Fluorescence (UKR)

Posted on March 1, 2022

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Fluorescence (UKR)

If you’ve followed my work throughout the years you know that I like DB to be a refuge from the real world. Come here to forget everything and get lost in my galleries. Sometimes, however, real life cannot be ignored.

I’ve created this version of “Fluorescence” in the Ukrainian colors to show that I stand 100% behind those brave folks who are defending their country from a type of criminal invasion that I had hoped was a relic of the past. I’ve added it to my free gallery and will be making other sizes available to download for free shortly.

8 thoughts on "Fluorescence (UKR)"

  1. Ray Chasin [Basic] says:

    Best thing you’ve ever done.

  2. Flo Akr [Plus] says:

    Beautiful! This will be my new phone wallpaper for some time!

  3. Susan Lane [Lifetime Plus] says:

    It’s gorgeous. UKR colors really lend themselves to Flourescence. Thanks.

  4. Christopher Brown [Lifetime] says:

    I just got back from a deployment in Poland before this mess started. I will forward the image on to some friends we made over on that side of the world. I do like the aesthetics as well as the symbolism.

  5. Timothy Foh.tim [Lifetime Plus] says:

    Incredible! Both the coloring and the purpose.

  6. Shawn Duffy [] says:


  7. Bastian Hepp [Lifetime] says:

    I love the colors!

  8. Colin White [Plus] says:

    Nice sentiment. Also the colouring works really well.
    Fluoresence is a truly iconic work of art and infinitely adaptable.

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