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This was my first wallpaper created after the birth of my son Ian.

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11 reviews for Grotto

  1. DJ [basicmember]

    For a re-render at larger resolution(s) @-@

  2. Ray [basicmember]

    One of my all time favorites, i always go back to this one!

  3. DjDave [basicmember]

    Please, PLEASE make larger versions of this!! Need me some 5120×2880…

  4. mischa

    i love how there’s a sense of warmth to Grotto, like you could dive into the water and it’d have that mediteraean warmth?


  5. jcb ducati

    These pictures have gotten me through many boring days at work and many stressfull days in general. I really enjoy how you put a person in alot of the newer stuff. Almost like a “where’s waldo”. If you could do something with a motorcycle in it, that would be pretty cool. Thanks again for sharing your awsome work!!!

  6. Zach

    I love the angle, colors, everything. I second the widescreen request – or better yet, an update.

  7. Jules Kain

    Wow i love this one it looks so real

  8. Ali

    I’ve only just found this. It reminds me strongly of the Blue Grotto at Gozo near Malta. The water is a wonderful blue from the copper sulphate, and this image recreates the colour and clarity of the water realistically. Most excellent!

  9. Gail

    I just discovered this one – I love it! It’s such a wonderfully fluid one.

  10. John…

    I too love this image… It is one of my favorites. This led me to want it in widescreen… unless I overlooked it somewhere. If I did, someone please point it out for me… and if not, please make this one into a widescreen image…

  11. Eric

    This image has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I finally realized why. Though the image appears so simple, I see the complexities in the cavern wall and floor. This image reminds me of Cyan’s game Riven that I used to play with my dad. Thank you for creating such a touching masterpiece.

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