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91 reviews for Biodome

  1. Davin [nonmonthly]

    I hate futuristic scenes that have very little life to them. I love the idea of the biodome and this really captures the idea.

  2. Stargazer

    Being an admirer of your planetary pictures, THIS is one of my favorites. Biodome in ANY perspective is beautiful!

  3. Trav

    This, along with its evening counterpart, are easily the best wallpapers I’ve ever encountered on the internet.

  4. David

    I love love love this artwork, so creative, so beautiful. This particular picture is breath taking! The perspective (looking down) from the clouds makes me take a breath of fresh air~ The psychology of the picture is humans preserving life, creating oxygen, etc. I love this picture, it makes me feel happy 😀

    Thanks for all your hard work!


  5. Dave

    Your work always pulls me inside and makes me wish I could be there instead of real life…wouldn’t that be nice, a world only inside Digital Blasphemy. Anyway awesome job, and keep the amazing world you’ve created growing!

  6. doober

    Awwww Yea!!!

  7. Ivery

    OMG i absolutelylove this picture!!!!!

  8. Marvin S

    I can’t neglect to post a comment now, I find this one very special. I like the brightness, the “ambience” and the combination of the trees and the architecture. Really, a beautiful production. I feel like I’m stepping in “another world” looking at this background!

  9. Rick

    I renewed my subscription for this one!

  10. Eilonwy05

    Ryan, I must say… I usually don’t comment on your work. I silently admire your artistic genius and renew my membership every year, because it’s always been worth it… but you’ve really outdone yourself with this scene. I frequently drop by after checking the RSS feed to see if there’s anything new, and most of the time I love your work, sometimes set it as my wallpaper for a bit, and occasionally I’ll have one of those jaw-drop moments where I sit and stare at the marvelous work you’ve done.

    And just when I think you’ve made the best picture you possibly ever could, you come up with something like “Biodome” and blow me away yet again!

    I honestly can’t decide whether I like the Sunset version or this one more, but I’m leaning toward the daytime view as my favorite.

    By the way, your recent addition of the dual-widescreen format has been quite a boon. I have a large widescreen desktop monitor, and my laptop — the same resolution — is almost always on just to its right, so by chopping the 3840×1200 pictures in half, I can have the effect of the dual-widescreen papers across two computers.

    Once again, **Thank You** for sharing your talent with all of us — my computer wouldn’t be complete without a wallpaper from Digital Blasphemy!

  11. Poet

    Enough said.

  12. Cajmoh ( simon )

    Superb work! Gives a full impression of a peaceful life in the clouds. The clouds themselves look real. I also like the dome lattice window work. I am from Adelaide, in South Australia, and it reminds me of a giant rainforest conservatory that was built here about 15 years ago, in our parklands. Nowhere near as large, but the windows are the same. Artists impression of things to come ( that would be cool ).

  13. Lizi

    I think the brightness on this is beautiful – so cheerful! It makes me think we are truly above the clouds, and the only thing higher are some atmosphere wisps and the pure sunlight.

    Just beautiful!!!

  14. xmanbeyond

    will you be making it available for duel?

  15. Simon

    This is easily the best scene you’ve created so far, in my opinion. I don’t know why but I jsut really connect to it. (I thought of Myst/Riven as soon as I saw it, as someone said below).

    I would love to see quite a few different versions of this, other than just the day/night ones. As some people have said: cloudless, different trees, populated etc – would all be awesome.

    Great work, cheers.


  16. SlyVoltaire

    This picture is awesome. Not as good as the night scene in my opinion but still great.

  17. Deac0n

    Any chance of a dual screen version?

  18. Getwired

    I dunno what people are talking about re: the dome geometry. You could not have simply used thousands of perfect equilateral triangles – the 3D geometry simply would not have worked. The reason it looks “distored” is because the triangular tiles are not all the same.

    It looks like you may have started with a buckyball shape, and you can see in at least two spots where there are five-point vertices, not six as you might expect, just like a buckyball…

    Very well done, and easily one of my favorites!

  19. Jonathan F.

    I love it!

  20. Overdrive

    … with all the others: this one is a beautiful piece of artwork!

    After you started using the new version of Vue, clouds, sky and most vegetations look almost a 100% realistic. But the dome and structures are very convincing too.

    I like the ‘hard’ light, which is realistic as well at high altitude.

    After this one I saw the night version… even more WOW!


  21. aurelyn

    This is a superb bit of work – the clouds in particular are extremely well done, and add a great depth to the scene. The pattern looks a little skewed around the right side of the dome though? Definitely prefer the day-time version.

  22. MisGuided

    Awesome Job ! I’d say my Favorite to date keep up the great work !

  23. Anne

    This is beautiful! One of the most interesting compositions so far. It’s like a super-modern version of the Cloud City of Bespin in Star wars V.

    Ryan, have you ever seen the Esplanade theatres in Singapore?

    Type in ‘Esplanade Singapore’ into google images and you’ll see what I mean!

  24. Badbrainsg

    Wow!!! Where do I get a ticket?

  25. John A


  26. Mirage_X15

    I was at work when I first noticed this update. At first, when I looked at the 1280×1024 size, I agreed with those that mentioned something looking ‘off’ about the dome’s pattern.

    However, being at home and having the wide screen version up, I think that problem isn’t so much of one… it’s almost like an optical illusion (but not). All I know is that on the wide screen version, where you can see more of the dome itself, the oddness in the pattern doesn’t seem nearly as bad (at least not to me) as it does in the ‘regular screen’ size(s).

    I do agree about the duplicated trees in the third pod/level — against the clouds it is fairly noticeable that they’re duplicated.

    Other than that, I think it’s gorgeous, definately a place I’d love to visit.

    Can’t wait for a dual screen version as well as a night version (I think your night scenes are among my favorite).

    Great job, as always 🙂

  27. Sean W.

    I am usually a fan of the evening/sunset/night versions of your work; this is probably due to my being a night owl. However, this is the first piece I’ve seen where I prefer the daytime version over the nighttime version.

    I love the clarity and pristine, yet ethereal feel that the atmoshpere exudes. The dome seems to be placed there to protect a part of that, with the open-air tree pods acting as a buffer between the isolation of what is within the dome and the freedom of that which is outside of the dome.

    The “castle-in-the-sky” feeling also applies here, even after you’ve noticed that the dome is firmly set upon the ground amongst a forest. The towers in the background seem to also lend a sense that this is a real scene, built by a culture that has dedicated other structures to whatever purpose they serve in conjunction with the dome.

    Well done, Ryan!!!

  28. Doug

    Really looking forward to the double-wide version!

    (How many weeks of render time would that take?! 🙂 )

    I was playing with the new Google street-view thing just before I saw this; I found myself wanting to drive around here! It’s got a real city feeling that makes me want to just roam around

    In a night/sunset/dusk version, some lights coming from inside the dome would be cool; we could get a better look at what’s in there.

  29. Brent

    this piece is awesome… cant wait for the tri-screen! DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!

  30. Jeff

    I said “Oooh, that’s cool!” as soon as I saw this one. Reminds me a lot of a game I played a few years ago. Went right to my laptop’s background. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else there is in the triple screen.

    I’ll 32nd the sunset opinion.

    I noticed the patterns on the dome, but I rather like the fact it’s not geometrically perfect. Seems more organic and realistic that way.

    The pathways that go from the main dome, are those clear on the top? It looks like there’s a figure in the second one going clockwise. When I saw that, I thought it might be interesting to see lots of people. Would make it more alive I think, though honestly I’d want this place all to myself.

    The spires in the distance are a nice tease. I want to know what they are, but I like that they’re left to the imagination.

    Top notch work! Well worth the wait.

  31. DirT

    I second the opinion of others: looking forward to a night/twilight version and a dual screen.

    Big fan since 2000, keep up the good work bud 🙂

  32. Kain

    this is one of your best this year…. each better then the last..I would really love to see a sunset/twilight version of it, as 100 of others said before me

  33. Yeoman

    Outstanding image. Question: why is it that in these wallpaper screens the vegetation is all always the same? One type always dominates the image, no variety. Why? technical limitation??

  34. Matt

    Fantastic – original and breathtaking… my favourite for a long time

  35. Terry

    Just commenting on from what someone said about it looking like a game, it looks a little like the Myst games, especially Riven as that had weird domes in it.

  36. WACoddington

    Geodesic domes of this size are rarely geometrically perfect.

    Case in point the ball at Epcot Disney World.

    The same thing occurs there.

    You are constrained to a certain size verse size of ngon when constructing these things.

    Over all looks great. As usual.

    /sarcasm, silliness

    Why don’t you make a crappy image for once Ryan? I feel like a broken record!

    I would feel so much better if I could say “WOW THAT SUCKS!”

    Ok, maybe not. **grin**

    /end sarcasm, silliness

  37. Dan

    Definitely in my top 5. Everything’s awesome, but I was wondering, how about a flock of birds in one of the “pods”? Something so small and trivial, but might look good. I like the lighting and shading, except it looks a little intense on the side of the building (washed out?) Clouds are great and I like the cities in the background. One thing that no one else has said that I think would be super cool is a cloudless version; See what’s below the canopy, as it were… but, definitely awesome as is!

    Wow, for someone who really likes it, I sure have a lot to change! Keep on keeping on!

  38. Intruder Alert!

    I like this quite a bit, but did you consider making each pod a different biome? rainforest, deciduous, desert, tundra, etc. It would look pretty neat, almost like an airborne museum exhibit, but to contribute to realism you might have to enclose each pod with a glass dome….otherwise, how would the desert stay hot, or the tundra stay cold?

  39. Hawk

    Wow! I like it a lot. It’s my new wallpaper here at work.

    Only one humble request for this image: I’d like to see hints of other buildings (or other biodomes) in the clouds off in the distance, to give an idea of vastness of this city, or city of biodomes.

    The spires off in the distance are a good start to this idea. Is there a spire on top of the main dome?

    Keep up the good work!

  40. Lee Anderson

    I like this one a lot. Can’t wait for the dual widescreen version.

  41. Karen

    I simply love this one. You need to do more futuristic scenes, you’re very good at them.

  42. Liveconvoy

    Truly amazing piece. The fact that it looks like it could be an actual photograph just blows me away.

    Can’t wait for the tri-screen.

  43. Mike

    I really like this one a lot. Good contrasts, brightness and just instills that sense of wonder.

  44. SHv2

    Has a real science fiction look to it. Very awesome. By far one of my most favorite so far.

  45. JellyRoll

    This is probably one of your best structure pieces to date. Similar to the “Dome of the Blue Seeress”. The cloud effects in the distance look really good, but the wisps up close do look a tad immaterial. Perhaps that was the look you were going for?

  46. Danny

    Not sure if this is my all times favorite, but it is definitely my favorite out of all 2006-2007 so far.

    Looks like a real, functional scientific research lab.

    I really hope to see a dual/triple monitor version and perhaps even… a night version?

    Excellent work, 10/10

  47. Kingdeb8r

    I love the image! It is fantastic.

    BUT on the glass dome – some of the triangles are smaller and out of shape – pulling the others with it!

    Makes the dome look a little warped.

    Otherwise though – a fantastic image!

  48. Joss

    I love the texture of the trees, they look awesome.

    And the clouds look pretty good too, not sure if it’s just that my screen is not as good, but the close ones look just as good, if not better than the further away ones.

    And I especially like the reflections on the glass!

    Keep up the good work *Smiles*

  49. Eugenio Barreto

    that this is yet another great work of art.

    the dome does look a little off but only at second glance, guess its cause the dome is build up on a pentagon shape… maybe you put it that way? anyway, it doesnt bother me personally, adds a little touch thats personal from you.

    what does stop this piece from being a 10/10 for me is the trees. the reflection from the light on the upper trees look.. hard, thats the best word i can come up with. it doesnt look like a reflection, it looks like the leaves are super ridged, not like leaves.. maybe decrease that a tad bit?

    absolutely love the rest, its pretty tranquil up there, wish it was real so i could just sit there and relax on this place.

    9/10 for me ^_^ keep up the good work, you just earned yourself another year of my membership 🙂

  50. G

    This sort of futuristic science stuff is always cool, I love it!

    My only comment would be that the main building is reflecting the light quite a lot, losing detail on it and slightly stealing focus.

    But I think it’s a very involving structure; I’d love to see it from different angles, maybe down at tree level.

    And I too would like to see what a night version would look like 🙂


  51. Zealot

    A new outstanding picture from you, amazing. But as others wrote and for my opinion, too, the light is a little bit too glistening. But I think it is early in the morning and the sun shines with all power.

    A very nice and interesting future project for you could be a look inside out from the Biodome from a elevated point inside of the Biodome onto the smaller islands of green maybe another Biodome in the distance and the sunlit clouds. That would be a great Sequel.

  52. Weapon-X

    This image looks really good, Ryan you have great visions and i love it how you put your ideas in these magnificent 3D wallpapers Combining Nature whit the Future Prophecies of men..

  53. Terry

    Its weird that only last night me and some friends were chatting about the film of exactly the same name, unlike the film though this is quality.

    I agree with what the others have said in that this project can serve a few wallpapers by doing different perspectives. Two that I can think of would be looking up at the structure from ground level with a sunset refracting beams off that dome or possibly from within one of the walkways to give a sense of scale perhaps?

    I think the lower levels of the structure seem a little dark, its a compliment to how real your work looks but I would have imagined more light reaching the lower levels, could you do this by raising the sun perhaps.

    also a night verson of this would look amazing. On a technical note, it seems you have mastered atmospheres. So much for our Millennium Done, I’d have rather they built this!

    9/10 🙂

  54. Ryan

    Lovin it Ryan!

  55. Dany D

    Nice one! I like the clouds!

    I do agree with Terry that the ground level seems a little bit too dark… and is it just me, but there seems to be a discontinuity in the biosphere pattern? The whiter area looks like a bubble ready to burst… at least to me anyway…

    Keep up the good work!


  56. Mike

    Wow – this one is really unique!! The detail is amazing and so sharp that you’d almost think it was a photo 🙂

  57. Decerebrated

    This is incredible man, maybe your most realistic ever. Thanks for the new desktop!

  58. Eamonn

    In every sense of the word, awesome. Ryan, this is one of your very finest works.

    My only preference is for a little more vividness in the tree and sky colourings.

    Can’t wait to see the morning, twilight and night versions.

  59. Patrick

    Thanks for more classic digital blasphemy. This will be a long time favorite.

  60. WOAH.

    This is one of the best ones Ryan has done yet, if he keeps this up one day his pictures will be in a virtual picture museum for pics that look all too real!! Keep it up Ryan!

  61. Konstantin

    Ryan, I really appreciate your renderers!

    Of cource without such a talented painter as you are it is useless)

    I like an idea of image, of cource an image too, but there are some mistakes. Like the upper side(let’s call it upper cloudscape level) is not too realistic. Lower level is good. By the way why 3d cloudscapes in your newest images are grainy?

    Oh, forgot to mention: making 2d trees doent making picture more realistic, even if its an abstract)

    p.s. Like the image… energetic

  62. Paul

    This has to be the most beautiful artwork you’ve ever done (my opinion of course). The structure looks completely real. I am very impressed.

    Thank you very much.

  63. David R

    Overall it is an awesome background!

    The texture mapping on the top of the dome is funky. It would have been nice to have parrallel latitude rings… but it’s not the first thing you notice.

    Keep them coming!

  64. Geek

    This is a great render and definitely in my top 5, BUT I’d like to echo some of the previous comments about the dome. There’s something wrong with the triangles and they don’t form a “smooth” dome. There are some seams visible, or at least that’s how I interpret the discontinuity.

    As for the clouds and trees some others have mentioned, I think they’re fine.

    Great job Ryan, worth the wait.

  65. Joel

    I love this image Ryan, but once I saw this error, I can’t ignore it. On the third upper level pedestal from the viewer, there is a tree model that is duplicated. Since they are the same angle and backed by the clouds, they really stick out.

    Otherwise, this is a spectacular image. I love the semi-futuristic images you do. Keep it up!

  66. Steve

    I’ve never wanted to have sex with a wallpaper before, but this one I would.

  67. jester77

    Possible my favorite work so far! I would just like to chime in and say I would love to see morning/evening/night versions of this one.

    Thanks for the great desktop Ryan, keep ’em coming.

  68. Richard

    Awesome image, Ryan, I really love it. I think this is one of my favorites in a bunch of months. Great combination of fantasy and realism, which has always been the best part of “Digital Blasphemy” as a concept.

    I’m sure that a sunrise/sunset version would also be stunning!

  69. Konstantin

    Sorry, trees are not 2d)) i looked at the small version) trees are ok xcept for those two, Joel wrote about, i noticed that too.

    I like this image, of cource its my new desktop image)

    Set and night versions will be rather great) I think there must be an angle change for night version as i think. Maybe not, i can’t imagine how will it look like in night version) It is awesome… Takes me far away from my computer…

  70. Mike

    Ive been a member for about 3 years now and of course Ive liked most of your work, but this one was a real standout, even for you. I have a feeling I will have this on my desktop for quite a while to come. Simply Superb!

  71. Greg in KC


    I usually rotate your wallpapers on my desktop randomly, but this one was so good it deserves to stay around on my desktop for a while.

    Just absolutely gorgeous, and the colors and realism are wonderful!


    Greg in KC

  72. Bill in NV

    Ryan, this image is just perfect. I hope to be able to see a night version of it as well.

    I have been a member for years and will be for many years to come. I love your work. Keep it up.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  73. Devon Shaw

    Of course the dome looks off, people… it’s not a pyramid. Take a look at the Botanical Center in Des Moines, IA:

    As for the wallpaper, good stuff. I echo the sentiments for a night version… lighter art like this rarely stays on my desktop for long, it gets too hard to see the icons.

    Fantastic detail though. Whatever program you’ve been using since Planitia to render clouds is ridiculously effective. Keep up the good work, this is the best stretch of art I’ve seen since the Newborn-era stuff in 2002.

  74. Doug M.

    Wow, ABSOLUTELY worth the wait! Ryan, you are amazing…really!

  75. Melissa

    Well worth the wait Ryan! Excellent Job!!

    A twilight version would be very cool.

    Keep up the GREAT work!!


  76. JoeB

    I don’t know where you get ideas for stuff like this. Keep it up!

  77. Phillip Deck

    Great image..I think the lighting is a little too bright and clouds has too much contrast..but that is just my opinion only….You are a very talented digital artist….I do mainly landscapes in my art (with a dead end software, worldbuilder, lol)…but you can pretty much do anything in every area of art (abstract, landscape, space scenery, etc…) that is what keeps me coming to your site, lots of variety and I have a large screen….Keep up the good work 🙂 I really missed your worldbuilder images especially sunray ones…

  78. Josh_D

    you should do a night or dusk or something version, maybe with a little light coming from inside the dome.

  79. Mike R.

    This one struck me for its originality and mood the moment I set eyes on it. I definitely love the way it is, including the brightness of it all. I just ask that if you make changes, you keep this version I see now safe, perhaps in the picklejar if you like. Thanks for continuing to inspire; every picture is worth the wait, even the ones that are not exactly my favorite

  80. Cox

    Great render, I gave it a 9/10.

    As someone mentioned earlier, I did notice the repeating trees on the third ‘balcony’ on the upper story. Not too noticeable, if only they weren’t too close together.

    I would love to see a twilight version of this, with perhaps the sun just off screen so you are barely not able to se it, and with some lights from within the biodome maybe. Keep up the great work!

  81. Ed Miller

    This looks like something straight out of Walt Disney’s play book. Awesome job Ryan.

  82. Russ

    Homerun…now show the biodome in lowlight or a night setting and possible a rainy/stormy setting and you will complete the cycle. Keep up the great work!

  83. Fvr

    Really nice idea, I like this science fiction landscape.

    However, I think that the light is a bit to hard on the dome. Indeed the side of the dome is very white and we can’t see details on the structure anymore.

    Last point, as others said, a night (or perhaps sunset) version should be very great.

  84. George

    Plainly awesome. I would really love to see a sunset/twilight version of it. I think it looks very realistic.

  85. elmo

    Very nice wallpaper. Night scenery would look even more amazing.

  86. Michelle P.

    This is a very lovely picture, but I think the darker ones do make better desktop wallpapers. I’d adore a night version of this.

  87. Clatybug

    I love the feeling that comes out from this picture. But The tree areas are a little too dark for me. In general, if there was a little more sky, and color it would be nicer.

  88. Philip

    sick nasty.

  89. Steve C

    Pauly Shore would be proud. 🙂

    Excellent work as always.

  90. iMark

    Pretty cool really. Well done!!!

  91. CK

    Brilliant work mate. looks awesome.

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