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9 reviews for Arboreal

  1. Valwit

    So, meanwhile the 3 screens on my desk have the summer version of Canopy Creek (with the calming green), streteched over all of them. But now I just added a small 1024×768 screen on the top, “hoovering” above my desk. And since I need to look up to it, it should have sky on it, right? So welcome back Arboreal. I missed you 🙂

    It feels like getting home, going to yout favourite window and see the all the loved view again.

    I like the newer version too, I already have a screen for that planned, but this one I simply love.

  2. Simon G

    After 5 years, this one is still my favorite of all your wallpaper.The only thing that could have been better, for me, are the front trees on the left. Otherwise, the stars, clouds, fog, planet, scenery and the choice of colors, make it feel exactly perfect, like a boreal forest.

  3. Valwit

    This is THE picture. I have it on all my desktops, on my mobile, palm, camera, everywhere where you can put a wallpaper. one could say after so many years this picture starts to be boring. i can’t say so. this is what i see when i look out of my window. thank you for that.

  4. Atlantis10

    Tough to say which image is my favorite, but this is certainly one of them. Perfect at night when all the lights are off, and you need to sit back and think.

  5. Luke Rounda

    “Arboreal” was the first Digital Blasphemy image to ever catch my eye, and it remains my personal favorite to this day. Surreal and beautiful, the kind of thing I dream and sometimes try to express on paper, as a science fiction writer.

  6. tylara67

    This and Tropical Moon of Thetis are two of my favorites: a normal-looking night on Earth, except for another beautiful planet hanging close by in the sky.

  7. Jules Kain

    This Was The First Picture I Ever Saw From Digital Blasphemy And What Ended Up Making Me Sing Up !

    Great Picture

  8. bonesbro

    The background and the colors make this my favorite.

  9. Josh

    This is one of my favorite DB images. It really engages my imagination because it’s clear the planet in the foreground isn’t Earth. The colors are really awesome. The whole render is great.

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