Inner Workings


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This is my first render using Lightwave 10. The image is 100%
Hypervoxels (no polygons).

I’ve always been fascinated by the processes that go on at the
very large/very small ends of the scale. It has been mentioned
that this scene strongly resembles histone proteins (see the
diagram on this page). What do you think?

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178 reviews for Inner Workings

  1. Xyverz [liferplus]

    I love this image, but the widescreen versions are … meh … and the 3440×1440 version is pretty awful since you don’t really get to see very much of the color that really makes this image awesome.

  2. Josh [basicmember]

    Very nice wallpaper. But I think something is wrong with the 3440×1440 desktop/laptop/tv rendering? It looks like it’s been cut off from the top.

  3. Chris S

    I think they’ve reworked the science blog that you refer to. Is the correct page?

  4. SundogVet

    Being a veterinarian, I like magic just fine, but nothing inspires like biology in action! I’m seeing histones, enzymes, and all kind of activity here. I like it! Definitely not an abstract. This is an active landscape!

  5. kody

    this would be an amazing live wallpaper for android especially if like the different particles moved and there was pulsing lights lighting up the middle like it was actually the inner workings of the android brain of the phone its on

  6. kody

    this would be an amazing live wallpaper for android especially if like the different particles moved and there was pulsing lights lighting up the middle like it was actually the inner workings of the android brain of the phone its on

  7. KathyTap

    I don’t see these as brain workings, but as bubbles in water. I love both the green version and the red/blue version, and I’d love to see, maybe, an orange/yellow version. Or a “girly” pink/violet/purplse version. Your other “brain workings” seem kinda creepy to me, but others’ MMV. This is, meanwhile, simply awesome!

  8. KathyTap

    I don’t see these as brain workings, but as bubbles in water. I love both the green version and the red/blue version, and I’d love to see, maybe, an orange/yellow version. Or a “girly” pink/violet/purplse version. Your other “brain workings” seem kinda creepy to me, but others’ MMV. This is, meanwhile, simply awesome!

  9. clayton006

    Thanks for uploading the 7680×1600 one! Really appreciate it!

  10. clayton006

    Thanks for uploading the 7680×1600 one! Really appreciate it!

  11. Chris

    Something about the depth of field used in this image always makes me do a double take. Sometimes it looks like its actually moving. Love it!

  12. evilkosh99

    The single screen image is simply stunning. I’m a bit confused as the multi-screen angles are so different – I feel like they dont’ show the most incredible part of the image, the central structure.

  13. David

    Inner Workings and Axonal have been two of your coolest wallpapers yet. PLEASE keep more like these coming!

  14. Chris V

    Definately a new favorite! I love the one with an organic feel to them.

  15. Xyverz

    I like this version far better than the original (green) picklejar version I first saw. Good work sir!

  16. Ian Skye

    I love these biology based images (being a scientist), they awe me and make my mind wander in thought all at once! Thanks.

  17. Max_Power

    Inner Workings (2011) This image continues to amaze me. I donҀ™t think I will ever grow tired of looking at it. Ryan this is one of my favorites like radiance. Well done. Hope all are well in the DB household.

  18. Max_Power

    Inner Workings (2011) This image continues to amaze me. I donҀ™t think I will ever grow tired of looking at it. Ryan this is one of my favorites like radiance. Well done. Hope all are well in the DB household.

  19. celmendo

    I think you evolved this just right and it’s now my second favorite of your current work after the Highland series.

  20. Ben

    I really like this image Ryan, especially the way the color blends. You never fail to impress!

    Also, thanks for the link to the Messiah offer. I’ve never really dabbled in this kind of thing but for ten bucks I figure it can’t hurt to check it out!

  21. Ben

    I really like this image Ryan, especially the way the color blends. You never fail to impress!

    Also, thanks for the link to the Messiah offer. I’ve never really dabbled in this kind of thing but for ten bucks I figure it can’t hurt to check it out!

  22. Danett

    This one rocks! Hope its ok, going to put this on our lab computer our PCR machine is hooked up to. My labmates will get a kick out of it! Very appropiate!

  23. Craig


    I rarely comment on your stuff. Just wanted to say I come here often and really appreciate what you do! Thanks for all of the hard work.

    BTW, I like the dual/triple of this image. Nicely done.



  24. Peter


    Also fix the link for the 5120×1600. Now it points to 5120x1440pix image not the correct one.


  25. matt

    Looks great :S

    Btw everyone just click on that link so i can get my software already πŸ™

  26. Ryan

    Curse my rural DSL! Looks like the 7680 x 1600 didn’t upload successfully the first time. I’ve re-posted it this morning (a 9 MB JPG) and the link should be working now.

  27. Clayton

    Are you going to make a 7680×1600 of this one? Would like to use it as my desktop wallpaper.

  28. Andy

    Another incredible wallpaper Ryan! Hope there is a planetscape in the pipeline! πŸ™‚

  29. Dan

    Another gem, thanks for the link to that incredible offer also, share people, not far to go now!

  30. Jenanne

    I love the colors in the new version! Not that I didn’t like the green, but this is even better. Thanks, Ryan!

  31. 0beron

    Beautiful image, glad to see new abstracts.

  32. Dave

    I’m guessing it’s a planetscape!

  33. Henry V.

    I feel this newest version provides a better microscopic appearance than your previous one. Excellent revision!

  34. Will

    Looks great as an alpha build. Can I suggest access to pickle jar mobile images. It’s always a bit fiddly changing the addresses or downloading the zips. This comments field needs a scroll bar for longer comments. And the preview opens in the standard site. πŸ™‚

  35. Tracy

    Could we get the original dual-screen render in the Pickle Jar? I didn’t grab it when I had the chance πŸ™‚

  36. Tracy

    Could we get the original dual-screen render in the Pickle Jar? I didn’t grab it when I had the chance πŸ™‚

  37. Eric

    Although I love almost everything you post, this one has moved straight to my fav 5 list. Amazing work the overall lighting is absolutely stunning. The rising DNA strands are not overbearing and do not demand focus. Kudos RYAN, the long render time was worth it!

  38. Ryan

    Even Jessie likes this one, and she usually hates my abstracts.

  39. Mike

    Jeff is right. The prismatic addition makes this simply unbelievable.

  40. BenC

    I wasn’t a big fan of the original green version, nor the multiscreen which i didnt think looked particularly good as the focal point spanned the borders my two screens.

    This new multiscreen however is much better. Zoomed in i think it looks a bit like bubbles from an underwater vent/volcano.

  41. Jeff

    … but this final version is why I pay to access this site. Adding the blue really brought out a brilliant piece of work.

  42. Tyler

    When you say you “haven’t done a project like this for a long time” it gets me thinking. You also mentioned “magic” which if discernment serves me will result in something dare I say nostalgic. You got me excited dude!

  43. Tyler

    When you say you “haven’t done a project like this for a long time” it gets me thinking. You also mentioned “magic” which if discernment serves me will result in something dare I say nostalgic. You got me excited dude!

  44. kellzilla

    It’s in the bright blue blobby part near the middle, it does get kind of lost. (Unless he updated the image already.)

  45. Scott

    I definitely prefer the red/blue version as it is far less gross. Thanks for the notice of that special offer. I don’t really know anything about this stuff but I couldn’t pass up a $1200 program for $40. Pretty low risk even if I just fool around with it a bit.

  46. Ray

    FYI Ryan. I don’t see “” on the 5760 x 1200 render.

  47. Brian

    The multiscreens look amazing! Definitely worth the wait!

  48. Ryan

    For this one I’ve found it best to download a higher resolution image and then zoom in on a part of it for my iPhone background.

  49. Nicola

    Not my cup of tea for a desktop wallpaper (I love the wide open landscapes for that) but this looks really classy as a mobile wallpaper.

  50. Walo

    A protein was my first guess as well. As soon as I zoomed the image and watched the structure it was the first thing that came to my mind. I guess Biology class was useful after all lol.

  51. Ryan

    Thank you Wes. I’m actually quite proud of it (even though I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea).

  52. Wes

    I think this is my favorite wallpaper out of all the ones you’ve ever made-everytime I look at it, I see something different. Very nice work, thanks!!

  53. Ryan

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that Laura. A quick Google search turned up this article with a cool diagram.

  54. Laura Etal

    My student assistant looked at the “final version” of this and came up with a point blank statement.

    This is double stranded DNA wrapped around histone proteins. This is how DNA is packaged inside the cell nucleus when it is not being duplicated.

  55. Ryan

    The Droid size is available here.

  56. Ryan M

    Where’d the 960×854 wallpaper go? Not only is it for the Droid, but also the Droid 2 and Droid X.

  57. Chris B

    it’s a shame the multi screens you did aren’t in the pickle jar.

    They are all cool. I think I like the darker colors in the first one personally. also I like the green one, seems nice and alien.

  58. Ben

    Looks good, Can’t wait for the magic to start though πŸ™‚

  59. gummy

    I like them all – nice to have multiple versions, thank-you!

  60. Greg in CA

    Awesomer? Mega Awesomest?

  61. Brian

    I did not like the green and yellow. Honestly I thought it was a dud. The blue and red version is on my monitor right now. Love it.

  62. Walo

    I used the pickle jar version as wallpaper for the ipad. While playing around with it I noticed that there was a “bulge” on the screen. Upon closer inspection I noticed that the “bulge” wasn’t there and it was just a part of the image that seems to have some perceived depth. A weird but cool effect lol.

  63. Walo

    The pickle jar version looks more detailed and cooler +1 vote to get it to the gallery lol.

  64. Pete

    Didn’t think of this being the Pack colors, but now that I see it mentioned, cool! Putting this on the desktop now!

    Go Pack – Nothing like listening to Chicago sports talk radio after a Bears loss πŸ™‚

  65. Laura

    Me and my student assistants have worried over this for about a week now. Our guesses are a water diatom in suspension.

  66. Chris B

    It was funny, before I logged in there was an add for DB Decal Girl covers.

  67. Travis

    Looking at your reworked wire frame, I begin to wonder if you intended for this image to be protein conformation occurring. Perhaps even DNA/RNA replication at a macro level (considering there are no partial chains or leading/lagging sequences visible).

    Otherwise, it looks like a cell lysing…

  68. Jenanne

    Wow, what creative minds Ryan’s members have! I sign on every other day or so just to read the fascinating comments. Possible picklejar versions for this one, Boss? Perhaps other colors?

  69. Sam

    Reasons why:

    -Double helix structure

    -Blobs could represent atoms?

    -The glow could represent the forces that hold the atoms

    wild guess but the title: inner workings kind represents that what we see on the outside (the physical) of the human body has a deeper inner side of this hence our DNA and genes etc.

    I like it!

  70. Todd

    It appears to have a fluid dynamic, and so I am inclined to combine fire and water in my deduction. Therefore, I am going to run with – underwater welder. πŸ™‚

  71. Ian

    At first glimpse it seems to be something out of the Metroid world. Perhaps part of the Flood from the Halo series.

    Perhaps the unnatural colors and textures bring about my memories of videogames. So many of your scenes would be brilliant game settings for nearly all genres.

  72. Joel

    Cold Fusion? Also know as “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”(LENR)?

    In today’s energy “crisis”(more of a scramble to find another source in order to sate our environmental standards and inevitable decreasing oil supply )this would be a fitting theme…

  73. CPinTX

    also looks like something out of Spore… which goes a bit more with the title “Inner Workings”–ie, that it’s probably something microscopic… e. coli in the stomach? ;o)

  74. CPinTX

    Looks sort of like it could be DNA,like someone said, but also looks like it could be some sort of blob of magma in the ocean? Or mayb a (literal) fire lizard (see the closed eye in the yellow body towards the bottom of the pic?) swimming in water… the green/blue bubbles are the water boiling off its body…

  75. Mat

    Im going to say a strand of DNA

  76. Simon

    Don’t really know I think it looks like, can’t really define the scale. The green “pebbles” makes it look small, but the core more looks like a molten core from a planet or something, which makes it look way bigger…

    Ryan, this work is really, REALLY awesome! I love the colors and details. 10/10

    You should definetly do some more abstracts, Ryan! πŸ™‚

  77. Chris B

    The strong feelings this one brings out. Ranging from the most awesome one ever to hating the “puke-like” image lol

    Personally I love everything & this one is really different

  78. Dan

    I must say this is like no other wallpaper you’ve done! Very intriguing and makes you want to sit and study it. I think I need to let it sink in for a few days to really enjoy it but I like what I see!

  79. Duncan

    At first, I wasn’t sure about this one but after adding it to my desktop (and cell phone) for a couple of days, it tends to grow on you. I’d be interested to see if any “Pickle Jar” versions exist.

  80. Ryan

    Thanks! There are some that just need to be seen as I designed them. Too many images out there look great as a thumbnail but are disappointing when you look at the full version.

  81. Mjodvitnir

    At first glance I didn’t really like it, a little boring I thought, but when I threw it up on full screen (1920×1080) then I was blown away, this is awesome in color and detail.

    You did once again Ryan, I just love your work and my lifetime membership is worth every cent. :o)

  82. Jenanne

    that some members kept guessing what this was after Ryan told us what inspired him. But must say I loved Hemo’s and Tiffany’s comments. πŸ™‚

  83. Jenanne

    Thanks, Ryan, for telling us what inspired you. Hey! I was closer with my guess of a palm tree leaf cell than I thought. πŸ˜‰

    I loved Crichton’s ‘Eaters of the Dead,’ too.

  84. Jerri

    I usually prefer the landscapes, but this is very cool. Excellent job!

  85. Overdrive

    First DB-image ever i really hate. Ugly colours, don’t know what it is, maybe someone’s puke, a mix of brussels sprouts and slime or something. But ‘the exeption proves the rule’, so this must be the proverbial exeption to otherwise great and fantastic works of art (i’m not even putting this one in my DB-screensaver, don’t wanna look at it ever again).

    3* (for all the work you’ve put in it, but i really wanted to give a minus 1 or so.)

  86. GMaster7

    Love your abstracts, Ryan, and this one is awesome! Definitely weird and different, but I welcome any new abstracts from you. As others have said… it’s hypnotic!

  87. Ryan

    What sort of trouble are you having?

  88. T3chn0g33k

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this image?

  89. T3chn0g33k

    Is anyone else having trouble downloading this image?

  90. Cloke

    Not sure what to say about this one except that its frickin sick. I’m a big fan of all your works but I really like this one for some reason. The detail in it is ridiculous. This one is going on my desktop for sure for awhile. You da man Ryan!!

    Keep’em comin man

  91. nickaix

    I keep fancying that I see tiny wispy tentacles in these blobs (e.g., the one floating free and a little close to the camera just to the left of the main mass). Sinister…

  92. Hemo

    It’s another reason I’m glad I’m a lifetime member of DB. I might guess it’s a slime mold attacking a leftover rotini pasta (think Mac & Cheese)in the corner of someones kitchen somewhere.. but that’s would just be gross. πŸ˜‰

  93. Fumigator

    Each one of those little green globs is a human skull and we are looking at a vortex from HELL.

  94. Patrick

    Ryan, your prerogative as to whether you want to tell us your inspiration. Most of the time it is not an issue, but in an abstract like this one, you – as a viewer – have to wander what or where you – the artist – got your inspiration from, and so comments turn to that subject.

    One of the early comments suggested an anthropomorphic explanation, which the human brain seems to want to do in some situations (who’s seen ‘The Old Man of the Mountain’ in the White Mountains, NH?). I am a biologist, and I have been considering over the last few days what this image could be, and in the end I gave up. It’s wonderful and organic, and that was all I could come up with. How about your 2003 image ‘Conglomerator’ as a source of inspiration, with a similar colour scheme. How things have moved on in 8 years!

    As always, Ryan, nice work.

  95. Matt

    …but whoa…this one blows my mind a bit! The colors go together perfectly. The framing is so simple yet there’s detail and complexity in every cranny. The photographic bokeh looks awesome…I could go on…another beautiful departure from the “blue period” of last year (even though I loved most of those, too).

  96. Nelson

    And again an abstract which is worth looking at for a while! Sometimes it’s much better that you can’t recognize the “object” because imagination has to do the rest. This work is exactly that kind of image, and I like it.

  97. Ryan

    I am uploading the multiscreen renders right now. The thumbs show up automatically even though the rest of the files are not yet in place. Curse my slow upload speed!

  98. JK

    I see the thumbs for the dual and triscreens but no links. Is this simply bad timing on mypart or is noscript freaking out on me again?

    I can click the thumbs and it takes me to the respective DB pages but no “Inner Workings” yet.

  99. GeneralB

    Just interested in how long this took to render compared to a more polygonal scene (ie. trying to do the same type of scene using the tools you were using before Lightwave 10).

  100. Liam Wesco

    I am guessing it is a DNA molecule.

  101. Mike

    It is green and gold… GREEN BAY PACKER COLORS!

    Go Pack Go!

  102. JohnHodges

    Certainly looks like some biological sort of thing.. perhaps a colony of some bacteria. I’m afraid this one does not appeal to me. De Gustibus Non Disputandum….

  103. Aljo

    at first a thought it was DNA but maybe it could also be mitosis

  104. Mike

    I love this! Beautiful!

  105. docpixl

    Looks like gangrenous nerve cell during the first stages of infection. I like it. It looks like it could be so many other things. No, don’t tell us, at least not yet. Give it some time. People need to use their imaginations more.

  106. Justin

    Is it DNA?? What it kinda looks like is oil on a water surface…

    I like it – Currently my desktop wp!

  107. Ryan

    I was inspired to create something “cellular” after reading about mitosis and micro-organisms. It is a rather fanciful render though πŸ˜‰

  108. FlareHeart

    Sorry for the double post. Network hiccuped on me.

  109. FlareHeart

    I’m dying to know what the actual inspiration for this piece was. Please do tell!

  110. FlareHeart

    I’m dying to know what the actual inspiration for this piece was. Please do tell!

  111. Seth

    Abstracts all the way!

  112. Hank

    Mitochondria doin’ it’s thang!

  113. Tiffany

    Ryan, please tell us….

    Although… if you say something like “it’s a frying churro, duh guys.” I might be a little disappointed. πŸ˜‰

  114. Ryan

    I recall reading Timeline and enjoying it. If I was thinking of the Quantum Foam, however, it was only subconsciously. I’m a big Crichton fan (Eaters of the Dead is my favorite).Would you guys rather I divulge my inspiration or leave it up to your interpretation?

  115. Firestar

    Well, it looks like its glowing and fizzing. If you assume its in water, something that would fizz like that on contact would be potassium… But I dont know if it would glow that much, so to ‘boost’ the effect, I’d guess Caesium or Francium dropped in water.

  116. Jenanne

    A Vulcan blood clot? A palm tree leaf cell? πŸ˜‰ Really, I have no idea, but my first thought was RNA. Whatever it is, I love it! Thank you, Ryan, for your abstracts. They are often my favorites.

  117. Littlemom

    At first this made me think of an aireil view of a coral reef. Then when I got a closer look it made me think of scales on a reptile you would see in a syfy movie. But the more I have looked at it the more it has grown on me, I don’t usually care for abstracts, but this is a good one. Thanks Ryan.

  118. James

    I love this piece from you Ryan. I will keep this as my background for many weeks to come. Well done as usual.

  119. Terry

    I always open up your work at a much higher resolution than my monitor so I can enjoy the detail that you put into your work. I’m not a fan of abstract i’ll admit but you’re work always distracts me from work that I should be doing so you’re doing well πŸ™‚

  120. jbumgarner

    Michael Crighton – Timeline

  121. Walo

    That looks to me like a protein. Good image as always.

  122. Adam

    I like it, but I think it’s a little too dark

  123. alex

    hmm i like the idea of more abstracts, but this one really doesn’t do it for me

  124. Lawrence

    My vote is DNA. Nice work Ryan.

  125. Jenanne

    This is WAY off topic, my apologies, but I read the book; Michael Crichton is a great writer and I love SF, but as I recall I was disappointed with the book, and particularly with the ending. You just don’t get Black Death symptoms that quickly. Since he’s so good at researching the science in his fiction, I was surprised. Now back to your regularly scheduled comments on Ryan’s renders.

  126. dmackoy

    overall its a great abstract. I really enjoy the image being focused and the rest blurred in the background. Only thing is it could be a little more vibrant/exciting.

  127. Loremaster

    I think it looks rather like an artistic representation of coral, algae, or some other kind of small ocean life form.

    If you look closely the green ones look kind of like tiny sea snails, but it would be hard to explain the glowing stuff if you say that.

  128. Dave

    I know what it is. Anyone remember the Incredible Hulk ’70s TV show intro? Bruce Banner hurts himself changing a flat tire in the rain, and then they show that internal-organ-thing glow right before he turns into the hulk.

  129. banky

    is it accretion?

  130. betsey

    my first guess would be a reef/archipelago(sp?)–or lint!! Or mold!!! But it’s GORGEOUS!!!

  131. Pete

    I have no idea what it is, but it looks outstanding! My students will have a blast trying to put this one in their writing journals tomorrow. They love days when I put your new artwork up as the Smart board desktop picture and they do their daily journals describing it or writing stories from it. This should provide some very interesting reading!

  132. William

    I must say, your first two works of 2011 are real spectacles. I can only wonder what will be happening through the rest of the year. This strikes me as being a great composition, and I’m not even a special fan of abstracts. The image is relaxing to the eyes, and the layout “feels” just right!

  133. Lidia

    I just want to start by saying that I love it! So worth the wait. And I’m so happy that it’s green; there’s not that many green abstracts, and it’s my favorite color.

    Regarding guessing what it may be, I have no idea, though it certainly seems biological. Will you tell us after a while?

  134. Cody

    “Quantum foam, makes me roam…”

    (Kudos to those who know the quote/reference.)

    I may not have had this thought without reading the title and Ryan’s description.

    Ryan, if that’s not what you were going for, perhaps it’s an idea for another abstract?

  135. King

    I am quite a fan of your more abstract works (dispersion and cerulean are two of my overall favourites) and this one’s great. Only comment I could make would be perhaps a version with a more structured background, mimicking Neuronet, using the new focal object would be nice.

    It is also rather fitting for me that you’ve released this now as I have just finished Dead Space, whilst Dead Space 2 is released this week, something I am now looking forward to. It reminds me of the creatures and the organic alien modification that is prevalent throughout.

  136. Cyondios

    Looks like many cells in the process of mitosis

  137. Dan

    I have to agree that its too dark. I look at it and wipe my monitor thinking the side glows are finger smudges.

  138. Tim H

    I hate to say it but I really don’t like this one, sorry ryan. It looks like glowing diarrhea to me. I can appreciate what you were trying to do but it just didn’t come out right. I think the biggest problem is the color, I think a Blue version would look a lot better. Maybe even a little craft similar to the one in innerspace zipping by.

  139. Tiffany

    When I first saw this, I thought for sure it was a strand of DNA (because the render makes it look helical in shape), with *something* happening to it. But the more I look at it, the more I doubt my first impression. There are suggestions of deliberate movement on the part of the little spheres. Could it be Amino Acids all grouped together to start the formation of a protein?

  140. Chris B

    what MS or ALS might do to neurons. Looks like something high energy inside.

  141. Bonnie Mac


  142. Joel

    Perhaps, it is the raw energy being released from deep within mother earth. The energy that has somehow created and supported life as we know it, but we cannot fully understand…the life force of “our” planet that has created countless numbers of organisms and maybe even the human emotions, which of course sets us apart from all other life on earth, yet also sets us deeply apart from one another. But these emotions are still the only force that brings us love, the same love that mother earth has given to us so me may live truly and compassionately, even if its only one life at a time. All of us are her children, she is our DNA, hence we are a part of her in life and are one with her in death.

    John 14:27

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you asthe world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

  143. Jason L

    I love anything to show of my desktops and this will look great. Can’t wait for a dual screen shot of some of your more recent ones!

  144. John N.

    I know this will not suit some people’s taste, but I think the rendering itself is spectacular! I like that the foreground is detailed while the background is blurred. It’s a 10 in my book and my new desktop wallpaper!

  145. Jeff R.E.

    Did I say far out? Perhaps I should say ‘way in’. The detail is phenomenal. Ryan, you’ve done it again!

  146. Extstgleft

    It looks like a close up of something on a transparent surface. Reminds me of what one might find in a Star Trek scene or similar vid.

  147. Wazzy

    Looks like the crud growing on my dishes since the water main ruptured outside my house, so I have no water to do my dishes πŸ™

    Nonetheless, very wicked.

  148. Will

    its incredibly interesting and beautiful, and for that i give it high marks. but its just not attractive enough for me to put as my desktop – i guess the colors just dont snap me into focus.

    however, i do see great promise for this new hypervoxels in the creation of water based images. do i hear a tsunami coming?

  149. Lori

    I think it reminds me of the fizz in the glass when you pour a Coke.

  150. Tor

    Could it be a dissolving hair? Algae growing? An asteroid cluster? An exploding Xbox controller?

  151. Travis

    Although DNA sounds promising, to me it looks like a cell that has just lysed after viral replication. Looks like something has exploded.

  152. Dana


  153. Jonathan L

    This background is AWESOME. πŸ™‚

  154. Trifid

    I saw that right away as well and it made sense with the title inner workings.

    As for the inverted sprial, perhaps Ryan was suggesting Alien DNA?

  155. Mike

    I’d like to say though, that I think the abstract looks great, and I certainly wasn’t suggesting changing it, if it is DNA.

  156. Mike

    I’m getting my PhD in genetics, and I have to agree with Utoxin, that its DNA. Unfortunately, it is actually the wrong sprial. Not that it has to be scientifically accurate, but if it is DNA thats a left handed helix, and most DNA is a right handed helix, though there are exceptions, so maybe you were going for Z form DNA.

  157. Dustin

    I’m loving this one, Ryan! I can’t wait to see some variations on this in the Pickle Jar. And, to me, it looks like neurons within the brain. Anyone else see that?

  158. Brandi

    Makes me think of a virus or bacteria in the bloodstream being attacked by T cells. I like the coloring of this.

  159. FlareHeart

    It looks almost like a really abstract photo manipulation of a woman (possibly a belly dancer) with her arms crossed and her right hip stuck out sideways.

    That was the first thing that I saw anyway. This kind of thing is almost like an inkblot test in the “what do you see” aspect of things.

    ^_^ Either way, this one is really cool. Thanks!

  160. Ryan


  161. Greg in CA

    What? Too close to home? πŸ˜‰ (sorry!)

  162. Gregor

    to me it looks like some sort of lava which erupts into a liquid and cools down immediately.

  163. Utoxin

    Definitely reminds me of DNA.

  164. Patrick

    light. It is too dark for my taste. Looks good, but hard to see. Just my opinion.

  165. Gary


  166. Kody

    To me it looks like a complex group of dna stands to create a molecular structure of something living

  167. Andy

    10 Points to the first person to guess what it is? I haven’t the slightest clue :/

    A organism? Underwater volcanic vent?

  168. Mike

    i want to say a reproducing or under attack cell or micro-organism. the scale/angle is excellent (relative to the background, has a random orientation – floating kinda feel) and the colors on this one just rock!!

  169. McKab

    It looks like something the Star Ship Enterprise would meet out in deep space. It attacks the ship for some reason and the crew is running out time to save themselves and not kill the entity at the same time.

  170. Azz

    At first glance, I thought that it was some kind of Bacterium. Then as I looked closer, it looked as if it was Viral. As I kept staring at a larger version, I had an epiphany! It is an abstract artwork of the “Tranformation of Ariel” from the Little Mermaid! (I have little ones…see that movie at least once a week!)

  171. Tyler

    Don’t really care what it is; this is fine abstract work and I enjoy the colors most of all. Excellent work Mr. Bliss.

  172. mischa

    To me this wallpaper looks like a froth of green bubbles caught in a glass paperweight…. i really love it!

  173. Alberich

    In the new Pickle Jar version, gray strands of DNA can clearly be seen winding around the larger, more colorful central structure. Some have suggested protein synthesis, but DNA is not directly involved in that process; the RNA translation step happens first, with the protein built from the RNA code.

    DNA in the nucleus wraps tightly around proteins called histones in order to fit in the cell, taking up less volume than loose DNA would. The DNA-histone complex is called chromatin; I think that’s what we see here.

  174. kellzilla

    I love that people are still making guesses days after Ryan posted his inspiration. See, Ryan – your stuff defies explanation even after you’ve given one! πŸ˜€

  175. kellzilla

    The multi screens are still available. The file names for them are “innerworkings1XXXX” where XXXX is the file size. For instance, using The Fisherman for a source URL:

    turns into

  176. kellzilla

    The original multiscreens are still available. Replace the first “3” in the multiscreens above with a “1” and you’ve got ’em. For instance:

    Blue 2560×1024:

    Green 2560×1024:

  177. Peter

    Wrong link for 5120×1600…..:(

  178. Stan

    I have been enjoying your work quietly on the side for at least 2 years and hardly ever comment. But “Inner Workings 2011” raises the bar so high I had to come out of anonymity. Superb Work Ryan.

    Please keep churning out the great pieces

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