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I will admit that this one is framed specifically for my own particular vertical triple-screen setup. I hope it looks great on yours. This one took quite a long time to render on “Bucephalus” due to the volumetric fog. For that reason I don’t have a multiscreen ready right now.

Unfortunately when I saved this scene file Vue 2016 messed up a lot of the texture maps and it will be quite a chore to reset them all. I will do it someday though I promise!! Let me know what you think!!

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38 reviews for Hyperborea

  1. Jami [basicmember]

    This looks amazing! I truly hope you will come back to this and render dual screen resolutions, and possibly a night version. I love to set my screens up to shift between day and night versions of matching wallpaper scenes.

  2. Ryan

    They are from bioluminescent fruit in the trees.

  3. tecbuddy1 [plusmember]

    What are the lights from?

  4. tecbuddy1 [plusmember]

    What are the lights from?

  5. Holly [basicmember]

    amazing lighting and mood.

  6. Nate R. [basicmember]

    I love the mix of wildlife and the surreal it ushers me to a far away place that could exist in our Universe.

  7. Bill [basicmember]

    There is a softness to this that mimics reality quite accurately while remaining imaginative. This reminds me a favorite fishing spot of mine. The soft light and foggy, misty quality makes for a calming effect, typical of what you can see during early morning jaunts into nature.

  8. Susan [nonmonthly]

    I was surprised to find that I actually think that I see more detail in the small preview, then when I open it as a 1920/1080 version. It seems slightly clearer. I like it regardless of the size I view it at.

    The glowing lights set it off – it would be a bit wishy washy without them.

  9. DarthSync [liferplus]

    Your planetscapes are always a drawcard for me. This one is no different. Good stuff!

  10. Mario Carini [basicmember]

    Rather spooky and surreal. Looks like a village in the distance, hidden under a deep fog. Easy to miss the stork.

  11. Dr ZUL [liferplus]

    Ryan, this render is why i display your artwork and only your artwork on my work PC, my mobile phone, my tablet, my laptop, my XBox and my Gmail account. This one has absolutely blown me away. Your sci fi/planet renders are always my favourite and this one is simply epic. I love the look of the sun/star piercing through the fog, casting rays and reflecting off the water in the swampy foreground. The glowing orbs in the trees give it a Pandora from Avatar feel and the planet in the background is the cherry on the top. It’s amazing, simply amazing. Definitely a 10 out of 10. Great work buddy.

  12. Inquisidor [lifer]

    Outstanding sensation of scale, I love it. I wish you make a day version

  13. Mark B [lifer]

    I do love this one and hate to ask, but could we have a night version?

  14. Jonathan [plusmember]

    The… lanterns? Make it very interesting.

  15. BobC [lifer]

    I would like to echo the enthusiasm of the comments so far! For me, its the combination of the familiar and the alien, coupled with the dreamy atmospherics. The technique, too, is pretty darn impressive…

  16. Brndi U. [liferplus]

    Goodness, this one is gorgeous. I rarely give out a 10 rating, but this one deserves it!

  17. Rick M. [basicmember]

    Howdy _ umm! this work draws one’s eye to the temple/building on the summit and to the sky beyond _ a great walk through experience first thing at the start of my day Horseman LR

  18. Tyler [lifer]

    Honestly this one blew me away. As a composer I create a lot of crap that passes as decent. Every once in a while I stumble on greatness and I’m not even sure it’s my doing. You’ve collided with greatness here and not to say your other stuff is bad but seriously this is the type of piece that comes only once in a while. Absolutely stunning and a testament to your elite skills. I love it dude.

  19. macolva [liferplus]

    Right after I compliment the awesome streak of abstracts you create this fantastic work. I love how it first appears so realistic, then all the fantasy elements start showing themselves. What a great scene!

  20. Ramon R [lifer]

    This image tells a story… its a place that I wish I could be. The beauty is obvious and and I personally feel depth.

  21. Deanna [lifer]

    I don’t have the words for how much I love this one. Gave it an absolute 10 and it went up immediately. So beautiful!

  22. archangel [liferplus]

    I am usually more drawn to abstracts and space scenes than landscape type wallpapers, but this one is truly fantastic. It’s a 10 hands down.

  23. cmmnoble [nonmonthly]

    The level of detail on this one is amazing!

  24. Don [liferplus]

    Too cool the ambiance is truely magical!

  25. Drew [nonmonthly]

    This one is an All-timer. Thanks!

  26. Josh [basicmember]

    One of my favorite games, “Lost Planet,” had a lot of glowing vegetation. Great job! Thanks for your work.

  27. James C [nonmonthly]

    Marshland, magical trees, and a temple. Looks awesome! Great work!

  28. Italo [lifer]


  29. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    I really love your Off World renders, and this one is so peaceful and other worldly at the same time. AWESOME

  30. Anton [liferplus]

    Mobile definitely does not do this render justice. I will have to look this up on my computer later, because this belongs on a bigger scale and I love that 👍

  31. Wraith [lifer]

    This is going up right now. Wow.

  32. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Very peaceful and tranquil.

  33. Walt [liferplus]

    I know where I want my next vacation.

  34. Nicole [nonmonthly]

    This is incredible! You have no idea how much this image speaks to me! Thank you for your wonderful work!!!

  35. Zach [lifer]

    WOW, Ryan, I absolutely love your scenes like this one. I’m really disappointed to hear about the multis, but hope that you will get to it sometime soon. I would love to have this one as my background.

  36. Geoff [plusmemberlifer]

    Your work just keeps getting better! Year after year you amaze me, and this piece is a strong start to 2017!

  37. Todd [nonmonthly]

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  38. Timmo [plusmember]

    If it wasnt for the planet and the luminous fruit I’d swear it was real. Breathtaking

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