Cloud Terrace (Moonlight)

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Here’s the night version of my “Cloud Terrace” update.     The buildings on the hills are present in the day version but not very noticeable.     Their main purpose, of course, was to have their windows lit up for the night scene.   The cat is in her same spot but sleepy.

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6 reviews for Cloud Terrace (Moonlight)

  1. Michael Schmitt

    There’s something about the persepective in all 3 Cloud Terrace pictures… Until you said that the little lights are windows, I thought the pillars were much smaller. But if they’re that large, then for the ones in the distance to be around the same size as the ones in the foreground, wouldn’t the foreground pillars have to be a long ways away? But, the cloud geometry makes it look like they’re closer than that, at least to me.

  2. Jen Helgren
    [Lifetime Supporter, Lifetime]


  3. Cathy Warren
    [Lifetime Plus]

    Peaceful and serene.

  4. Eric Stell

    The lighting is just right. There’s clearly light coming from the terrace and moonlight in the sky. A perfect background for my workstation that is not too distracting. Thanks Ryan!

  5. Nathan Fazakerly

    Love this. There is a day version if you don’t like dark.

  6. Dennis Robbins

    Sorry, way too dark for my tastes…

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