Anima (Happy Valentine’s Day)


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It’s been a while (8 years!) since I’ve attempted a Valentine’s Day wallpaper. My rule for them has always been this: Don’t make anything that I wouldn’t use myself. This project was one of those rare blessed instances where I had the finished image in mind before I started working on it.

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18 reviews for Anima (Happy Valentine’s Day)

  1. Camille [plusmember]

    Great new project for Valentine’s Day!! Especially love the use of outdoors, Nature. The best you have done for this holiday. Wonderful!

  2. Rodewaryer [basicmember]

    Well done Ryan, one can make their own conclusions from this regarding details and concept but it’s an excellent Valentine’s Day render.

  3. Gene [lifer]

    …I love it! Seriously though, good job Ryan. Another longball sails over the outfield fence with distance to spare!

  4. Jenanne [liferplus]

    Womderful, Ryan! This is by far my favorite of the Valentine’s Day images you’ve created throughout the years.

  5. Ryan

    Thanks for the heads up! Not sure why those files didn’t transfer but I do know my Internet has been really flaky for the past week or so. They should be available now.

  6. Rick (Horseman) [basicmember]

    The day of love for partners and special persons(Feb. 14) should be a day of unconditional love for Mother Earth, al species and humankind.

  7. Richard H. [liferplus]

    I really like this, even though I’m not typically into Valentine’s stuff. Yes, there’s a heart, but it’s not mushy. But @Ryan, where are the hi-res renders? I always want the 5K version, but it’s missing, as is the 4K. (OK, I personally can make my own out of the 8K, but that’s not quite the point…!)

  8. Carolyn [lifer]

    I change my wallpaper every month. I love the Digital Blasphemy wallpapers that represent Holidays. The one of Santa and his reindeer flying. The one of the headless horseman (for Halloween). Etc. This is just a nice addition and will go for February (for me). Love it.

  9. Susan [nonmonthly]

    I like it but I would have preferred a bit more colour in the foreground as I find that to be rather dark.

    The light coming through the heart at the back is nice

  10. Ozaawaagosh [basicmember]

    Love this, super Awesome, Great Render

  11. Russ [donormember]

    Awesome and awesomer!!!

  12. Rob [basicmember]

    This may be my favorite wallpaper. Of course, I may also be a hopeless romantic. Thanks for all the great images.

  13. Laura [basicmember]

    Beautiful and so sweet!

  14. Littlemom [liferplus]

    Wow this is simply and amazing render!!! I absolutely love it!!!

  15. Cos [lifer]

    LOVE it! 🙂

  16. Matt K. [liferplus]

    Neil Young comes to mind! Great job on this one.

  17. Uwe [plusmemberlifer]

    I think a version with a few green leafs and a little bit darker in the center would be the perfect piece for me. I really like the scene, but not the colors so much.

  18. Bill [liferplus]

    So, usually I’m not all that keen on Valentine’s Day wallpapers. However, this one is really, really good. Nice job!!!

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