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When I started re-working some of older renders earlier this year Jessie put in a request that I do a brighter, happier version of “Gazebo” so here I’m trying to combine the best elements from the two best earlier attempts (’98 and ’03) and go from there. She actually gave me quite a bit of input on this one so it was almost a collaboration. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

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18 reviews for Gazebo

  1. Oscar Galvan
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Love, love, love this! I’ve wanted an update to Gazebo for years! Fantastic job!

  2. The Admin [basicmember]

    You Amaze me, to keep on creating every design different and better than the last one

  3. Rhubarb [basicmember]

    Gazebo was my first DB image; I used it on my blog a million years ago. I’ve always loved the sense of peace and calm it inspires, but with this update, a daytime version with bright sky and planets, it gives me a sense of energetic peace, like the calm of a beautiful afternoon with no demands on your time but no sleepy desire to nap, either. Well done every time!

  4. Eric [liferplus]

    Agreed w/ all that this is a best of series. Well Done!

    I really like the addition of the Cephalopoda! Has anyone really noticed it?

  5. Ozaawaagosh [plusmember]

    Really love this rework of Gazebo, it is Awesome, thanks again for such beautiful Render’s.

  6. Jonathan [plusmember]

    Keep listening to Jessie.

  7. Nixiyo (AKA Tricia) [liferplus]

    Oh, the memories! I had the ’98 and then the ’03 versions as my desktop for years and love the new day and night versions too. Really good.

  8. Zealot [lifer]

    I am hoping you will make a night version, too.

  9. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Love it! So happy you’re reworking some of your older renders. I’m really enjoying them. Any chance you’d re-render “H20 Weave” from your 1997 collection? It’s one of my all-time favorite abstracts.

  10. Eyal [lifer]

    why isn’t there a 5120×1440..?

  11. Travis [basicmember]

    I love this! You think you might also do a night version?

  12. Susan [basicmember]

    I thought the original version was nice, but after seeing this one I have changed my mind. I really love this version and I want to be there.

    Well done to Jessie for her request and input.

  13. Amanda [basicmember]

    Such beautiful colours, so restful and meditative. Thank you, Ryan.

  14. LanceX [basicmember]

    This one is bright, spacious and a detailed perspective without being too cluttered.I really like the female person sitting on the platform. It’s a welcome change to the usual robot or Roman citizen or Mr. Wizard you usually insert to inhabit some of your other images. Well done sir!

  15. Ed R. [lifer]

    Wow this is incredible! Looks like a world I want to be in right about now. It’s happy, cheerful, bright, and serene. Thanks for making this one Ryan!

  16. Susan [lifer]

    I am in love with this. It’s fantastic (as adjective of fantasy heh) and has some new shapes/subjects. Thanks!

  17. Richard H. [liferplus]

    @Ryan: Just noticed that unfortunately the dual-screen 5K render is missing. (Triple-screen is there…) Could you add it, please? Thanks.

  18. Richard H. [liferplus]

    Thanks for doing this new version, Ryan. I’ve always loved Gazebo (both versions), so it’s great to have an update. Very nice.

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