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Probably my most famous piece. I initially created the mushrooms
using Inspire3D (an introductory version of Lightwave) and did a render using Bryce. When I purchased
Lightwave 6 I did a second render using only Lightwave and this is
the result. It was really just meant to be an exercise in using
gradients to control luminosity and transparency ending up becoming
an icon. Funny world!

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54 reviews for Fluorescence[6]

  1. Xliff [lifer]

    And here it is…

  2. Shawn [lifer]

    Ive been getting wallpapers from you Ryan since the days of “Creation” and this one has to be the most used one for me.

  3. Tyler Ozment [basicmember]

    My dad use to rock this wallpaper when I was growing up and other digitalblasphemy works. So this wallpaper brings back some memories. Thank you!

  4. Dennis [basicmember]

    I admire ALL your work but Fluorescence 6 is my favorite 🙂

  5. Sam [basicmember]

    Fell in love with Fluorescence[6] when I first saw it on the computer tech screen at a local repair shop way back in 2000. Reminds me of a large azurite ‘boulder’ at the Geology Department at Queen’s U. Had the image on two laptops right away and printed one for above my lab workbench. Still my favorite, a 10/10 and others that see it can’t believe this was done in 2000. Hope time is found to keep this one updated as new screens come onboard in the future. As Shannon notes below, I wouldn’t be here today if I had not seen this image.

    Thanks Ryan.

  6. Shannon [liferplus]

    Man, this is the whole reason I became a member and supporter. I think it’s time to make this one a permanent freebie, but remake this (no changes) for all the highest standards and multiple screens. If it weren’t for this image I wouldn’t be here today.

  7. Cara [basicmember]

    What happened to the version with the little reddit guys?

  8. Rob

    We need a new 4K render of this historic pic.

  9. George

    This one should be a permanent freebie… It’s like the introduction manual that people are handed when they first enter Digital Blasphemy

  10. Matthias

    I really don’t know why everybody likes the shrooms. To me, mushrooms are something negative: they are symbols for poison and foulness, which is why I don’t like these wallpapers.

  11. Deneb

    Ok, this is the best known image from DB and one of the best also.Is there any chance you could make a 16:9 version of it?

  12. Thomas V

    I’ve been downloading free wallpapers from this site since about 1999. Today I decided it was time I bought a lifetime membership. My desktop went back to these mushrooms time and time again over the years…It’s the combination of the glow and the blue..

  13. Nick

    Never remove this. This IS Digital Blasphemy….

  14. Tim


    Post your question on the home page where everyone will know you are asking.

  15. Ryan

    I am open to returning this one to the free gallery. What do you guys think? Should this one be a permanent freebie?

  16. Terebellum

    1366×768 and 1920×1080 16:9 please?

  17. Tim


    Some things should remain the same. Your Blue mushrooms is one of them. Removing it from the free gallery is a bad idea. They are the icon of Digital Blasphemy…like the blue oval at FORD.

  18. kellzilla

    The blue mushrooms *ARE* Digital Blasphemy. Removing them from the free gallery is just a bad, bad idea.

  19. robk64

    This is the image that made friends and family say “Wow!” all those years ago. It still holds it’s own even today. Please don’t bury the mushrooms too deeply.

  20. Terebellum

    1366×768 please?

  21. Greg

    If there is such a thing as a good cliche, this is it.

  22. Ryan

    Like this Ray?

  23. Ray

    Have you considered gelatinous marine animals?

  24. Chris B

    This is the first digital blasphemy image that I had ever seen & it’s still the one I think of when I thing DB 🙂

  25. Connie

    Have enjoyed this one for many years. So beautifully simple and complex at same time. Fabulous color, so peaceful looking is what keeps it as one of my top ten.

  26. Terrell

    Yep, I’m another one that Fluorescence6–and the original Fluorescence–drew in. I’m a new member as of tonight, largely due to these two images. They are, simply put, beautiful.


  27. Wingedsoul

    This is a classic image, recently I wanted this as my background for my dual screen work computer. So instead I got the tri-screen version, and just center the image in XP. With the start bar on the right hand side of the right monitor it creates a brand new composition for a classic.

    As a Aystem Admin I constantly have people looking at my screens, and they almost always comment on how I always have such good backgrounds. By and large they are DB artwork. Thanks for the effort Ryan.

  28. Darkfiber

    I love this image and I use it as my wallpaper on my iPhone!

  29. muse.ings

    Ah… The DB mascot is back. I hope he gets royalties – and vacation. This little guy has been floating out there, working hard for years.

  30. Todd

    I really like this image and I keep coming back to it. I like to change my desktop once a week, or so and more color choices would be great!

    Too bad stardock can’t get dreamscape working correctly on Vista Business. I’d love to have this thing ever so slowly cycling through colors!

  31. Twigbutt

    This wallpaper is what first drew me into your work. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, this work ranks as one of the unsurpassed in terms of public approval. A rework of this wallpaper might be a good thing. Then again, that depends on what you do with it. For myself, this is still among my favorites, nine years later.

  32. Chad

    My kingdom for a green or purple one of these. This is like the only one WITHOUT a pickle jar version. Sure, theres others, but come on! This is the pic that made me subscribe. Ive been using the free ones forever, but the members gallery was definitely worth it

  33. Derek

    I also much prefer the original textured rendering (1999).

    It would be so awesome if you could produce a tri-screen version of the original, perhaps with some additional clusters of mushrooms (off in the background to the sides).

  34. labanimal

    This picture is getting lots of attention on here of late!

    It would be hard to create a new version or improvement over this, The dome shaped mushrooms really does it, the glow, everything.

    Ryan, how-about it!?

  35. Carly

    This is the wallpaper that hooked me too. My son was knocked out by it as well–only time my computer ever looked cooler than his (he once made a scrolling screen saver that read “STOP LOOKING AT ME!”). I come back often for the gorgeous freebies, and yesterday, it finally hit me that walking through Wal-Mart turning loose of cash for junk is the height of wickedness, and that a membership with Digital Blasphemy, once and for all, was the way to get happiness in exchange for money. From a wide-eyed dodo-head to a genius, I can only say, to all your wallpapers…”Wow, pretty!!” Over and over and over. I try to vote on them, but there are only nines and tens here, and the competition of one against another is humongous.

  36. Seamus

    Like a lot of other people here, I accidently came across this website a couple of years ago and the “Neon Mushroom” was the one that got me hooked. I used the free wallpapers untill now and whoever saw the wallpapers on my computer was amazed to find such cool wallpapers. And, finally, I thought it was my time to support the person behind all these good works, so I went ahead and bought a lifetime membership which expires in 100 years!!! Ain’t that great?

    Thanks Ryan and Keep up the good work,


  37. deus mechs

    was this one ever in the pickle jar with other colors? if it was will your put it back in for a limited time?

  38. Christopher Dein

    This picture (and all of its revisits) has always reminded me of a computer virus.

    I see the ‘landscape’ under the mushrooms to be somewhat ‘digital’ as though it would be a representation of the 1s and 0s that make up a computer program, and the mushrooms or fungus to be of a foreign origin and attached themselves onto the code as though it were a virus.


    Long time fan, thanks for the cool site!

  39. Joshua

    This was the very first image from this site I ever came across. And for years I’ve enjoyed backgrounds off the free gallery but now that I have extra cash I figured it was time to get the real deal and show a little support and appreciation. So here I am a member.

    I actually drew a replica of this a long while back but I have it posted and here’s the link…


    Great work, I love everything that comes out of this site. This one is just classic.


  40. torchredcorvette

    one of my very favorite images- I’ve had it for a long time, before it became popular, and now I see it everywhere. It’s not surprising because it’s just so cool, but disappointing at the same time because I know the artist isn’t getting what he should for usage of the image.

    Anyway, I think it’s awesome… keep up the great work.

  41. JJ


    I recently upgraded my computer to the “gaming system from hell” and my friend told me that I really needed to check out your site. She said it would be a crime to have a 2560 x 1600 resolution widescreen monitor and not use your wallpapers. She was right. You do phenomenal work and everybody who has seen it are always quite impressed.

    One of my friends from a discussion board has used a thumbnail (about 160 x 160) of this picture from time to time over the past few years. I asked him where he got it because I wanted to get a full sized copy. He said he copied it from one of the other boards and didn’t know its origin*. I have always loved it, so I was delighted to discover that you were the artist and that I now had access to the full sized version.

    It has an interesting affect to walk into my den at night and see these mushrooms glowing coolly in the dark. Also, since I live in area known for its “magical” strains of this type of fungus, this picture gets a few chuckles.

    The only “criticism” I have to offer at this time is that I’d like to see more wide screen wallpapers.

    * I have since informed him where it could be found and that it was copyrighted. Counterfeiting/bootlegging is a particularly bothersome pet peeve of mine.

  42. chiops

    My second most favourite Blissful image.

    My first being Glenwood.

  43. Josh


    I’d wager that Fluorescence[6] is your most downloaded of all time. Do you have that stat? Very cool picture and I too liked the 1999 versions with the variety of colors…

    And I have to second the idea of a novelty item in this shape that changes colors… That would be sweet!

    Keep it up and thanks for all you do!

    ~ Josh

  44. Steven

    I can second that.. this picture is everywhere.

    I have seen people with this pic on their mobile phones. Asked them where they got it – dont remember.

    Thats why i dont use this as wallpaper. I am a member because i want something special or unique on my screen. This is like…. public domain now.

  45. Josh Soffe

    Dear Ryan,

    I never realised you created this originally, its 8 years old WoW! It is almost everywhere I can think of, from TV to Mobile Phone wallpapers. Do you own the property rights to this? Becuase alot of people are breaking the law. A true iconic image

    All the best

    Josh Soffe

  46. Brownbearclan

    This was the first image I even saw from DB, and was what drew me the site. Still an old favorite!

  47. Jules Kain

    never took much notice of this picture before

    i always avoided it for some reason

    but now i see why people love this wallpaper


  48. divnstud

    hey have been a fan since 99 and this one is still my favorite after all these years. Great work on all of them though!

  49. Michelle

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ve never cared very much for this version. I’ve always loved the 1999 renditions better. I think this one is just too sleek and polished for my tastes. The earlier versions have an unusual way of looking real and surreal at the same time to me. This version looks nothing but surreal, which is fine, and apparently more popular, but I happened to like the other way better.

    This is an exception though. I usually love your newer versions better than I do the ones from your earlier years. Comparing the old galleries against the newer ones, it’s really apparent how much you’ve improved upon your talent over the years to create these works of art!

  50. Justin Buonvino

    It’s still your iconic image, your quintessential digital masterpiece. This is your “Stairway To Heaven”, your “Bohemian Rhapsody”:)

    Ryan, I just thought of what could be a fun idea for this classic. You should make either an .mpeg or a .gif animation of Fluorescence. The mushrooms could smoothly phase from one color to the next like some novelty lighted products one would find at Spencer Gifts.

    Come to think of it, the real life thing-a novely glass (or plexiglass, or whatever) figure of “Fluorescence” with LED lights projecting from underneath and changing the colors of the sculpture-would be the coolest novelty product ever. Heck, I’d buy one in a heatbeat.

  51. Tril

    I never took much notice of this picture before, but gained a fresh appreciation after seeing it on my new LCD monitor. It benefits from a monitor that can render true black instead of just dark gray. It’s now one of my favorites.

  52. Bob

    This image is your icon. As such, I’m suprised it isn’t the top of the top 10. It should be.

  53. TXLogic

    I think both Fluorescence images are not to be found in the Dual Monitor collection, even though they come in those sizes.

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