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I experimented heavily with “flame fractals” in the mid 2000s, using a program called “Apophysis” to create 2D images that were amazingly detailed and somewhat 3D like. This one is probably my favorite of this series that includes “Echoes”, “Sublimation”, “Genesis” and a few others. The last one I attempted was “String Theory” in 2011.

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21 reviews for Episteme

  1. dafaolta

    I like the idea of a different color scheme for this but the original is still the tops for me. I have it on my iPod Touch as the background for a really cool clock app and I’m going to be using it on my new MacBook Air that I’m modding up as a kind of Steampunk version. It’s one of my faves.

  2. Romarch

    A mandala; a rotifer; a biological dharma wheel… Me likes.

  3. Carol

    I love this design . . . going to try and duel screen it with tiles perhaps

  4. Lanka

    That’s just amazing. I know what my new wallpaper is.

    (At least until you create something even better than this one.)

  5. Dan

    This will always be my favorite.

  6. Rachael

    I have to second Ron’s request for a wide screen version. This is an amazing abstract and would love see it in a dual/wide screen format

  7. Tyler

    Dear Ryan,

    I remember when this first came out. There really is something divine about this piece. The gold tones create a majestic and heavenly theme. I’m still floored at how talented you are. To create abstract art at this level and still have room for planetscapes etc. is a true testament to your mastery.

  8. Darla

    This is still my all time favorite of yours Ryan. It is metaphysical, spiritual,ephemeral,and just plain beautiful.

  9. Ron Olsen

    This image really apeels to me as well. I would love to have it in a dual screen format.

  10. Michele W

    What is suitable for my phone wallpaper, & how do I apply it?

  11. Peter

    Always been one of my favorites, There always seems to be more to see and “find” in the picture.

  12. Viktor

    This is one of my all time favorites as well. The blues mixed into the overall brownish theme was a particularly nice touch.


  13. Scott

    I don’t think that jewel tones would work as well. The sort of rust/brown color I feel evokes the majority of the emotion in the piece. I do agree this particular piece is one of my all time favorites.


  14. Liz

    This is absolutely a stunner. If you are ever able to make this in jewel tones… like dark blue, purple, teal, dark green, etc… oh it would be awesome!

  15. Eric

    You should add your variations of this to the pickle jar. I love this as a desktop and would like to see your other versions.



  16. Noah

    This is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve had it for my laptop’s wallpaper for months. Not one I get tired of looking at.

  17. Billy

    I agree, this is one of my favourites as well.

  18. Darla

    Ryan, this is sooo metaphysical, almost alchemical. I love the feelings this brings out in me; feelings of innate power, of changes just beginning in the outer world. It really is a testament of our age.

  19. Nina

    In general, I really like your fractal renders, but the level of detail in this one blows me away…

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us.

  20. William

    this to me is the best abstract art piece that Ryan has done in my terms. Although i think it would also look super in other colors like blue,green or possibly purple. Keep up the wonderful work Ryan

  21. Chris Park

    Would be nice in blue too.

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