Posted on March 16, 2022

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Back to learning how to use Houdini. I’ve always been fascinated with crystals and how they interact with the light. The goal here was to learn how to use the Houdini’s Karma renderer along with subsurface scattering and transparency.

Full disclosure: I followed this tutorial to learn how to model the crystals themselves but I think I’ve added enough of my own creativity to share the render in my gallery. LMK what you think 🙂

4 thoughts on "Crystalline"

  1. William Parker III [Basic] says:

    Keep releasing your “I followed this tutorial” photos all day long. I actually looked at the sender of this email because I didn’t think it was you! This is stellar and seems like out of your comfort-zone but you did very well here! Keep up grinding Mr. Bliss!

  2. Thomas Berinegr [Plus] says:

    Too much awesomeness in this to speak of, but I will say it reminds me of the flick, The Dark Crystal… Love this just as much!!!

  3. Cathy Warren [Lifetime Plus] says:

    Simple but beautiful.

  4. Daniel Wiedemeier [Lifetime] says:

    Just WOW!

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