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6 reviews for Neuron

  1. Grant Hammond

    Absolutely loved this one for ages. Not overly bright, but warm. A hint of life in the depths of darkness.
    Came looking for a 3840×2160 version this time round.

  2. Waterscope [lifer]

    … 3440 * 1440 🙂

  3. somedude

    It possible to get this in 16:9 ratio. This is one your best ones.

  4. Chris B

    This is one of my absolute favorite images. I got it off of the free gallery while I was in PT school. When I got frustrated with Neurology at least I had an image to make it seem not quite so bad.

  5. Justin B.

    One of your best abstracts. Great choice of colors, and great execution in morphing from one color to the next. I’m a sucker for the neon-glow abstracts.

  6. Lunevar

    This is my absolute, to this day, favorite image that you have ever produced. I would love to see more of your “organic” ideas (such like Tendrils, Neuronet, Inner Workings, etc…)arise, if you ever get in the mood again!

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