All Hallows Eve — Halloween 2007


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47 reviews for All Hallows Eve — Halloween 2007

  1. Mark W [basicmember]

    This has always been one of my favorites – would it be possible to re-render this in 7680×1440 (Triple-screen)? Thanks.

  2. Chris B [lifer]

    I cycle through them but this is my all-time Halloween Favorite 🙂

  3. MadDogWix [liferplus]

    All Hallows Eve has been one of my favorite Halloween images. I think it deserves a revisit of your talent and possible re-render. What do you think?

  4. Mario Cari [basicmember]

    Hasit been that long since DB has been online? I like how the lighting portrays the imp while everything about it still remains in darkness.

  5. Brandon [lifer]

    Any chance you can re-render this for dual 16:9 screens? This is by far my favorite Halloween image, but always looks just a little “off” due to the resolution mismatch. An update may be just the thing to please the masses!

  6. Chris B [lifer]

    You made this one hard to beat. You will have to really outdo yourself this year to beat this one.

  7. Kelton

    a standard for Halloween Images. Any shot at it for a Samsung Galaxy s4 or Galaxy s5?

  8. Simon

    This is my absolute favourite of all your halloween pictures!!

    It’s totally awesome!


  9. SLS

    I can’t wait to see your new Halloween image for 2009, but I love this one! I’ve used it every year since you created it and it always gets a lot of comments when I have it up on my computer at work!


    🙂 SLS

  10. Ben

    Have to say this is the image that convinced me to join up 🙂

    You do amazing work, love the vague evilness of this picture.

  11. James

    I never got around to posting a comment about this earlier so it is a little late.

    This is the best Halloween “picture” I’ve ever seen that came from an imagination. It portrays Halloween perfectly IMO.

    On a side note, I can’t wait for the Christmas wallpaper. I hope there is lots of snow since I now live in an area that won’t get much, if any at all.

  12. Jason

    Hi Ryan!

    I liked all three of these creations, though I must say that the ones with the moon in back look much better. Like another subscriber, I too noticed the glare on the pumpkin. I guess that is caused by some light source you used to provide foreground lighting? No matter why, it is noticable to me.

  13. Terry

    I saw this really horrible image in a newspaper over here in the UK of a californian home going up in flames with a scarecrow and pumpkins out the front, it was something more familliar to some horrow film. The link is here if you wish to see it:

    This is a good wallpaper but undirectly related it feels uncomfortable to look at in light of it, especially with the red sun (similar to what the sun must’ve looked like to them people). Still I’m glad the fires are under control now at least.

  14. lfv807

    Really liked this one – definitely a place I wouldn’t like to visit. I have it as a screensaver and people stop in their tracks to stare at it. Yes, it’s very dark, but I appreciate the creepiness!

  15. Pat

    I like this one better than the first one. The blood moon really shines and it makes the entire display more menacing.

  16. Bert

    I liked the first version single screen very much, as per my earlier comment. Additon of the moon and seeing it now in dual monitor version, I like it even better. I had to do a little it of light adjustment to bring it to full effect on my screens, but that may be a matter of my monitors needed a little tweaking. I have met that jack-o-lantern, and I have shot my BB gun at those birds, so . . . maybe they’re trying to get into my house through the computer screen! DAAAAAAANG!

  17. Zach

    Really spooky and amazing! Thanks!!!

  18. Alain

    As I need to keep my monitor brightness down to prevent bluryness, this one don’t show any details untill I gamma adjust it.

    Once done, I see that it’s a GREAT image.

    Many thanks to you, Ryan Bliss for your tallent.

  19. Kevin

    Love the render. I looks great this way with the grin and the moon. Thanks for adjusting it until it was just right.

  20. brailsmt

    I honestly do love the pic, but the more I look at it the more the glare on the side of the pumpkin just seems off. I know you aren’t bound by the laws of the physical world when creating your images (thank goodness), but there isn’t really any source for the illumination implied in the image. Before you put the moon in, I could explain it away by saying its the moon’s glare. Now it just seems there is some sort of spotlight off the top right of the image. I really hate to nitpick, because i really love this image, I give it a 9, it’d be a ten if I could make sense of the glare on the pumpkin.

  21. WHAT

    Your changes were definitely the right ones. good work

  22. Mercury

    I regret to say that I never did get to see the “frowny” face that people are commenting about. . . I guess it pays to visit this site every day. Regarding this new version, I have to say the moon is very well done, although I agree with Ryan’s original reason for not including it: it takes the focus away from the glowing pumpkin head. Oh well, it’s nice to have two versions to satisfy everyone’s curiosity.

  23. FFR

    I love this wallpaper. I was getting read to post it needed to be dual-monitor, and when I logged in, I saw it was. I love how creepily fun it is. Happy Halloween!!!!

  24. Michelle

    I love the creepy maniacal smile which looks so much more evil to me than the frown. To Mercury who posted blow: You can still see the picture with the frown. You just need to access it by clicking on the “Pickle Jar”.

  25. wnmnkh

    now it is the improvement from the original one.

    Thus 10/10 (9/10 for original, 9/10 for alternative one)

  26. Jon

    The moon definitely makes the picture — I didn’t really like the original too much, seemed kind of bland…

    Now it has made it to my wallpaper. 😉

    Great job! lol

  27. Lee

    The face just looks so corny… maybe its the nose.. Other than that, its a beautiful pic, would be great to get multimonitor for both the smile and the frown.

  28. RSA

    Wow, you nailed that moon, like holy $#%!, that’s an awesome moon. I was pretty floored, so I wanted to let you know. I feel people are too quick to complain rather then praise and I know with my digital work, it gets old really really quick, thinking “Yeah, you don’t like that…..thanks for judging something that took me /hours/ to do, in under 2 minutes.”

    I still personally like the darker render with out the moon, my Laptop and Dell 20″ flat panels render the light quite nicely, but still wanted to say “Awesome job on that ‘harvest moon’!”

    Oh, and yes, the smile adds something… a luring sense of mis-trust; al-la “It’s okay, come here, I won’t hurt you……….much”

  29. Hegemon

    Very nice renderring. Great choice on the smile also Ian. Kinda gives it a sadistic look. Two thumbs up here!

  30. asterismW

    Love the new render! The moon makes it that much creepier, and the evil grin is loads better than the frown. I also appreciate the slightly lighter background. Looking forward to the multi-mon render!

  31. Kyle

    It definitely put me in the mood for Halloween.

  32. JLuv

    I think this is an Awsome halloween pic. I am a halloween baby so I am naturally interested in all things spooky. I especialy like the moon in the background, it gives this one a lot of character.

  33. Jason

    I like the addition of the blood red moon. Adds a sense of pure halloween evil lol

  34. Blaine

    I liked the original better

  35. TJ

    I love the addition of the moon. It’s a deliciously creepy picture. Thanks!

  36. bohb

    Ian is brilliant.

  37. horizstar

    This is beautiful. Thank you!

  38. Lizi

    Perfect! I love that cute little grin! 10!

  39. Adam

    you need to recheck the size on this ryan, its not right

    its amazing tho, just wrong size 🙂

  40. Bill

    Liked the other one personally but wonderful as always.

  41. keladonian

    Much much better.

    I still think that it should have been a cornfield, but… it’s still good.

  42. Tril

    I still prefer the original, but this one will probably work better on more people’s monitors.

    I’m definitely glad you’ve restored the old face!

  43. Getwired

    The original was fine with me, but this version is a step above — great job Ryan!!! How does your son like this one — is it too scary now? 😉

  44. alexM

    I like the combinations you have put together here and I finally decided I’d rate and download this one. It’s pretty cool and I will be leaving it up for a while now. I really wish I could do this kind of stuff, so keep it coming.

  45. April

    Thanks for the addition of the moon. The desktop was kind of lost and sad looking before, now it’s sinister.

    Nice job.

  46. S.L.

    All I have to say is the original was the best. The new ones are good, great even, but the first one was awesome.

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

  47. SteveSw

    While I like the smiley face a bit better, I really like the moon in the background, and really really like all the detail in the branches that you can see slightly better in the moonlight, so I think I’m going to stick with the “frowny” render from here on out. Thanks for giving us both.

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