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8 reviews for F=MA

  1. Xliff

    Just as dramatic. It’s not like I prefer one over the other, but the other one I found a few years ago (need to find it again — system crash and I lost the copy) that was oriented differently, and instead of a fire plume, it was more like a water and rock plume.

    Has anyone seen that image, or something similar? I could have sworn it was a DB image, but I’ve checked the entire gallery and can’t find it.

    – X

    PS – This and other images are the reason why I keep coming back here.

  2. May

    force = mass x acceleration.

    We learned that in physical science.

  3. joe

    whats F=MA?

  4. Alyssa

    That’s like the one that created the moon or something.

  5. Andrew

    Absolutely beautiful….. one of my favorites 9/10

  6. Dave

    I’m sorry, but I don’t like this one very much at all. Just to offer a difference of opinion…

  7. Rich

    Completely underappreciated. Was the explosion all just Hypervoxels?

    One of my absolute favorites, and kudos to the clever title.

  8. Jules Kain

    eh to end times for my blood but it still looks good

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