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57 reviews for Chamelea

  1. Isaac [nonmonthly]

    I didn’t realize a CG image could be so polarizing (ok I did but I guess I didn’t expect it on this site). I know I’m over 10 years late to the party but just wanted to say I see this and the original as two different images and I like them both for different reasons. Glad to see the negative feedback hasn’t affected your work over the years, although I’m guessing most of the feedback has been mostly positive.

  2. muse.ings

    This reminds me of Tron, which I was never a big fan of. Something about the blue, maybe….

    It’s great to see alternatives. I find that this one just doesn’t have the ‘pop’ that black and white gave to the concept.

    Of course, as subject matter… She does disappear in this one, doesn’t she? And that’s the whole point.

  3. muse.ings

    This version gives a more sinister feel, as if she’s hiding in wait and up to no good, whereas the black/white gave a feeling of “Oh, look, I blend in.” I’m reminded of the scene in “Garden State,” where Andrew’s aunt-created shirt matches the wallpaper in the bathroom. I’m guessing it’s the blue…

  4. Aaron

    Your abstract images are always amazing, but this is truly one of the best.

  5. Beren

    I have the original Chamelea as a huge zazzle poster framed in my appartment — actually, Chamelea was the render that made me look at this page and eventually become a member. So I was thrilled to see the new version, however, I don’t like the eyes anymore. I like the new textures, but the eyes (including the obscuring hair), I don’t like. Sorry!

  6. Braid

    Had the original way way back as a desktop. Came back for a copy of it cause I misplaced it.

  7. Braid

    I thought those where the characters from old ascii based DOS games (0xB3 through 0xDA of the terminal font use window’s Character map). If so, its hard to imagine that they would not be parallel since that plane’s texture was likely generated automatically and not by hand.

  8. J.D.

    Just adding my 2cents…

    I like the original and love the reworked version. Thanks Ryan.

  9. Hazer

    I like it much more than the original. I read some comments mentioning that the model looks more “robotic” that the original, which I agree with, but I also think the entire image looks more futuristic or “digitized” (which I like). Overall I believe it is much better than the original.

  10. Claus

    Sorry, but I find the original version much better than this one. This remake was obsolete.

  11. John E

    This new version is fantastic – a definite improvement over the original, which was already a great design to begin with. Thanks!

  12. Dani

    Loved the orginial of this and I also love this one.

  13. Ryan

    Just to be clear: The shadow over her left eye is a lock of hair. Sorry it wasn’t obvious.

  14. cutterman

    Gorgeous image!

    The remarks about “work safe” are odd. I mean, it’s quite a long stretch to view this as erotic, let alone “rude”.

    For a nation so obsessed with sex, Americans seem to be extraordinarily prudish. All that silly fuss about Janet Jackson’s boob for instance.

    Anyway, as I said, a gorgeous image.

  15. Vivian

    I was looking at this closely and realised it reminded me of Tron. 😀 I like this version better than the last.

    I think everything pre-2000 can be done better. I was going through the old galleries like 1998 and saw that the edges for a lot of those images are not as smooth. They have a more jagged feel to them. The detail to those are also very limited. When you started creating foliage, is when things really started looking great. I must say that only in the recent two or three years have I really enjoyed the winter images. Before, it was just so general –a peak, some cotton clouds etc.

  16. chiops

    Glad to read that you are working on these, but it’s a pity you’re having difficulty with them. Can’t wait to see them when you get them sorted out, mate. Cheers.

  17. baldeagle

    I found that if I rotate the image 180 degrees, the moniter cuts off just above the end of her legs, and the floor as a ceiling effect is really neat. And as an added bonus, it is work safe- though perhaps a bit more suggestive.


    P.S. I can email you the edit I did of it, if you’re interested.

  18. Trogon

    After reading several comments about there being a “shadow” over one of her eyes, I decided to look a bit closer. I brought up the highest resolution image available and zoomed in a bit … lo and behold! I’m fairly certain that it was intentional … it’s a neat little addition Ryan! Leave it there! This has become one of my all-time favorites.

    At first I was a little disappointed in the seeming lack of detail in the face. But, I am liking it more as I look at the image more. It adds more to the mystery. As for the “robotic” look to her … hmm… well, perhaps. Still a great update.

    Also, all the discussion made me think of something else. Have you considered an update of my other favorite where your wife modeled for the image? “Huntress” has always been another of my favorites from your earlier works.

  19. John


    I like both variations of Chamelea on their own. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, which takes nothing away from either one.

    As for the nudity, I really have to stretch my imagination as to view either as nude. If anything, the first Chamelea would appear as nude when compared to the second Chamelea. Having been a nude model for three years, when I was younger, I believe I have a good grasp of what nude artwork looks like.

    Keep up the good work, Ryan.


  20. Macmage

    What a great wall paper, I love it. I have it up and home and work. I never like the original, it never did anything for me but this one is GREAT! Thanks for the update.

    I would love to see you go more “updates” to your older artwork, I think the tools and your skill have both changed over the years and the results would be fun and hopefully rewarding.

    Thanks for the great pictures.


  21. Ali aus Rheingau

    To be honest, I like the old one better. The figure in the new version is so transparent that the body blends into the background. And more facial features would be appreciated. The new face (if you can call it a face) looks like that of an android. Not to mention the long hands, wide hips and metal breasts that look as if they were welded to the torso. The new version may be more “high tech”, but the old version is more artistic.

  22. Jimbon

    I am a long time member and I remember the original of this image. It was a great piece of work, but this… This is Fantastic! She blends into the background so well. And the glass look to the wall and floor is incredible. Keep up the awesome work!

  23. Bert Harrell

    I love this version of Chamelea. There is a kind of spooky eroticism to it, but that may say more about me than it does about the image. As much as I liked the original, this one really is more impressive, and I hope you will provide a dual and triple monitor version.

    Would you consider also creating a dual and triple monitor version of the original?


  24. Tyler

    Did anyone else notice that there is a mirror image of the woman right behind her? Sort of the opposite of a reflection I guess. I’ve had this wallpaper on my screen for almost a week and I just now noticed this ~heheh~. Nice touch Ryan 😉

  25. Louise

    Although my real favorite images are always the seasonal scenery and holiday images, sometimes I’m in the mood for sci-fi and I find both versions of this very satisfying. As far as the “nudity”, Ryan’s naked lady images are always very tasteful, ART not porn. I don’t feel uncomfortable having these images up at work, or at home where my children can see them. I sure wouldn’t mind if my husband using these images.

    Ryan DOES put a note warning about any nudity for those who have very strict rules at work. Not every piece appeals to everyone (I love the Christmas images, but to folks who dno’t celebrate that holiday they are mot very interesting) but there’s such variety I think there’s enough to keep us all happy.

  26. Michelle

    I think it’s so much better than the original one. Much more polished and I love your choice of colors. However, someone pointed out that there seems to be a shadow or something over one of her eyes. Now that’s about all I can see when and look at it, and it is annoying. I’d love to see that touched up a little, but other than that, great job, Ryan! The nature scenes are very pretty usually, but I tend to get bored with them fairly quickly. Other than perhaps the planetscapes, the abstracts are the ones that really capture my imagination and tend to stay up longer.

  27. chiops

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion for whatever reason, but there’s NO reason for name-calling. Please take note of this the next time you choose to respond in DB Feedback Comments. Cheers.

  28. Illy

    Huh. I much preferred the original. The face, as mentioned by others, is a bit odd. I’ve had Chamelea (the original) as a poster in my cubicle at work for quite a while. I think I’ll reserve an opinion for now and see if this new one grows on me.

  29. Matthew

    I have always been a fan of the original Chamelea. I see the changes you have made and I really like the new version. Brilliant! Your work is very unique and I have always enjoyed it even from back in the 90’s. Great job!

  30. pomegranate

    I looked at this initially and thought, “Eh, I like the old one better.” Then I actually opened both of them on two side-by-side monitors, and I was wrong.

    This is one more polished, more “tech”, more everything. She looks so much more real and ephemeral at the same time.

    There is still something missing in the new one’s face compared to the old one. She has no expression here; her face is more abstract and less detailed. The old one has a hint of a smile; together with her outspread arms, it’s as though she’s saying, “Look at me!”, or “I did it!”.

    In essence, the effect is of a more robotic/artificial intelligence in the new one. Not necessarily bad, just a different approach. It depends on what you meant to convey. :^)

    I constantly change around my DB backgrounds at work, and someone always comments on how beautiful they are. Keep up the great work!

  31. Tyler

    She is much more defined, and yet also blends in with her surroundings much better in this piece. I think I’d enjoy some color variations for the Pickle Jar as well. You sure have come a long way Ryan 😉 I wish i had dual monitors so that I could put the two “Chamelea” pieces side by side.

  32. Esclow

    could have fooled me. just thought of skin tight spy wear.

    the face still bothers me a little. it looks like a shadow over her left eye. other than that it looks great.

  33. Mark

    Not your best, but nice ‘update’.

  34. Nicola

    I’ve always liked this one, but the original wouldn’t have looked very good on my wide screen. Thanks for the update 🙂

  35. Iain

    I’m glad this image was on the ‘Top’ list; I’d missed it before. A dual screen version is the only additional thing I’d like to see here. Awesome work!

  36. Terry

    As said before I’m not a great fan of abstract work but it is an improvement over the orginal I will say that. something doesn’t look quite right with the eyes though?

  37. Andy

    awesome, ryan, just awesome. i’m so glad you decided to revisit this classic masterpiece.

  38. Trogon

    I’m not as consistant at posting comments here as I’d like to be (too lazy), but definitely wanted to thank you for updating Chamelea! This has been one of my favorites since I discovered your site several years back. Now the 2007 version is a NEW favorite! I love the play of light on the figure … and the glowing eyes. It’s a beautiful image and I love having it on my desktop.

    If I recall, the model for this was your wife, yes? Do please let her know how much we appreciate the image.

  39. Linuxdaemon

    I was looking through the archives just last week when I rediscovered the classic “chamelea”. It had alwasy been one of my favorites of the earlier works. Thank you so much for giving it an update. It looks great.

  40. David

    not sure if it’s a feature you were going for, but the lines don’t run perfectly parallel.

    Especially noticable near the top left side.

    I would expect more constant perspective.

  41. Jason S.

    Uhm, you would be on the couch? OK, let me digest this …

    Your wife is retarded, & YOU are retarded for wanting anything to do w/ someone like that.

    PC “wallpaper”? Wallpapaer & she’d be mad. You ppl. in KC have nothing to do w/ your time but argue over wallpaper.

    What losers … I’m serious, dead serious …

  42. kain

    stick to the planetscapes and day and night scenes

    this is not my style

  43. Overdrive

    Nice update. I like the changed patterns of the lines and the blue glow. There’s definitely more depth now, kind of a ‘hypercube’ effect.

    The face in the original still looks better to me and the original linepattern emphasizes the female body in a more natural way. The new Chamelea looks more like a robot and not a human being (but maybe that wasn’t your intention in the first place).

    Although this picture intrigues me, I wouldn’t use it as wallpaper because it’s too vibrant for my eyes. I always prefer landscape- and planetscenes anyway.

    In my opinion the figure in Chamelea should be a real (naked) women, not as if she wears a black swimsuit or something. Then the scene would be even more interesting (with the different lines of light accentuating her naked body, could be very fascinating).


  44. Tyler

    Hey Ryan, it’s lookin pretty good compared to the original!

    Three significant things I feel should be changed:

    1. Some of the lines in the grid stray from perfectly paralell (especially in the upper left corner)…I noticed this after someone else mentioned it. I think they should be straightened.

    2. The face does not look right. It is too dark and too transparent that the red eyes look off and out of place. The body is okay, but the face needs some additional lighting or something to further eccentuate the contours. The face on the original one is more distinguished and looks better in my opinion.

    3. I like the idea someone had of providing a few color variations for the pickle jar. And heck, if possible, this would be an awesome image to have some basic Matrix-style animation…maybe lights traveling through the grid or something. But most importantly would be some cool color variations, maybe a red, green, and pure white?

    Overall though, I think this is a nice work. Good job, it makes a pleasant update (and available Hi-Res versions)!

  45. Randy

    The defined line under the left breast gives her the robot look.

    The glow in her eyes add to it.

    The lines going down her right hip stop on her legs giving the look of high top boots. Interesting how you see something that isn’t really there.

  46. Nunman62

    I just looked at the older version of this work and think the updated version is much better! The only thing that it might need is more detail to the face region, otherwise, it looks good! As far as anyone being offended….come on people! This is fairly tame! (and yes, I am married!) I don’t think my wife would even be able to spot out the figure much less know that it is a nude! Again….good work!

  47. Nunman62

    Oh…forgot to add…maybe you could add some “digital lines or digital strands?” to define the hair more on the model. Nothing shows off a woman’s beauty more than the hair. (especially long hair!) Just a thought!

  48. David

    The original was my favorite of all of your work (I had it plastered on ever computer in my college labs) and this a truly stunning update. Here’s hoping for a three screen version soon 🙂

  49. CK

    personally i dont care whether or not the woman in this is nude, Being an artistic creation it is how it is. Apart from that i reckon that the 2007 version is much better than the first!

  50. Greg in KC


    I like almost everything that you do, but this one, both the old version and the new one, is not something I can put up on my wallpaper with good conscience. I know it’s not explicitly nude, but if my wife saw that on my computer, I’d be sleeping on the couch.

    I’ll definitely keep supporting your work, because I think you’re a gifted artist, and I understand the need to do something different now and then, but I’m at least one person who doesn’t approve of this kind of art.

    Sorry to be the first one to comment and rain on the parade.

    Greg in KC

  51. D Desjardins

    When I compared this version with the older one, I like these colors better… But for whatever reason, the face seems a little odd… it’s hard to see the nose, probably because of the patern used (the other one was better, in my own opinion)

    Great work, as usual!

  52. Nick Johnson

    The original version of this is one of the images that originally attracted me to Digital Blasphemy. The contrast between the two shows just how far you (and the packages you use) have come since you originally created it. I like the new version, but I think the face definitely needs work – the original one was a lot clearer – and I think the eyes on the new one are too ‘glowy’.

    I’d also love to see a dual-screen version. 🙂

  53. Esclow

    When I first looked at it, I loved the blue color added and how the lines are not in a grid formation and run kinda random. But the face bothers me. It appears that the face kinda imploded or something. Would be great if the face was more pronounced.

  54. Bryce

    While I really didn’t like the original, I do like this one. This is something that I would definitely use. However, as most have said the face is imploded.

    Great work though, keep it up!

  55. Brent

    triple screen it!!!!! please please please!

  56. ChrisSpera

    Kinda got that whole TRON thing going on… female this time… interesting. Not sure yet, to be honest. its not bad; but trying to figure out if you should have left well enough alone…

  57. Ryan

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve adjusted the map on her face and it should be easier to make out the details now.

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