Posted on March 27, 2022

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After I posted the UKR version of “Fluorescence” a few weeks ago some folks noticed that the new version looked a bit “cleaner” than the original. It’s true that I had to clean some things up to render that a new version of that file.

Fluorescence[6] is probably my most famous render, but I’ve never been able to create proper versions for modern monitors because I created it using an old version of Lightwave (version 6) and the newer versions render things a bit differently.

This is my basically my attempt to create a more “modern” version of an old wallpaper for 4k monitors and above. I used Lightwave 11 this time so I’ve reflected that in the title. Will I render a new version using my new tools someday? Of course 😄

On a personal note I just returned from some much needed family time away from the workstation and I am looking forward to getting back to my crystals.