Foggy Christmas Eve


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Merry Christmas!!
I’ve never tried covering my trees in 3D snow before. Up until now I’ve always used 2D tricks to give the illusion of a thin coating of snow on my meshes.
Here I used The Plant Factory to create trees with real(ish) clumps of snow. Decorations were also created in Plant Factory.
Of course, the technique could certainly be improved and I will be working to do so. In the meantime be looking for a night version of this scene (and multiscreens) soon!

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36 reviews for Foggy Christmas Eve

  1. Stravonski [liferplus]

    I grew up in the mountains of Colorado, but work eventually took me to Phoenix, AZ where I live now. This image makes me so homesick for the snowy mountains that it makes my heart ache. I love to stare at this & remember those wonderful days. Thanks!

  2. Anna Mendoza [nonmonthly]

    I love this one so much! Found my new FB cover and desktop wallpaper!

  3. Doc [liferplus]

    I like this image and the night version. As others have mentioned there’s a kind of traditional Christmas card feel to it but with it’s own feel.

    I’ve always liked snowycreek and I’d love to see a version of this without the decorations and glow. I love the thickness of the snow on the trees and the enveloping blanketing whiteness of the falling snow.

  4. Maureen [nonmonthly]

    This looks like the more traditional Christmas cards that folks would send to my parents. If there weren’t so many red ornaments, you could almost think they’re cardinals. I love your winter/Christmas renders; they are one of the reasons I keep buying a membership. Thank you, Ryan.

  5. Maureen [nonmonthly]

    This looks like the more traditional Christmas cards that folks would send to my parents. If there weren’t so many red ornaments, you could almost think they’re cardinals. I love your winter/Christmas renders; they are one of the reasons I keep buying a membership. Thank you, Ryan.

  6. Noah [liferplus]

    Beautiful. Looking forward to the no lights version. 🙂

  7. LesterP [basicmember]

    Beautiful render. It took me back to the first time I saw November Snow. Your Christmas and night renders are why I joined DB.

  8. cmmnoble [nonmonthly]

    This is a gorgeous render. I love everything about it: the snow on the trees, the red ornaments, the golden lights, and the foggy atmosphere. Can’t wait to see the colors of green and gold and red brought out from the white by the night version. (Please keep the “warm” golden lights. Pretty please! 🙂

  9. CNC [lifer]

    Make me think of marshmallow creme.

  10. Rodewaryer [basicmember]

    This puts me right in an old memory, like I can feel it. Perfect Ryan.

  11. Michael [liferplus]

    As someone who spent a few years in South Dakota as a kid, but has been stuck in the southern Arizona desert for several decades, I love this render. It brings back memories!

    I also have to say there must be something different with the settings on my monitors because where others see “brown things” I can clearly tell that they are red. I can’t wait to see the night version to really make those lights on the trees pop more, as well.

    And I second the ask for other light colors… the warm white here looks nice, but would love to see a blue or blue/cool white combo as well as the “traditional” multicolor.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Chris [liferplus]

    As was said before – this is the scene when I look out my window. Mountains, snow on the pines. It’s these scenes, these moments, that show how beautiful Winter can be.

    I know it’s already in your mind – but a night render with colored lights on the trees, maybe a bright moon through foggy clouds highlighting the mountains in the background – shadowed by a thin trail of reindeer and a sleigh…

  13. Dave White [lifer]

    I love this wallpaper, it’s simple and serene. But it doesn’t say Christmas, just winter. When I first looked at this I found it hard to believe that I was looking at your yearly Christmas wallpaper. You did a fantastic job I’m just a little disappointed. As another “The “brown things,” I think are supposed to be Christmas ornaments.” If this wasn’t your Christmas render I’d be estatic.

  14. Eloise [lifer]

    I can just feel the deep dry cold and the enchanting silence of the scene! Took me a bit to realize that the brown spots were supposed to be ornaments rather than left over pine cones. It does not detract from the lovely feeling. And the quiet!!!

  15. Rick M. [basicmember]

    Howdy _ this rendering is like looking through our study/office window at the surrounding countryside, and snow blanketed spruce-pine trees and mountains _ another excellent piece to cherish Horseman LR

  16. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Wonderful, Ryan! I love your seasonal renders and this one is going into the rotation immediately. Thanks!

  17. srdefoe [lifer]


  18. sandinak [liferplus]

    You always make my screen a topic of conversation when scene by others! ( see what I did there… )

  19. CHSpera [donormemberlifer]

    The “brown things,” I think are supposed to be Christmas ornaments, but they don’t quite come off that way, due in part, I think to their color of red, but also because the scene is set in daylight. A nighttime scene would be better to show off the ornaments/ lights, especially if they were to shine through the snow on the trees.

  20. Matt [nonmonthly]

    I agree with you about blinding snow, but…it doesn’t make any less fatiguing to know that it’s accurate.

  21. JMK in CT [liferplus]

    Can we get a version without the brown things on the trees? I think they are supposed to be pine cones but wouldnt they also be covered in snow?

  22. Todd [nonmonthly]

    Do you live in a snowy area? Fresh snow is blinding it’s even worse when the sun is shining.

  23. Todd [nonmonthly]

    Absolutely beautiful! You caught my favorite time with snow the day after, when the snow lays perfectly on all of the branches before the wind starts blowing everything off. Thank You!!

    Can’t wait of the night version. If I can make a suggestion if it doesn’t take to long to render. Can we have different versions with different light colors, one with multi, one with blue, and white? Cause that is another favorite lights under snow covered trees, it just make the snow that much more radiant.

  24. Ryan

    Oh yes a night version is definitely in the works. If you look closely you will see the trees already have lights lit, but they sort of blend in with the brightness of the scene. I have a version with no lights that will be in the Pickle Jar shortly.

  25. Taint [liferplus]

    This looks amazing 🙂

    Are you planning on creating a night version with Christmas lights? That would be incredible 😀

  26. Matt [nonmonthly]

    I look forward to the Christmas themed wallpaper every year. But this one is just too bright. A darker pickle jar variation would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Telaria [nonmonthly]

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for another gorgeous winter/Christmas wallpaper. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ryan!!

  28. Ben [lifer]

    Holy Smokes!! On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this a 20!!! Love IT!!!

  29. Brian J. [liferplus]

    Ryan, I love the new picture! You’re right–the 3D snow appears much more realistic. Can’t wait for the multiscreens….and a lighted version or two! Keep up the good work!

  30. Craig [basicmember]

    Been waiting for the new Christmas wallpaper, and you did not disappoint. Looks awesome Ryan! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  31. Kelton [nonmonthly]

    another incredible image! thank you

  32. Momcat [basicmember]

    I loved it immediately and have already designed a Desktop Theme with appropriate dark red accents. I eagerly await a nighttime, lighted version. Thanks again, Ryan, for a splendid holiday cover!

  33. Littlemom [liferplus]

    This is absolutely perfect for the Holiday season!!!!

  34. Ken [plusmember]

    Your winter/Christmas scenes are some of my favorites, and Foggy Christmas Eve is fantastic! Can’t wait for a nighttime lighted version. Great job, Ryan!

  35. Pat [lifer]

    I love it Ryan! Thank you so much for a new holiday image!

  36. Angie [basicmember]

    This is lovely! It would be amazing to see a night version of this with some lights in the trees 🙂

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