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8 reviews for Pyramid

  1. Omar Calderon [basicmember]

    for a 19 year old wallpaper its a beauty

  2. PuzzledGuru [nonmonthly]

    Elegant in its simplicity. Yet, profound in depth. Any observer can gather a unique perspective, intended or accidental.

  3. Alex H

    It’s aged nicely for a 1997 wallpaper, but it’s still got nothing on the 2000-11 pics. This one looks better as a thumbnail (A situation where low detail is appropriate)

  4. gregor

    i browsed the gallery, and when i saw that this image had four comments, i wanted to know what people had said about it. i very much agree with karl… pyramids are heavy on the symbolism (and otherwise as well ;)). with the colors, the water and the space view this reminds me of old trance music cd’s. i don’t really see a message, if one is to be carried by the picture, but i still like it for its old school charm.

    and to make a statement referring to the title of this comment: hugo’s comment is just hilarious. he has pretty much proven that he was thirteen by the time he posted this… funny, he was born when you made that picture 😀

  5. Karl

    I like this one a lot, it reminds me of the symbolism pyramids represent, such as the back of the dollar bill. Utilizing the same elements this could also be revised with amazing improvement.

  6. Lucid

    @Hugo – No one cares. Of course you can make it, this was from 1997.

  7. Hugo

    This is pretty bad. I can do this EXACT thing on the free Vue8 and I’m 13!

  8. Tyler

    The title says it all. This image is phenomenal. I would love to see a revised version with a transparent or translucent pyramid!

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