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Apologies to all the trypophobes out there. I created this one in Blender while exploring the same techniques I used to create “Fabrica“. If it looks sort of familiar that’s because I used some of the minimal surface geometry I created for “Acumen” as the framework.

Regarding the title: I wracked my brain for a decent one for a good 24 hours. It’s always the last step before I post a render. I showed it to Jessie and she had it figured out in about a minute :-D. Teamwork!!

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3 reviews for Metallurgy

  1. BobC [lifer]

    I always enjoy these “realistic” abstracts which contain no information regarding scale, function, or even whether this is some mysterious object, and the viewer is free to project all this stuff into the image and play with it.

  2. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Love everything about this one, the focal point, the lighting, and the detail is bloody awesome. Great render Ryan, one of my fav’s.

  3. Dirk Lankens [plusmember]

    I’m a fan of the dark abstracts and this one is perfect. I’ve installed the dual-screen version as my background and it looks wonderful. Secondary monitor is rather dark, but I like it that way, primary has the highlights, but that is no problem. Burn-in still exists (although not so soon, but I have had it happen).

    Great work

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