphery or whatever. 😉

  53. Gary

    I was not expecting a new one so quick… very nice!!!

  54. Walo

    Wow amazing! that’s all I can say.

  55. Chris B

    Made this one for the soldier overseas stuck in the sandbox. I like it, looks like somewhere Monet would be jealous of going to paint.

  56. PJ

    Yup, clouds like that are possible over a desert. Seen em over the desert in Southwest US, and over desert in Afghanistan, too.

  57. Atma

    I remember the 1999 version, I loved it so much. That “update” is more than beautiful.

    Are such clouds possible over the desert ?

  58. Mike

    bring on the multi-monitor render! can’t wait to see it.

  59. Wraith

    o hawt

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