Oasis (Blue Moon)

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By popular request I’ve added a “blue moon” version of my updated Oasis.   I’ve removed the foreground lighting so everything is lit in silhouette.   Which version do you prefer??   Rendered on Shadowfax.

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Oasis (Blue Moon) Dual


Oasis (Blue Moon) Triple

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20 reviews for Oasis (Blue Moon)

  1. Jennifer Jonsson

    This is great! There are details on the far right, too, which is perfect for me because the third monitor in my triple setup is the one I usually keep program-free for navigating purposes.

  2. Tatiana Taylor

  3. webworx

    One of those “Wow” moments…

  4. Darren Bruno

    Great render!

  5. Michael Taylor

    I foresee a Christmas version from this image.

  6. Thomas Frye

    I’ve noticed that darker themed images look best on my Windows desktop, and this blue works well with default Microsoft colors as well. Ryan, this is my favorite of all of the great works of art you’ve done in the past few years! Thanks so much for this one especially!

  7. Robert Lanktree

    Both night versions are good, but the Blue Moon is more realistic. The lighting on the oasis trees just looks out of place on the other version and makes one feel there is a light source behind the viewer.

  8. Rich Armstrong

    As striking as this is, I must say that I prefer the warmer version. But there’s no accounting for taste. 🙂

  9. Hans Larsson

    Really nice. Clean, moody, mysterious. So understated that it stands out.

  10. Dennis Robbins

  11. Scott Stewart

  12. Leah Hurst

  13. Vivian Mosley

    ~~ Love this version of Oasis, but then I love the color of Blue!~~

  14. Cathy Warren

    So beautiful!!! My favorite of the three you’ve made.

  15. Joe Demmer

    all time favorite render! thank you for the blue version!!

  16. Meathead

    Love them both but I’m a sucker for blue (better at night on my screens). I think you should leave both in the gallery.

  17. Jennifer Jonsson

    Oh, this render is awesome. It is going straight to my desktop! Thanks!

  18. Ben Booth

  19. Richard Birnage

    IMHO, this is the better of the moonlit oases

  20. Trista Coates

    I really enjoy this render. The simplicity of the silhouette foreground keeps the focus on the beautiful moon and clouds in the background. My pick is this one.

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