Cloudvale (Night)


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Here’s a different mood for “Cloudvale”. I chose not the move the clouds around because getting them set up for the first version was quite an involved process. The valley is still under there after all and I want it all hidden (naturally, rather than me hiding it from the renderer) for these renders.

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8 reviews for Cloudvale (Night)

  1. Cynctychik [basicmember]

    Just came back as a member, great works created since I’ve been gone, Ryan! I’ve always liked the nightscapes especially so I love Cloudvale, ominous looking clouds seen from a safe ledge. Keep them coming!

  2. Donna Keil [liferplus]

    I love Cloudvale; however, this one is soft and deep, and holds a mystery. I’d love to sit under one of the trees and watch what happens……

  3. Ebb [basicmember]

    Reminds me of the times as a child hunkering down before a storm. As traumatic as that was this piece brings a sense of calm for some reason.

  4. Matt [basicmember]

    Love it, could you maybe make one with a winter setting with snow? similar to Winter’s World Edge.

  5. Telaria [basicmember]

    While I love the clouds and darkness, my favorite of this ‘series’ is the original. Being able to look down into the valley and see (and imagine) the abundant life there is calming and uplifting.

  6. Jenanne [liferplus]

    The trees are a bit dark, but other than that it’s beautiful. I love the billowing clouds and the lighting. Your night versions are always my favorites. Thanks, Ryan, for your fabulous series!

  7. Dan M [basicmember]

    This is a big improvement! The night lighting and detail is excellent!

  8. Mark A. [liferplus]

    absolutely perfect

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