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18 reviews for Last Gold

  1. smitmaul [nonmonthly]

    Autumn is such a poignant time of year; the golden light, the earthy colors. I love your nature scenes, Ryan – and the autumn ones are always high on my list of favorites.

  2. Gene [lifer]

    I too have always liked this one — at least since I first found the site 2002-ish. It has been my background several times over the years during the fall, and it is again right now.

    Yesterday, I had a new thought about it: if it is ever “updated,” perhaps the level of the sun in the sky might be “lowered.” While it might well be an effect of my settings, it seems to me that the overall ambient light level does not seem to match how high the sun is in the sky. In other words, the overall light level and color suggest a later time of day than the sun position does.

    That said, if I were re-rating it today, I’d still consider it a 9.5, ’cause I still just love it. Thanks again, Ryan, well done and keep up the good work.

  3. Kelton [nonmonthly]

    I absolutely love this image. Would love some updated resolutions and new renderings. as long as it keeps the “art” feel. great work.

  4. Trevor

    Ryan, this is my all-time favorite of all of your pieces. I commented a few years back how great it would be to do a whole updated series of this one work – like you did for Canopy Creek a few years ago (winter, spring, summer, autumn). What do you think?

  5. Gregor

    I have this one on my main screen right now (it changes every 30 minutes, though), and I remember using it when it was in the free gallery… the reflections on the water are simply amazing! So is the overall light and mood this picture creates, even though it makes me some kind of depressed… looks like a chilly afternoon after a sunny day, and with the thin layer of clouds you can almost feel the breeze… and weather like that always makes me melancholic, because it feels as if time is slipping away too fast. Well, as for the 9 out of 10: almost everything is perfect, but I’d love to see an abandoned bathing jetty to make it even more sad… 😉 Thank you once more, Ryan, for these great images!

  6. Kelton

    I can only relate it in relation to the other things I see on the site. I also stated that I would love to see it re-rendered. Now to add to that, heck could I do any of this? heck no. So it is certainly not his talent that I have any critique at all for.

  7. Jared

    In my opinion, it still compares quite well with the newer material, even with its age. Honestly, like a great painting, it doesn’t need to be compared, just admired for its beauty.

  8. Ryan

    It has been my understanding, as long as I have had my ratings system in place, that images are rated in relation to each other. Someone seeing this piece back when it was made may have given it a high rating because it compared favorably with the rest of my collection. As my techniques have improved the older images can appear crude by comparison.

  9. Matt

    Why would you rate a image from 11yrs ago badly because it doesn’t look the same as images now…

  10. Kelton

    This one could use a redo in your current rendering methods. Has a lot of potential…

  11. kellzilla

    Take the 1920×1200 version and crop it to your preferences.

  12. Sebastian

    I would really love to have the 1920×1080 version of this one!

  13. Coincident

    Every time I’ve shown this one to friends there’s always someone saying “It looks a bit artificial”.

    Even though it may not be the most realistic scene ever, it is still breathtakingly-beautiful.

    It’s like a rare romantic painting; it doesn’t need to be realistic.

  14. Michelle

    This one still takes my breath away. I think it’s as good as your current works, and I normally prefer your current works over your older ones, but this one is an exception.

  15. John

    One of my favorite things about your art, especially this one, is that I feel like I’ve been here before. I like to think that somewhere in the world there is a place like this.

  16. Trevor N.

    Ryan, I’ve enjoyed your work for years and have come to appreciate your Fall scenes the most. “Last Gold” is my favorite. Is there any chance you could re-do “Last Gold” this fall as you have done with some of your other images? I know it would be awesome! Thanks

  17. Trevor

    This is one of my favorites. It reminds me of one of those cold days of mid-November, with the hazy sun and the dark reddish-brown leaves. This is my desktop image for most of the fall. Great work!

  18. Jamie N.

    Beautiful picture. The realism is amazing and the colours are awesome.

    This would look great as a full-blown wall picture.

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