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10 reviews for The Grid

  1. Chris

    Ran into this today and thought maybe you might want to take a gander:

  2. Ryan

    The scores are almost always lower for “abstract” images. Can’t say exactly why though.

  3. ED

    This the top 5 of 2005 it beats all 2005 Wallpapers

  4. Alex H

    It’s worth 10, 100 times over

  5. NeiL

    Along with “Something Blue” , The Grid is among your best abstracts on the site.

    I would really love a Green rendition of this – reminiscent of The Borg from Star Trek !

    C’mon Ryan you’re a Sci-Fi lover so please do Green Pickle-Jar version of The Grid 🙂

    Thanks !!

  6. Alex H

    Everyone has their “This is the one that made me sign up” post. Well, here’s mine 😛

    I concur with ET and Aja, this would be great with updated triscreen resolution and some picklejar variations. A green “matrix” version comes to mind.

    Actually, what program was used to make this wallpaper? It looks more “Painted” than “Rendered”. But I can’t imagine anyone pulling off something like this using only photoshop type software. Maybe a combination of 3D modelling and 2D image editing.

  7. ET

    my favorite abstract.

    Please make a 5120×1600 or 7680×1600. Thanks!!

  8. Aja

    Whenever I have this one set as my wallpaper, it’s a guarantee somebody in my office will see it and go, “Wow!”. I’m kind of attached to it because it reminds of the Borg ships in Star Trek, or just something amazing-looking out of sci fi.

    I’d love to see it in black or gray with little red lights or highlights to get some more of that Borg ship feel going. 😉

  9. James

    This may be a simple looking design, but the detail and depth of it make this one of, if the my all-time favourite wallpaper. Absolute genius. Love the work.

  10. Douglas

    Being a sci-fi fan, this image really appeals to me. Something about the the endless nature of it pulls me in.

    It might me interesting to see it in green or red.

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