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15 reviews for Conjunction

  1. Susan Lindsey [basicmember]

    fan since 1999 and this is ALWAYS in my rotation – the colors, the subject – perfect. Any thoughts on updating?

  2. someone31988 [lifer]

    I agree with the others! A re-render of this at modern resolutions would be great! I wish I could use it on my 3440×1440 monitor.

  3. qmong [lifer]

    Sorry, made a mistake in my last post. I meant 2560 x 1440!

  4. qmong [lifer]

    This one’s been on my desktop for years. Gotta say, I just love the ancient, epic, cyberpunk feel of this. Love the atmosphere, always inspires me when I’m writing. Is it the far future, or an alternate past? Who knows? I’m kind of sad that my new monitor resolution is too large now. Any chance we could get this in 16:9?

  5. skiLtoR [lifer]

    Of all the images available on DB, this one stayed on my desktop for the longest. There is something about it that is just memorizing. I love the colors that you used. I hope that this work becomes an inspiration for a modern rework. I would love to see you revisit this work and create a modern masterpiece.

  6. vtowens

    I never really looked too closely at this one, as it was a little bit older when I joined up, but added it to my desktop three days ago, and it is really awesome! Thanks for the 1920×1200.

  7. RC Davison

    I just get lost in this image. Transported to a planet in some distant star system, feeling the heavy atmosphere pressing in from all sides, while listening to the water quietly rippling in the reflecting pools as the binary suns set for the night. The high priestess slowly walks down the promenade, deep in thought, contemplating the fate of her people as their red sun grows larger with each passing day…

    Amazing! I’d love to see an update rendition of this taking advantage of the latest software.

  8. David P.

    This is my all time favorite DB image!

  9. ET

    Please make a 5120×1600 or 7680×1600. Thanks!!

  10. Richard H.

    The earlier version of this picture has been a real favourite of mine for well over a decade, and I’ve had it as a backdrop on several computers. Now that I’ve just discovered this 2003 version (albeit long after it was created!), I like it very much indeed too.

    However, I have to say that I *also* like the ‘rejected’ pickle jar version, so I’m a bit disappointed that there aren’t more resolutions of that available. Any chance of a 1920×1200 version?

    I just love all three of these Conjunction pictures, I have to say. Very atmospheric indeed.

  11. Trevor

    With Conjunction being my favorite, there is something about the untold story that this world has. I would love to see other pictures of this world, perhaps how “they” live and play. A stadium would be an interesting idea. I wish I had the guts to do what you did, your success is inspirational.

  12. alli

    I like this scene. I would absolutely love to see it redone in more detail! It’s really nice!

  13. Alucard

    If I could live in any image you created, this would be it. It reminds of the movie StarGate, which I also love. That is the only request I have for you Ryan, create more works like this! Something with that futuristic egyptian theme. This wallpaper is my default about 60% of the time.

  14. Thompsbc

    This work shares the same presence of majesty and wonder that makes your artwork consistently excellent and occasionally amazing and awe inspiring. Consider doing more of this type in the future, I haven’t seen this kind of piece in a while.

  15. RCD

    One of your greatest pictures!! I find it very inspirational. It has such atmosphere, and mood. It almost begs one (well at least me) to imagine this world and what life must be like in a binary system. Ever thought about doing another scene, maybe from somewhere else on the planet?

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