Hivemind (Nucleus)


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21 reviews for Hivemind (Nucleus)

  1. Peter

    I love this piece, but can you do a render for a twitter header. It would be absolutely perfect for one of my accounts.

  2. Wazalord

    Ryan, your art is so transcendent. Each abstract piece can have a different meaning to different people. So beautiful.

  3. Piotr

    this one is just awesome… 😉

  4. ED

    This is awesome the 2013 wallpapers are EPIC!!

    Have you thought of making a thunderstorm Render in your gallery?

  5. Anthony

    Love it, though the triple 5:4 seems to have a render issue. Large portions completely discolored.

  6. Alec

    Those light waves look amazing, any chance of this getting put up on DecalGirl soon? My “Grid” skin is getting a little worn out and its time for an upgrade.

  7. Scott

    Awesome image – doesn’t need the lightning in my opinion.. fwiw 🙂

    I noticed the 21:9 render looks like it got confused – chucks out of place.

  8. Littlemom

    Most excellent. Love the viewpoint great job

  9. Hoverwolf1

    Impressive. I like. Not normally a fan of the abstracts, however, this is really good. As has been mentioned, it seems reminiscent of Containment, which was one of the first wallpapers of yours I downloaded.

  10. Ryan

    I might try a version with a bit of DOF before I’m done.

  11. Laura

    I don’t normally like abstracts but this is just a spectacular view, especially when we’ve seen the “surface.” Yeah, it lacks a bit in DOF, but the light filtering makes up for it. 🙂

  12. PuPs

    of “Containment”, my favorite Wallpaper of yours. 🙂

  13. Nelson

    Prinzipally, I find the concept of this huge scale interesting. But this comes along with very small hexagons. They are so tiny that I often can’t see their structure and orientation. The upper right corner is nice, but most of the rest is only an undefinable pixel mass for me (FullHD).

  14. suz

    Hi Ryan, you seem to be missing the 1680 x 1050 for this image.

  15. Joe

    I normally only give out so many 10’s in a period of time, but, dang, man. This is stunning.

    Seriously awesome work. Meshes nicely with the old hivemind images.

    Would love a bit more clarity of the bottom L corner, but that’s just being picky.

    Could this be second of a suite of Hivemind-related images?… we can only hope.

  16. Tom

    Really amazing! This is probably one of my very favorites. It reminds me a lot of 2006’s Containment, which I also love. If you have any intentions of taking this even further, I would really be interested in seeing it done in the style of Containment, in fact, as a fully zoomed out view of the entire complex.

  17. Brian

    I loved the original “Hivemind” but this just takes things to a whole new level. Incredible!

  18. Slackweed

    Love it. Would prefer less light overall in the bright corner.

  19. Scott

    I like it a lot better than the original!

  20. Ninhalem

    My first reaction: “O.o Holy shit.”

  21. Alex H

    Lately it’s been nothing but awesome abstracts and epic revisions from you. Keep it up!!!!

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