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I used some “maze generator” shareware to create a greyscape
heightmap which I then used to create a Vue landscape. Finally I
exported the landscape to Lightwave for this render.

Check out my updated 2014 version here!

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10 reviews for Amazed

  1. Gene [lifer]

    If you were to follow the maze in the direction the person is headed, it appears it will be a dead end. I’d suggest that you have no dead-ends to see for the person, to appear like it will be going on for a while. An added twist would be to have a surprise(s) at a dead-end(s) where it could be dangerous – like a tiger in waiting, or an evil dude awaiting, or on a positive side, a beautiful surprise like a fair lady, or awesome sword, etc.

  2. StK

    any chance to revisit this one, for an updated res? (2560×1660)

  3. Icebike

    Would love to see this in desert tan shades

  4. John

    Would really love to see this as a poster, this is one of my all time favorites!

  5. Greg

    Wow, that must have taken a really long time to render

  6. Jonathan

    This pic has to be one of my favorites. I think that if you could you should update this one and add some flare to it.

  7. Tim


    This is one of those that is just fun to study for periods of time. This and Gotham Garden are still my favorites.

  8. alex b

    sucks for that dood 😛

  9. Konstantin

    Funny image, i’m interested-how was that made?

    I think the rendering of it took more than 20 hours, too many objects such as wall corners.

  10. Justin B.

    Simple, yet of great detail. This probably has been used as my wallpaper more than any other. Quality stuff.

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