Cobalt Daisy


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12 reviews for Cobalt Daisy

  1. Nova [nonmonthly]

    I know you call it a firedaisy (and I love that one) but it reminds me of a sunflower. Either way for me it’s a keeper.

  2. icequeenjaf [lifer]

    I have this on my phone and always get another copy when I get new hardware – be it a phone, pc or tablet. It is soothing and I love the variants.

  3. Joe

    It is possible for you to make 1440×900 pictures in the pickle jar? I enjoy a great deal of color and would love to have these wallpapers in that size. Also, enough mobile wallpaper to cover the iPhone 5. Thanks in advance,


  4. swack2235

    I love cobaly ant I love plantlife

  5. Philip

    I love this… you should re-make it! perhaps with dual-screen awesomeness…? 😉

  6. tim4i

    Ryan would you please make widescreen versions of the colour variants. 1920×1200 would be great.

    -thanks in advance.

  7. Ryan

    I made a few color variations back when I originally rendered this. They are in the Pickle Jar.

  8. Jessica

    To be honest, I love this image but me and the color cobalt just don’t mesh. I would adore to see color variants. Overall though this is still a beautiful image, cobalt or not…

  9. Chris B

    I use 1900×1080 and just crop the images. I use photoshop, but any program that can crop it to a specific size will work well.

    Though an update to the image would be pretty sweet 😉

  10. Unclegumby

    I agree with Richards request in making widescreen versions of the pickle jar colours… please ?

  11. Richard H.

    This is very nice, and I also like the ‘fire’ and ’emerald’ pickle jar variants. Is there any chance that you could make those other two versions available at other sizes, please? I’d particularly like 1920×1200 versions, personally. Thanks…

  12. marcus ada

    lol i remember being back in highschool, i did this myself a bunch of times, i took your flowers, turned them grey scale then modified them with adobe. you should take them and put them in some kind of case, or make a van ghou sunflower field, all different flowers

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