Autumn Cliffs


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Created using World Machine and Vue d’Esprit 2015 and rendered on Bucephalus. Check out the original “Autumn Cliffs” here.

This is one of two similarly themed Autumn wallpapers I am working on at the moment. . .

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42 reviews for Autumn Cliffs

  1. wildthotz [liferplus]

    Perhaps I’m too easy to impress, but I’m really pleased with both versions, and to have more autumn views. Very nice!!

  2. Richard H. [lifer]

    @Ryan: Thanks! Have you actually uploaded the files, though? Because I can’t seem to find new versions…

  3. Ryan

    Wow, you are indeed correct. Not sure what happened to the correct files but I am uploading them now.

  4. Richard H. [lifer]

    @Ryan: Given what you’ve just said, I’ve checked carefully. The two 5K versions really *ARE* the same, I’m promise you! Aside from having the exact same byte count (8,985,371), they’re completely indistinguishable, and I’ve used dedicated image comparison software (Kaleidoscope on the Mac) to confirm this. I’m 100% certain they’re the same. Maybe you uploaded the wrong file by accident?

    To be sure of what we’re talking about, the URLs of the two identical files are: and

  5. Ryan

    Similar but not identical. My camera is zoomed out a bit further in the Pickle Jar version.

  6. Richard H. [lifer]

    @Ryan: I’ve just discovered the new ‘pullback’ version (added since I last saw this page) and downloaded the 5K version… but it seems to be absolutely identical to the 5K version of the main (non-Pickle Jar) scene. Is that a mistake?

  7. Jenanne [lifer]

    I really love this and all your autumn offerings — I liked the original red trees but I must admit this does look better with more orange and yellow. I have your Halloween renders up at the moment, but on Nov. 1 your fall collection goes into rotation again. Splendid work, as always.

  8. Ginger [nonmonthly]

    Not into this or the last few that have come out. Clouds and trees look way off. I’m not a fan of this, nor of the last few that have come out.

  9. PentecostalGeek [nonmonthly]

    The pickle jar is a great image. However, I prefer this one. You get the entire range of Autumn colors in this one. I wouldn’t mind the bolder red colors if it had some of the yellow thrown in as well.

  10. Brett [nonmonthly]

    my new ipad background yay!

  11. Laura [lifer]

    Much more realistic looking, but I prefer the pickle jar version. Thanks for always leaving pickle jar too!

  12. Paul [nonmonthly]

    It looks so much better without all the excess red.

  13. Steve [lifer]

    I would suggest also that the yellow trees seem a little too randomly distributed. I would expect in real life to see clusters of yellow… Their tonal contrast makes them stand out a bit. Otherwise, I like the toned-down red.

  14. Zach [lifer]

    Wow, thanks for the explanation; that completely makes sense! Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. I have been staring at the remarkable Shades of Autumn for days now. Definitely my favourite of the year so far!

  15. Ryan

    Unfortunately the camera in Vue d’Esprit doesn’t allow me to frame the multiscreen images with as much top/bottom space as the single-screen images. I create the multiscreen images first with the camera pulled way back, and then zoomed in to minimize the barrel distortion(where everything on the sides is slanted in extremely wide-frame images).When I reset the aspect-ratio for the single-screen image then, the top and bottom of the frame get extra space and the width stays the same. If I used to create my multi-screens after the single-screen framing and everyone complained that the sides were distorted. Unfortunately it’s a give-take situation 🙁

  16. Zach [lifer]

    With the newer version, I also wish that the camera was back farther so that the blues of the sky and water could be more readily seen. The only other note that I have is that this newer version seems quite grainy.

  17. Husker4Life! [basicmember]

    Much better with the red toned down. I love Fall!

  18. jmk in CT [liferplus]

    I really prefer the pickle jar version. Love the reds and having the mountain closer.

  19. Italo [lifer]

    I like to show more sky and water, but I prefer more red among the trees

  20. Kyle [lifer]

    I love the contrast of the blue on the new single-screen… wish the dual had more of it.

  21. Karolyn [lifer]

    I love this one! So many of your renders have dark tones that make it hard for me to see my desktop icons clearly, but this one is lovely! Downloaded today.

  22. Lynn [nonmonthly]

    Ryan, you are a genius! As unworthy as I am to criticize, I have to tell you that in the mountains, there are a lot of pine trees that stay green – as you know. Also, the trees at the highest altitudes (furthest up the mountain) are always pines and become very sparse as the altitude grows. I see that many people have discussed this issue, and this is the situation to which they are referring. I do love all of your work, and this is quite spectacular in its own right.

  23. Ryan

    I will keep supporting it. My system needs to change though. I upload over 70 different files each to their own directories now and sometimes a few go missing.

  24. Zealot [lifer]

    A great work als always Ryan. But not at 1680×1050… will you not support that reolution in future, or did you just forgot that?

  25. Paul [nonmonthly]

    The colors, clouds, and the cliff itself look great. It took me a bit to figure out what it was, but the trees on the front slope of the cliff just look off to me

  26. Vivian [lifer]

    ~~ Beautiful Colors! ~~

  27. mabrown [lifer]

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  28. weathertop [lifer]

    as others have said, much magenta as you head up the cliffs.

    Only slightly off-putting that the pine shaped trees are colored similar to deciduous trees (not green). I would be curious in a pickle jar version (read: not too much effort) to test the theory of more evergreens spaced throughout, even pockets of them.

  29. J Wilson [lifer]

    On the right side in the clouds is a face.

  30. Russ [nonmonthly]

    A beauty as always! Looking forward to the 1680×1050 so I can apply it to my background. Keep the hits rollin’!!

  31. cmmnoble [nonmonthly]

    I like how all the different colors balance throughout the scene. What a great addition to the DB Autumn collection.

  32. Mike_NJ [lifer]

    I love this for itself

    But I’ve also been watching some of Bob Ross’ old shows (they’re on Youtube now) and this is very reminiscent of some of his work. Super awesome!

  33. jmk in ct [liferplus]

    Love those mountains. Very realistic. Love the colors on the trees.

  34. Tom [basicmember]

    Terrific Autumn scene!

  35. Mike [lifer]

    I love the original, but this rises above all that. This technique you seem to be using now rises to the level of “digital painting.” Amazing work, man.

  36. Littlemom [lifer]

    This is so beautiful!!! Thanks for such a great render.

  37. Brandi U. [liferplus]

    I agree there is too much red and the image needs more orange/yellow. I’d also like to see something along the shoreline, some kind of plant – it seems too abrupt against the water. Love the mountain and clouds!

  38. Angelique [lifer]

    out of curiousity: when you make trees with the program that does that, do they let you make them with leaves of varying colors or do you have the make the entire foliage of each tree all the same color?

  39. Angelique [lifer]

    beautiful! it has a texture that makes it seem kind of like an oil painting. was that intentional?

  40. Zach [lifer]

    When I commented on the WIP version, I even said it reminded me of one of my favourites of yours (Autumn Cliffs), so I’m glad to see that it is indeed a new version of it. The colours seem a little bit unnatural to me (very shifted to the magenta side of the tint scale), and it lacks a little bit of that warm glow of the original (which I’m really hoping will make its way into this version), but overall, quite nice! Thanks for your great work, Ryan, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final version. 🙂

  41. Oldrich [nonmonthly]

    Agree with Kana. Also I would the distant places are too sharp, don’t make the feeling it’s real, although it might not be the goal. I mean I would expect “depth of field” applied. But it’s gorgeous as usual 🙂

  42. Kana [lifer]

    Looking good so far. However, it’s waaaaaaay too red for my taste. Needs more oranges, yellows, & greens.


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