Court of the Azure Dragon


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5 reviews for Court of the Azure Dragon

  1. DTigerpaw

    This should be recreated with Project Shadowfax 🙂

  2. Gerald

    Ryan, this is one of my all time favorites! I’d love to see a new render in some of the higher resolutions or a remix!

  3. Nick

    I’m a big fan of dragons and it takes me forever to find images of dragons that are good enough to set as my background. I’ve definitely found one here. I love this piece, as well as all your landscape and planetscapes, and would love to see you re-visit some of your old dragon images and update them to look even better.

  4. Sly V.

    I love the texture of all the things in the picture. Far from your best but pretty well done. Your planetscapes are my favorite but I would love to see more graphics delving into the Fantasy Realm. Especially dragons 🙂

    To annie: small? really? I pictured the dragon being huge and the chamber being even larger to encompass the dragon. Imagine, walking into chambers far larger than any you have ever seen or even think possible. What a site it would be.

  5. annieyouok

    I think that there should be more like this one, I wonder, how big is that dragon? He looks as if he is pretty small, but can be large in reality, anyway, small things can be just as awesome as planets.

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