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9 reviews for Fireflies

  1. Angie [basicmember]

    This has been one of my faves for years! It would be so awesome to see a redo of this.

  2. Gene [lifer]

    … if you’ll entertain a redo of this concept. Close your eyes and imagine enjoying a cool quiet evening with your boys out there. That’s why this one is so appealing — and why the limitations of the ancient software are so regrettable.

  3. Rankin

    Despite the software limitations of the time, this is still a really nice concept, one which could use a good update. Seems like everyone here agrees to. This is why I love this site and your work, just when I think I’ve seen everything you have to offer, BAM! A blast from the past or a great new render.

  4. Alec

    The atmosphere this scene conveys is absolutely perfect. I would love to see a redo if you feel like it, you could really knock it out of the park with your current skills and software.

  5. kellzilla

    …and I came across this. This is awesome, and I agree with everyone before me – this would be a great update opportunity! I know there’s “Summerwood” with all the fireflies, but there’s a different ‘feeling’ between looking at fireflies off your back deck and being in the woods.

    Not entirely sure how I missed it before, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone over this whole damn website by now! LOL

  6. Kelton

    would love to see an updated version of this. has a great feel.

  7. Zyrieen

    I agree 🙂 The open studio with the fireflies and the trees has such an element of peace about it, but also lived in – like someone lives here, but has just stepped out for the moment. A sharing of someone’s private haven. Very intimate.

  8. Kyle

    This image is amazing. And it would be even more amazing with the new software. 🙂

  9. Laurie

    I love this one and would love to see a update with your new software. I live in the Sierra’s but grew up in Pennsylvania and I miss those summer evenings with the lightning bugs.

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