You’d Better Watch Out — Christmas 1998


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This is a Christmas version of “Don’t Look Into the Light“.

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9 reviews for You’d Better Watch Out — Christmas 1998

  1. Pembrajo [basicmember]

    I take X-rays for a living, have a fascination for all things skeletal and love this Christmas rendering!

    Thanks so much for giving me one more thing to smile about

  2. Ryan

    It is really tricky to go back and re-render my old Bryce files, and this is one of the oldest. You know you can really use any size image (as long as it is at least 850px wide) for your Timeline right? I know a lot of this one would be cropped but I guess it is better than nothing?

  3. pern5150

    Ryan, why can’t members get these images in Facebook Timeline size/format? These are too good to not share!

  4. Tristan

    Every December, I run around the lab putting this on all of the computers. So badass. I’d ask for a remake with maybe a Xmas tree in the background but the simplicity is a large part of it.

  5. Mike

    Hey, love your stuff but this is one of my favorites. I sure would like to see it in widescreen so I could use it on this computer.

  6. DB Fan

    I couldn’t believe my eyes..

  7. NautilusNT

    This is just plain freaky.

    Love Infinite…

  8. David

    I like this one,This guy must have ate some of those florescent mushrooms.

  9. Steve

    This one made me laugh when I saw it.. I can only imagine where the inspiration came from on this one 🙂

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